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Sonic Generations Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. Scarred Sun

    Scarred Sun

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    Welp, this.
    Need to get up to speed with what's happening? Check the first megathread. We'll be updating this first post with news as it we get it written up to give people a centralized area to check.

    - 07 April 2011: Sonic Teaser Video Shows Classic Sonic

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    So, how bout dat classic Sonic model?
  2. Lobotomy


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    I am so psyched, and I love both Sonic models! I wonder what gameplay format they will use? Fingers crossed for modified Colours gameplay,
  3. Something I was typing right before the previous thread was locked:
    I agree! Could you imagine a modern style cutscene-- with voice acting all around-- this grandiose scene of magnificent importance occuring, and Classic Sonic just standing still and looking forward as it all happens (I'm thinking the "cutscenes" in Sonic 3 and Knuckles)? Finally, Modern Sonic says, "Aren't you going to say anything... Sonic?!" And Classic Sonic turns slightly and cocks his head, without a change of expression.
  4. MegaDash


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    Hmm. I certainly would like that sort of comedic flair to it, but only if Modern Sonic shuts it once in a while. And I wonder whether or not we'll be seeing other characters make an appearance, playable or otherwise.

    You know, considering how well they did with Colors' writing compared to all previous games, and considering the comedic goldmine they're sitting on with having TWO SONICS running around, I'd be surprised if this game doesn't make me bust a gut a few times. It's not necessary—this isn't a movie—but it would be an awfully nice treat.
  5. DustArma


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    Question, why create a new thread instead of just using the old one?

    Anyway, since the previous one got locked.

    My opinion on multiple paths is that Sonic Team should look at their own work with Kingdom Valley act 1, that I can remember that level had at least 3 distinct ways to reach the goal ring/eagle after the first crumbling bridge, and a lot of goodies if you cared to explore a bit.
  6. Quarterman


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    Boy, this reminds me why I have to pay closer attention to these new Sonic games.

    The appearance of classic Sonic was an excellent little surprise. Being a member of the camp that prefers the old model (not that I hate the new one), I've always wanted to see it in 3D. I'm extremely excited. I cannot wait to see more of this.
  7. TheKazeblade


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    This. When I heard comedy writers with some pretty high pedigrees were writing for Colors, I started to get some high hopes, just to have them dashed by Sonic talking too much and him being not that funny, with a few exceptions.

    The idea of Classic Sonic being a foil to Modern's derpiness would be hilarious, I think, but only if they off-set the humor with a bit of "coolness." Not seriousness, but CD-esque coolness, like what we saw in the opening for Colors. Humor working is all about the quality of the writing. Which should be kept to a minimum.
  8. Kaiser


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    Wow this is quite the surprise. I never thought I'd see the classic design come back in my life time.

    I hope they don't give Classic Sonic a voice. Keep him mute SEGA. No one liked anything that bastard Modern Sonic ever said.
  9. Rockman Zero

    Rockman Zero

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    If only they could do this: Classic Sonic using cartoon violence to get Modern to shut up. I can honestly see this happening. I can already guarantee we're going to see a lot of inside jokes from Retro involving "green-eyes," "fat Sonic," and Classic Sonic being a mute.

    It'd be just as hilarious as Mario being mute in Super Mario RPG.
  10. DimensionWarped


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    They'll give him the voice of the bastard love child of Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat.

    So far I'm tickled, but still not particularly excited. Sure, they have a model of a classic styled Sonic, but what does that even mean? As usual, I find myself thinking that they locked in on the wrong problem for their trailer, since while I'm seeing zogm classic Sonic, I'm still seeing yet another green hill zone and what they do show is painfully empty.

    So yeah, bottom line is we still know nothing... as is par for the course coming off of an early Sonic trailer. Almost makes this topic pointless.
  11. MegaDash


    Pinpricks Member
    Classic Sonic—little pudgy beady-eyed younger Sonic—laying a beating on someone? Possibly Modern Sonic for being an overly talkative buffoon?

  12. Sparks


    Sondro Gomez / Kyle & Lucy
    I'm hoping that Modern Sonic is possibly there just for comparison, and that the whole game will center around Classic Sonic. End result is SEGA pulls a Mega Man by separating the two and making games for both. (not really speculating, just hoping :v: )

    Or something.

    I think the jist of my hope is caught.
  13. Endgame


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    It's fantastic to see SEGA finally recognising the classic Sonic design after all these years!

    I'm curious as to what a "classic Tails" will look like in 3D compared to today's look (or even a classic Knuckles, but I seriously doubt it) - that is, if he's even on this game!

    But a classic Eggman/Robotnik would be EPIC cool!
  14. DustArma


    Santiago, Chile
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    The problem with that is that it will just be fuel to the fire that is the Modern vs Classic Sonic debate, and we really don't want that... right?

    Ah, who am I kidding...
  15. MegaDash


    Pinpricks Member
    All in good time. Let's see how SEGA plays their hand with this game first, then we'll see if we still care. + - I probably won't  
  16. Azookara


    yup Member
    At least it'd be much more lighthearted because people wouldn't be taking a grudge at Sega for never ever using the classic Sonic design ever again. :v:
  17. Not even his famous "TAILS, YOU'RE GONNA CRASH.....AAAAAAHHHHHH!"? :P

    This put a HUGE smile on my face. I wonder if they're gonna have modern Sonic in classic levels and classic Sonic in modern, if so, I wonder how they're gonna implement classic sonic in modern stages like crazy gadget or so if they're making this game that way.
  18. Gen


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    So how 'bout them reactions to a couple of minutes of CGI footage that does nothing to reflect actual gameplay features, final overall graphical quality, final design of the characters, and indication of the final design of environments?
  19. Solid SOAP

    Solid SOAP

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    I'm really hoping that we'll get some damn quality remixes of songs from the older games ala Project Chaos.

    If we hear shit like THAT I am going to deficate a brick, I swear to God. If not, well, that's what the custom soundtrack feature is for on the 360. ;) I'm guessing whatever way you slice it, the game will have nice tunes.

    My guess (And this is a complete guess) is that they're both going to traverse through the same levels (Or the same tropes, at least), but Modern will race through 3D versions of all levels, and Classic through 2D.
  20. Tiranno


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