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Sonic Generations Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. Ritz


    Subhedgehog Member
    I'm not likely to tolerate any 2D gameplay for this in the least, especially if it's just going to give them free reign to trace the original levels. 2.5D remakes are a complete waste of time when there's virtually no way they could improve upon the originals, visually or functionally, even if they had talent equitable to the original devs on hand (they don't). More 2D isn't exactly what Sonic needs right now- flesh the stages out in full 3D and give me something I haven't experienced already.

    Actually, just so we're clear on this, people have been begging for a 3D remake of the classic games for years, and I've been saying for about as long that it's a terrible idea and that they should probably drink bleach. I'll give this a chance, but only if it resembles the source material in concept and appearance alone. This still has to play like something totally new.
  2. Chimpo


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    Although I wouldn't want to see the anniversary game be this of course. I'd rather see them actually make a 3D Sonic work for once.
  3. Vinchenz


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    I'm hoping to see 2 levels from each game, so if we count Sonic CD and stop at Adventure 2, that would be 14 stages, which I think is a beefy number. If each zone has two acts then I think it could make a decently sized game.

    My most wanted level would be Launch Base Zone. It'd be like Planet Wisp but gold instead of red and water instead of mountains. :D
  4. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I'm still waiting for a 3D water level. The fact that the water in Colours is limited to 2D (without exploiting 2D/3D glitches) is so hugely annoying, and the closest we have otherwise is Lost World and Knuckles' section of Cannons Core. If they're going down the remake route, then Hydrocity is what I want to see so fucking bad.
  5. TheInvisibleSun


    Buffalo, NY, USA
    The Water
    Personally, I would like to see Labyrinth Zone re-imagined in 3D. Also, you forgot about Aquatic Mine, even though it was a Hunting Stage.

    Also as far as music goes, I really hope Kumatani does some the tracks on this game. Her music is almost literally always amazing.
  6. Yeah, funny on how accepting I am of the Modern Sonic design now with that photoshop. I guess it wasn't the slender revision of Sonic, his increase in spines size, or how his facial expression is shown-- it really was BAWW GREEN EYES all along for me.
  7. Hez


    I'd be sweet if modern sonic ended up being a completely different character...I'd die happy
  8. TheInvisibleSun


    Buffalo, NY, USA
    The Water
    In a similar vein, this could actually be the game that ties Sonic 3K to Adventure, and reveals an in-universe reason for the visual change...[/speculation]
  9. ...Or it's just a reason to have Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic in the same game to get the people who wanted Classic Sonic in Sonic 4 to shut up for five minutes.

    As much as I would love for there to be a more complex answer than that, I highly doubt it.
  10. SteelBrush


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    The lack of Sonic Team logo makes me think if this game has even been developed by them. Iizuka was certain that classic Sonic wouldn't be returning. If classic Sonic is brought back it's a bit of a "fuck you" to the modern team.
  11. nullaccnt


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    People are whining, complaining while sittin'
    All of the shitstorms that new trailers bring
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Tweaker is modding, his efforts are futile
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    Arguments over the color of springs
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    Every new game is so full of rehashing
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  12. Iceguy


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    I had to look this meet-up up (ololol wordplae! :specialed:), though I've gotta say... it brought up my hopes. However, I'm not gonna fall into naive optimism, as we all well know they could've just had a typical friendly meet-up after a long time and discuss... well, stuff. I'm not saying they weren't brainstorming about the anniversary game, but as far as I know (as I typed this I realized what AFAIK means. Go me! :v:) there is no evidence that they did. That Sonic picture proves nothing, it could've been a simple gift or just something whipped up quickly so they can have a good photo or something.

    But who knows, mystery's fog is surrounding the Sonic game now! Time will tell and stuff.

    The parody is heaps awesome, by the by. ouo
  13. Cinossu


    London, UK
    Sonic the Hedgehog Extended Edition

    I'm not sure as a separate character it'd work so well.. purely on a storyline basis. It'd either have to be explained with an alternate reality (which, actually, isn't such a terrible idea, considering it'd mean all the old-style characters could be shown too) or a convoluted time travel plot, which.. doesn't work, as SEGA have kinda made it clear that modern Sonic is the same Sonic and always looked the same. Or it's a clone, and that's just silly.

    I think I prefer the route of alternate reality a lot more, thinking about it now as I post. :x But, it could just be "Anniversary. No plot. Fan service." I'd be happy with that, as long as it's done well in an actual game. This is still just a teaser trailer and nothing more.
  14. Jayextee


    Unpopular Opinions™ Member
    Atro City
    I had a thought. Not content with stealing the premise of the Mickey Mouse short Runaway Brain for Sonic Unleashed, Sega steal a bit of Epic Mickey and mix it with the idea of having Sonic run through segments of his old adventures? Sounds familiar.


    Straaaange, isn't it?

    Note to the intellectually-challenged elements on this board: the previous post was a work of mild satire and is neither fact nor speculation. Sonic is not Mickey Mouse in disguise, no matter how much he lies awake at night wishing it.
  15. bolt7


    Mickey Mania was an awesome game; so I for one would be totally for a Sonic title like it. Gotta say though, I never made that Runaway Brain link myself before and can see a connection (intentional or unintentional.) Awesome cartoon though, the animation is brilliant.

    Also, if the lack of Sonic Team logo will even amount to anything- who else could possibly be developing it? Sumo? Dimps? Maybe someone completely new? I can't imagine it having Colours style gameplay and it not being made by Sonic Team / Dimps, though.
  16. glem3


    I believe the people some pages back that said that there are just various costumes you can choose from. I don't think Modern/Classic Sonic will be a story element at all. I think the trailer was just showing classic Sonic was back in some form, and that form is as a selectable costume. Which probably means his gameplay style will match however the modern sonic plays (Which, judging by that trailer, consists of drifting, boosting, sliding, and possibly rolling).
  17. You know something? There are a lot of people on Youtube who think that classic Sonic is Sonic's SON.

    Some people are even saying that he got married to Amy...
  18. Frozen Nitrogen

    Frozen Nitrogen

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    I can only hope that it's an entirely polt-unjustified reskin. Basicly that Sonic Generations is Sonic Colours with a menu option to pick between "Fat Belly" or "Green Eyes".

    That, I could just about tolerate, though I can't admit to being utterly thrilled at them taking the time to render Oldfag Sonic when they could have put that time towards, I dunno, rendering a new level that isn't GHZ.
  19. Solaris Paradox

    Solaris Paradox

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    Mine mind hath been blown.

    ...But seriously, I really couldn't care less whether there's a story reason for Classic Sonic's presence or not, and I don't really see why it matters.
  20. Hodgy


    Games programming :)
    I assumed that 2 sonics may pose a possibility for 2 slightly different types of gameplay:

    Classic sonic would have spindash and maybe peelout.

    Modern sonic would have boost, slide, homing attack etc

    The levels could be made so that the 2 different characters have access to different areas due ti their different abilities.
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