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Sonic Generations Megathread II

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. ancara


    Welp guys, I have been listenin', and one track caught me COMPLETELY off-guard when I first heard it.

    Based on what I had heard,
    in the one on the guy's mediafire stuff labeled mission 3, it's a track from Sonic Battle. They really DID think of every game out there, didn't they? :v:
  2. Solaris Paradox

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    Spoiler tags don't say "spoilers," they say "spoiler."

    EDIT: Oh, good, it's fixed.
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    Oh, God, YES. You don't know how much it pleases me to know that this song made it into the game. Not that the Japanese/European soundtrack is bad, but to me, it just wouldn't be quite the same without Spencer Nilsen's music, since his is the one I grew up with.
  4. Overlord


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    Sonic Boom but no Sonic Warrior? The rights for this soundtrack are all over the damn shop!
  5. STHX


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    You would be surprised actually. Think about one of your favorite songs from the series, and you can bet it's in the game somewhere. The soundtrack for this game is massive. There is almost everything.
  6. Who did the music for the "Map Screen" versions of the stages, the Chemical Plant arrange on there sounds pretty great, and yeah, Super Sonic theme, nice touch for the community ;) Plenty of throw back tracks in here.
  7. Solid SOAP

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    The soundtrack in this game sounds fucking sick.
  8. Tylinos


    Speaking of the map screen mixes, where exactly in the soundtrack rip are they? I didn't notice them when I was looking through the tracks.
  9. Cooljerk


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    We're talking greatest of all time territory

    Every song is so fantastic!
  10. Overlord


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    They're the collection of tiny 2 second files. God knows why they're split like that.

    This soundtrack, incidentally, is AMAZING. So many hits and so few misses!
  11. STHX


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    They are in pieces. Play all the ones with the same number one after another.
  12. Cooljerk


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    Maybe something to do with the way the songs fluidly transition from one to another on the map screen?
  13. Engine Cross-Fading, since every zone is the exact same length, 13 2-second tracks, so as you the player moves into a different area, it can quickly slide in the new zone, for example, if you go from Chemical Plant whilst Track 7 is playing and then move towards Green Hill Zone, it will slide in Track 8 of Green Hill Zone with a small fade, it's less stress on the engine that way rather than pre-loading like 20 26 second tracks, it only has to deal with 2 second tracks at a time and will quickly swap out to what it needs.
  14. Overlord


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    Fair enough, I guess.
  15. Zallirog


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    If you really felt like it though I'm sure you could combine the 2 second clips into the full length tracks.
  16. Mastered Realm

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    One of the few misses, for ME, is the classic Planet Wisp. It just doesn't sound... you know, vegetable enough xD
  17. Tyty


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    Oh my god Casino Night is SO GODDAMN JAZZY. It's amazing and I love it.

    Going on my iPod the moment I go home.

    Dat sax.
  18. Yeah, me too. It's not really fitting for Planet Wisp. Can't say I've been disappointed by anything else I've heard so far, though. I haven't heard the entire soundtrack yet but so far every song I have heard has been good enough for me to consider it a favorite.
    Why does the PC version have to come out on November 4 instead of November 1? I shouldn't be punished for buying the PC version...
  19. Valvatorez


    I'd have to disagree—Classic PW makes it sound a shade darker and menacing, fitting as it's the final stage.

    Modern is a disappointment, as it screws up the piano that made the original classic. I also feel like the final boss music

    Sounds too much like a cutscene/trailer music

    And whoever decided to make For True Story sound jazzy needs to be shot.

    On the other hand

    Modern Crisis City

    Remix of the year
    All years.
    Here's my fully-tagged rip V0 rip as promised.

    01) Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog
    02) Green Hill (Classic)
    03) Green Hill (Power Sneakers)
    04) Greem Hill (Modern)
    05) Green Hill (Full Speed Modern)
    06) Chemical Plant (Classic)
    07) Chemical Plant (Power Sneakers)
    08) Chemical Plant (Modern)
    09) vs. Metal Sonic (Stardust Speedway Bad Future Japanese)
    10) vs. Metal Sonic Alternate (Stardust Speedway Bad Future American)
    11) Sky Sanctuary (Classic)
    12) Sky Sanctuary (Power Sneakers)
    13) Sky Sanctuary (Modern)
    14) Sky Sanctuary (Full Speed Modern)
    15) vs. Death Egg Robot (First Mix)
    16) vs. Death Egg Robot (Second Mix)
    17) vs. Death Egg Robot (Pinch)
    18) Options (Menu from Sonic Heroes)
    19) Network (Menu from Sonic Mega Collection)
    20) Round Clear
    21) Results
    22) Results (S Rank)
    23) Speed Highway (Modern)
    24) Speed Highway (Going Down)
    25) Speed Highway (Classic)
    26) Speed Highway (Power Sneakers)
    27) City Escape (Modern)
    28) City Escape (GUN Truck Chase)
    29) City Escape (Classic)
    30) City Escape (Power Sneakers)
    31) vs. Shadow
    32) Seaside Hill (Modern)
    33) Seaside Hill (Classic)
    34) Seaside Hill (Power Sneakers)
    35) vs. Perfect Chaos (Open Your Heart)
    36) vs. Perfect Chaos (Pinch)
    37) Invincibility (Classic)
    38) Invincibility (Modern)
    39) Drowning
    40) Precious Time (Tube Panic from Knuckles Chaotix)
    41) Time Break (Cyber Track from Sonic Advance 3)
    42) Game Over (from Sonic 3 and Knuckles)
    43) Skill Shop (Race Results from Sonic 2)
    44) Crisis City (Modern)
    45) Crisis City (Classic)
    46) Crisis City (Power Sneakers)
    47) vs. Silver
    48) vs. Silver (Pinch)
    49) Rooftop Run (Modern)
    50) Rooftop Run (Classic)
    51) Rooftop Run (Power Sneakers)
    52) Planet Wisp (Modern)
    53) Planet Wisp (Classic)
    54) Planet Wisp (Power Sneakers)
    55) vs. Egg Dragoon
    56) Time Eater (Phase 1)
    57) Time Eater (Phase 2)
    58) Super Sonic (Theme from Sonic 4 Episode 1)
    59) Mission: Super Sonic Racing
    60) Mission: Balloon Park Type A
    61) Mission: Balloon Park Type B
    62) Mission: Sonic Battle
    63) Mission: Theme from Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)
    64) Casino Night Pinball
    65) That Unused Jingle From Sonic Adventure
    66) Map Screen Medley
    67) Collection Room (Door into Summer from Knuckles Chaotix)
    68) Collection Room Menu (Museum from Sonic Jam File Select from Sonic 3 and Knuckles)
    69) Staff Roll
    70) Sonic Anniversary Jingle

    EDIT: I made a mistake where the track numbers from 59 on are actually one less than they should be (e.g. Super Sonic Racing is 58, Casino Night Pinball is 63, the anniversary jingle is 69...). I'm not going to re-upload it all today just for that. You can fix it if you want to. However, I will probably eventually make a re-upload due to the Power Sneakers themes having the jingle and then the entire song over again after the jingle. This should do for now though.