Sonic Generations Megathread II

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    Here's a 128 or 192 (I forget which) kbps version of 68 tracks from the Generations soundtrack (mostly new, some just different edits of existing songs). Each is ID3 tagged with album artwork and appropriate filenames. The songs were created by taking the intro, cutting in the loop, adding a second loop, and editing in an appropriate fade.

    Mirrors are welcome
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    If they covered ALL the games, the soundtrack would be as big as SSBB. I don't think Sonic Team has that in their music budget.
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    IIRC, someone stated once that the GG/SMS games "didn't matter" or something along those lines, which is why they never got a remix. :\ And Classic Sonic's PW just doesn't sound that good, sounds too dark. :\ Though I'm definitely in love with both Stardust Speedway BF remixes. <3 Too bad ICZ doesn't have a remix. >.> (Or does it? I can't download anything, so I've been listening to the songs on YT.)
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    Songs standing out for me so far:

    - S3D Title remix. That's kinda cool, though it's not doing anything too fancy. Still, hearing that synth lead is always welcome.
    - Metal Sonic race. I'm liking this a lot more than I thought I would, actually. Don't like the funk guitar bit taken from the Present-mix with the slapback on the drums, though.
    - Final Boss music.
    - Sky Sanctuary. Easily my favorite, especially when the strings take over.
    - Crisis City. I am in love with whoever's doing the violins in this game. However, this song needs more sax. SAX AND VIOLINS!
    - Vs Shadow. My main issue is here is that I don't like the sharp cutoff given to the synth hit sound.

    Dishonorable mentions:

    - Rooftop Run modern. I like the Korg house piano most of the time, but it sounds way too corny here. The violin has much nicer tone than in the original, though, so I will give it that.
    - Speed Highway classic. Aside from the addition of the "Sonic 1 snare", there's not a lot that separates it from the original, aside from tempo and being synthier. I wasn't a huge fan of the original.
    - Chemical Plant modern. YOU'RE TOO SLOW; I've already voiced my issues with this'n.
    - Open Your Heart. What'll I say when they shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE? Not much, because it gets too staticy. I find the backing track during the chorus funny, reminds me of this from its timbre.
    - 3rd section of the Death Egg boss. Just...what the fuck is this.
    - Oh, and also anything with TARGET in the filename. YAY! YOU HAVE MIDI SOFTSYNTHS THAT CAN CREATE WAVE FILES! HOW AWESOME! These synths are shit.

    Speaking of overdistorted/poor mixing, more than half of the remixes sound like crap through a decent pair of headphones. Insanely muddy and often overdriven. (I did not like the music in Wave Ocean's second part; quit making songs that are mixed like it was.) By and large I'm actually disappointed by the music. Wow.
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    I am in love with most of the choices here and surprised at some, but am I the only one secretly hoping for mix of TJ Davis vs Cash Cash for Super Sonic Racing out of the fanbase sometime? I would dig that so damn hard <3

    Otherwise really liking the remixes and remastered/HD versions of classic tracks. My only real let down is lack of any Icecap Zone, though I guess they had done quite a number of S3&K tracks. Can anyone confirm if whats up is litterally the entire soundtrack listing? Or is there more to be unearthed?
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    I also noticed another music similarity.

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    So, why isn't anyone going 'tard crazy over the second half of the S3DB track? That wasn't part of the main theme. They took it and made it listenable! It's about the only genuine surprise the soundtrack had for me outside of there being any Chaotix representation at all.
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    So is the Casino Night DLC also a preorder bonus in the Steam version, because that jazz remix is hands down the best song in the game!
  9. Naaaaaaah.
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    While I can't be certain, I think there might be more to unearth, only because the soundtrack everyone is linking to and using for basis was "Part 1 of 2" and not the full soundtrack, that, and I find it weird how some of the songs from the pre-order soundtracks missing.

    Now, this is just a collection of first stage themes from the series, but they come as a pre-order bonus, and you may notice out of the 22 songs on the two disks we already have 15 of them. Since the soundtrack everyone is using is mostly from that rip, as well as the fact I get this feeling these songs will all be in the game, thee may be more. Or we may have it all. But we'll see.

    EDIT: So it is all the tracks. o3o Unless something is elsewhere, but that's unlikely.
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    Man that end cutscene was sweet, I remember a while back in the last topic I mentioned a cool paradox where classic sonic learns the homing attack from modern Sonic (placing this game somewhere between Sonic CD and 4 for classic Sonic) and I was only greeted with snide comments about how stupid that would be, and I couldent have been more wrong lol

    Also the soundtrack Remix of Casino Night is awsome, its so like Monsters Inc and Pink Panther lol
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    Fans, no need to complain, here is some proof that they did an excellent job on the classic remixes.
    lol I cant believe I actually just made this.
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    Sega, Sonic Team, are you real or just fantasy? I can't believe it's the same Sonic Team from the previous games…

    I can't wait for my pre-order come here in Brazil. :(

    Do you think is OK only classic Sonic be mute? Like, I would be OK with he talking, why is he mute?
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    Trust me, if he talked we would never hear the end of it from fans.
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    I still hope he says "bub-BLE!" though, it wouldn't be the same if he didn't.


    Espio really say "focus your spirit" in that final boss cutscene?
    Fucking big fairy!
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    That's sad. Because Classic Sonic looks dumb in the cut-scenes. (Oh, I guess I made my first pun in English :v:)
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    Classic Rooftop Run is giving me serious Soft Museum vibes, and I loves it!
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    I must say, the Super Sonic Racing racing is as hilarious as the original, which is an amazing achievement.

    Classic Crisis City is definitely Gene Gadget, in my opinion - if it weren't deliberate, it would have to be something done subconsciously.

    It's a shame none of the Classic songs apart from Green Hill and Chemical Plant use ant Mega Drive-like synth, though.
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    Holy shit. Hooooleeee sheeeeit. I sincerely did not believe Sega was capable of this.

    I played the first four zones or so of Generations last night. It was fantastic. Their take on some of the classic elements, in both design and gameplay, is creative and usually spot-on. Chemical Plant Zone looked amazing, and Sky Sanctuary worked really well in both classic and 3D modes. Seriously, I haven't had this much fun with a Sonic game in.. god, in years. I basically stopped caring completely around Sonic 2006, and although I've heard Colors is good, I never bothered with it.

    Generations is best return to caring about the hedgehog I could ask for.