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Sonic Generations Megathread II

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Chaos Rush

    Chaos Rush

    Oh wow, they were right when they said they were going to make a more continuous Sonic plot. One of the final cutscenes explains what Eggman was doing right at the end of Sonic Colors while he was flying in space. I mean, previous games took place weeks/months apart, but this game's plot begins at the very end of Sonic Colors.

    EDIT: WHY DID THEY HAVE TO INCLUDE THE SONIC 4 THEME. *vomits* It's not that the theme itself is bad, but when I hear it, it forces me to think of a very shitty game that I'm never playing again
  2. So I've been listening to the OST via Youtube and yeah, it's pretty damn great. It's amazing just how much stuff they've managed to pack in there,
    even as smaller tracks like the Spinball and Battle remixes.
    Favourite track so far is definitely
    Modern City Escape; I actually think I like it better than the original. The vocals have grown on me a lot, the new verse is great and the riffs sound way better.
  3. WOW, Super Sonic Racing, since a lot of you guys on here hated this from the small preview, I thought it was OK, but DAT FULL TRACK, the guitar solos, the energy, everything, that's brilliant, possibly one of my faves from the OST so far.
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    This is why IGN needs to get multiple opinions from its staff before posting reviews. That guy sounded spiteful, alright?
  5. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    Why didn't Modern Chemical Plant get a Full Speed remix? :(
  6. Blivsey


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    Actually, come to think? It's only really the guy who used the microphone. The writer of the review? Pure badass. Nails it.
  7. nicko


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    My faviourite track has to be Modern Crysis city, that violin makes way epic.
  8. Tiranno


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    Oh my...that Sonic 3D blast mix is beautiful.
  9. The Entire Death Egg Robot mix, just <3, phase 1 is just a straight up remake, which works great, but wow, listening to the base line getting more fast paced and "emergency" sounding as it hits phase 2 and the drums going more epic before an all out fast paced mix for phase 3. I don't care how the game plays anymore, thanks SEGA for at least giving this game the soundtrack it deserves!
  10. corneliab


    The Egg Dragoon mix is interesting. It definitely doesn't have as much "oomph" as the original, since they decided to make it a little moody. It's kind of similar to Egg Viper in that sense.
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    being an asshole =P
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  13. TheKazeblade


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    Yep, saw that.

    and I think Higgins did Classic Tails' voice perfectly!
  14. Tiranno


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    Classic Tails "I think I figured it out!"
    Modern Tails: "Me too"

    I seriously facepalmed...I've never done that before. Thank God the gameplay is up to snuff.
  15. XCubed


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    There's just so much pleasure in all of this music! What are up with the revamped Sonic 3 pieces? Either way it's great that they have literally taken songs from every game (with the exception of most of the handhelds). What happened between this Mushroom Hill and the 3DS version? All the notes are correct here!
  16. There's a Walk Through going on right now on Youtube by "TheDoodleSlap". The player is pretty abysmal though =/
  17. Blivsey


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    >Part 1 of that guy's walkthrough
    >goes to change Brightness settings
    >light source darkens
  18. Zallirog


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    He also ran into the first Motobug on the screen, I lol'd
  19. Ugh, it saddens me that, even with a guy with practically the reaction time of a druken grandmother can easily get A ranks. The challenge is pretty much non existant. I wish the ranking system were more like SA2 or Heroes were it felt like you actually accomplished something.
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    I only plan on keeping about 10 of these tracks, Theme from S3DB, Planet Wisp (Classic) and VS. Shadow being the only ones I felt strongly about. Better than what I was expecting, really!