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Sonic Generations Megathread II

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Zallirog


    Uh, what were we talking about? Member
    Okay well after watching the entire first part I have to say I didn't believe anyone could be that terrible at understanding written and spoken directions, or have that horrendously slow of a reaction time. What is that, I don't even...
  2. Sparks


    Sondro Gomez / Kyle & Lucy
    >Super Sonic theme

    SEGA, you have a crazy sense of humor that I love.

    Also I love Classic Planet Wisp, it's like a Bad Future mix.
  3. 0r4ng3


    The final cutscene has the following throwbacks:

    Classic Eggman saying that no one calls him Robotnik anymore.

    Classic Eggman's recurrently poses with one arm behind him (or at his hip) and another in his front (like pointing or showing), reminiscing of most of the character (in general) artwork.

    Eggman reminiscing the ending of Sonic Colours and linking it together to Generations

    • Orbot and Cubot can be seen in the first memory image and subsequent one (they were left alone in space, and their current fate is unknown.
    • The Nega Wisp, which would later adapted to become the Time Eater is seen in the second.

    After being squashed by the Time Eater's hand, the two Sonic's lay defeated in a similar position. Mirroring each other's position since they are the same is something the two are pictured doing throughout the whole game, most noticeably in this scene.

    The supporting characters encouraging the Sonics is a reference to Sonic Adventure similar custcene before the Perfect Chaos final boss fight. Further notice goes to them being grouped together thematically and according to when they debuted:

    • Amy and Knuckles as Mega Drive characters and additionally, along with Tails and Shadow, these two are recurrent in marketing Sonic (such as toys and stickers).
    • Rouge and Shadow as Dreamcast characters and additionally, members of Team Dark.
    • The Chaotix as Chaotix / Heroes characters and additionally, the members of the eponymous team.
    • Cream, Blaze and Silver as the most modern characters, also arriving in the proper debut order (Cream first (Sonic Advance), then Blaze (Sonic Rush) and Silver last (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)) and perhaps being pictured together to poke fun at Blaze's backstory being rather shoddily explained and involving all three of them.

    Classic Eggman not recognising Rouge and Shadow, since he never met them.

    • TROLOLOL "they are insignificant" jab.

    As the two Sonics go super, the Sonic 4 main theme plays

    • Classic Sonic is a little befuddled by the transformation, as he never had transformed before (he was kidnapped from the first Sonic game, where Super Sonic didn't yet exist).
    • The two Sonics transforming together within a whirlwind of emeralds mirrors the same transformation sequence that Sonic and Shadow went through in Sonic Adventure 2 before the fighting Biolizard as the final boss. Sonic and Shadow are two hedgehogs as well. In addiction are so similar by the eyes of the universe population that they are mistook for one another as if they were the same like two Sonics are. Though the emerald colour arrangement does not add up, Modern Sonic is to the right in both cases from a viewer's perspective.
  4. Solaris Paradox

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    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    To be fair, Crisis City reminds us all of a far shittier game.
  5. Blivsey


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    I wouldn't say he's "befuddled". He looked like he knew exactly what he was doing (he even clearly signified he was ready to kick ass BEFORE the transformation).
    And proceeds to wipe our memories, wow us, and make sure we never think of that game when we think Crisis City.
    ...entire post is spoiler
  6. Zallirog


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    Ya know it's funny I don't think I have heard one person complain about a lack of "At Dawn". *Ducks to avoid the incoming shit storm*
  7. corneliab


    All these spoiler'd posts are making me really want see what the whole deal with the Time Eater is.

    To those that already know, are you glad that you looked? I ask because I had the conclusion for Arkham City spoiled to me a few days before the release and it sucked all the gusto out of the endgame for me.
  8. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    If you bought or preordered the game. Don't look. Just sayin' xD

    Srsly, if I had preordered or bought I'd be sad to have looked now haha xD
  9. Zallirog


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    Well that depends on what would excite you or depress you now wouldn't it? Me personally, I'm pretty cavalier with Sonic games because the story isn't usually anything mind blowing to begin with but in short I am glad I looked. I enjoyed what I have seen thus far and it won't really spoil the game for ME because the gameplay is what matters most to me in a Sonic game but if you're really, really wanting to be surprised then I would just say to wait until you play through the game.

    Now Skyward Sword, that is a game I am absolutely NOT going to spoil at all. Usually Nintendo is pretty good about keeping a firm grasp on their games until the release date though, so I'm not to worried about spoilers even showing up for it to begin with.
  10. MykonosFan


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    I am glad, personally, because it confirmed my personal theory as to who it was.

    But yeah, don't look. It isn't anything stupid, so keep it as a nice surprise for when you beat the game.

    EDIT: And if you absolutely HAVE to spoil yourself a bit, go back and find the first spoiler post of it, as it was just an image, as opposed to a video. If you don't want to risk wading through it all, shoot me a PM and I'll shoot back the link.
  11. KKT


    Personally, It didn't shock me what the ending was. It won't be a shocker to you either. I would go ahead and check, It's not like it spoils everything. the only thing it spoils is
    How Eggman got back
  12. 0r4ng3


    Perhaps not befuddled you're right, but he did look at his hands as if in... surprise perhaps?

    I'm seeing the cutscene after the Death Egg boss fight

    The two Sonics and two Tails cutscene... The pairs mirror what the other does almost all the time.

    By order the Sonics: put their hands on their hips, widen their arms, lower them on their sides, cross arms across their chest, lower them again and glance at each other with mouth open in surprise, scratch their heads (this one has a bigger lag than the rest), etc.

    By order the Tails': widen their arms and clutch a fist, say the exact same thing, turn to Sonic and widen their arms again, turn to each other as they conclude, put their hands together in front of their chests, turn to Sonic and widen their arms, etc.

    All these details are so delicious. To me, anyway. :specialed:
  13. No At Dawn? :(
  14. Zallirog


    Uh, what were we talking about? Member
    Not in the OST as we have it thus far, which pretty much means no...
  15. Wasn't that Classic green hill mission with knuckles at dawn? I wouldn't be suprised if they had a "at dawn" mission for speed highway too.
  16. MissingNoL


    Anyone notice Classic Eggman's outfit?
    The yellow part looks thicker than the rest. I always thought it was just a different coloration of his suit.
  17. Zallirog


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    That was a remix of "Super Sonic Racing", None of the mission tunes are "At Dawn" either. I will say though that even if the song itself isn't in there the section of the stage "might" be, because they still have the "Going Down" bit for when you run down the building at the end as a seperate track. To find that out though, you'll just have to play through modern Speed Highway or watch a video of it.
  18. evilhamwizard


    Here's all the music except for the boost fx versions of the Modern Sonic stages in MP3 320kbps 48khz (except for when the song is specifically rendered in 44khz) with the original filenames as tags, which should be enough to tell what everything is. Loops.


    Is Mission 6's BGM used? It looks like it isn't finished...
  19. GeneHF


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    I smirked when I got to that point. Mileage may vary on spoiling yourself, but I let out a little laugh when I saw what it was.
  20. KKT


    I always assumed it was a....vest? I dunno.