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Sonic Generations Megathread II

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Lobotomy


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    I'm glad to see we finally get Casino Night for PC. I wonder if this means there will be more.
  2. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    They seem to unlock at random during gameplay, but it kinda stops after a while. I've just had to rack up Play Coins every day, which is pretty balls since you can only get ten per day (and each Mission costs 5 coins). I've managed like 30-something of the missions so far. Honestly I think it's a pretty fucked up way to pad out the game.
  3. Jaseman


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    Yeah mine stopped randomly getting them, that's why I asked. If you can only get 10 coins a day / 5 play coins per mission, that's 50 day. Of course, I completed like 12 missions already so it's not all bad.
  4. Rika Chou

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    So I realized they have the Amy avatar costume for male avatars...I dunno, it just seem strange to me.

    Also seems strange that they have a classic Amy costume since she wasn't in generations.
  5. Dark Sonic

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    They also have classic Amy art work in the game. Jazwares also made a classic Amy figure.

    I have a feeling that classic Amy was at one point intended to be in this game at some form, but it was cut for some reason.
  6. Blivsey


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    Shame too.
    (pic by Fantasiia on deviantART, click it!)
  7. Josh


    I have a couple of friends who are playing this game. Aside from the absolute DIPSHITTED idea one dude had to get it on 360 when he has a perfectly-capable gaming laptop, I've noticed something interesting...

    These guys, straight across the board, do two things that are really, really odd to me:

    1) They never TOUCH classic Sonic. They begrudgingly played through his levels to beat the game.

    I mean, yeah, they REALLY knocked modern Sonic out of the park on this one, and both gameplay styles are equally fun, at least for me. I don't really know what it is, either. Classic Sonic is slower and less-flashy, but the Act 1s also tend to be a lot more densely-packed... and a lot more can go wrong. Maybe that's it? Act 1s aren't as pretty and frustrate them?

    2) They change the music on EVERY fucking stage, most often to something like Live & Learn or Open Your Heart.

    Changing the music all the bloody time annoys me, especially since when they play on my copy they never change it back. The Adventure-era had some great music, but it's not the ONLY music, and most of the default remixes are already awesomely-suited to the level they're in.
  8. Falk


    Sounds like a generation gap.
  9. So I rented the 3DS version of Generations. All we've had for music rips so far is 128kbps and YouTube nastiness, so I figured I'd go about doing proper V0 rips of the music. Note that of course I don't include songs that are from elsewhere (so no Green Hill whatsoever, and no modern Casino Night since it's the same as the pinball minigame).

    As an added bonus, it's all tagged nicely to fit in with my console version soundtrack rip. Should I ever figure out a way to get proper rips of the boss themes (spoiler alert I will not), I've left holes in the track listing to accomodate.

    As a SUPER-EXTRA added bonus, I even ripped Modern Radical Highway! I honestly should have been paid to have to listen to that shit again. Dear lord, what were they thinking?!

    Anyway, here y'all go:
  10. Metal Man88

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    Alas, the boss music from the game will have to wait until the album is released at this rate.

    Then again, I don't even know if it's worth listening to, outside the Big Arms one which everyone's heard forever+1.
  11. I'll have you know, Sonic is NOT a rodent but an insectivore and a member of the order Erinaceomorpha. I only hope you avoid further taxonomical blunders in your future music ripping endeavors.

    Kidding. Thanks a bunch for the sweet tracks!

    Edit: And just wondering, since I don't know much about edm, what genre would Radical Highway's tracks be considered (each of them, I know they're not in the same genre).
  12. Don't quote me on this but I'm 99% sure the classic remix would fall under Drum'n'Bass. I'm covering my ass here since there's tons and tons of edm genres that I always confuse.

    As for the modern remix, that is definitely Farting Noises music. That's one of my favorite subgenres. :specialed:
  13. Jason


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    I hate to sound like an ungrateful twat Hinchy, because I just been listening to MHZ Classic for about 30 mins, but could you perhaps also rip the boss music, e.g. The Biohazard and Egg Emperor (Cash Cash already put up their extended remix of Big Arm on YouTube, so you could argue that's better than what is on the game card)? From what I could hear on webcam recordings of people playing, they were different than the originals.
  14. Lanzer


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  15. Believe me, I want it ripped as much as anyone else, but it's basically impossible to get a clean recording of it because there's no way to just stand still and listen to the music without the boss's sound effects. That's why there isn't any rips of it.
  16. 1stKirbyever


    You can just remove the H.U.D. by pausing and viewing "Controls". It removes it for about 1.2 Seconds but it works great.

  17. Willie


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    Figured this contest might interest some of you. Write about your dream Sonic game, get a Sonic statue and a copy of the game...though strange they limited to the 360. Sounds like a good deal.
  18. Josh


    I played through every classic stage in the classic style a few hours ago. That is, I set up Sonic's skills to be as close as possible to the Genesis games (long spin dash, twin spin, sure-footed) and I never used the quick spin-dash.

    Or, to be more correct, I only used it in the one point in the game that I couldn't seem to do without it. There's a long upward ramp in Planet Wisp that, no matter how much momentum I tried to gain otherwise, I just HAD to spindash out of in mid-ramp.

    Anyway, it was a LOT of fun, and I recommend everyone give it a shot!

    And on that note, I think that scattering the fire, water, and lightening shields throughout the levels would be a real gem of an idea. It really doesn't make sense why they're NOT there.
  19. corneliab


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    It might have something to do with stages not being designed with the shields (or a bunch of the other skills for that matter) in mind. You can use the bubble and electric shields to do some pretty screwy things.
  20. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

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    That's all well and good, but it'd be great if the "Twin Spin" or whatever worked more like the Insta-Shield.