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Sonic Generations Hacking (and More!)

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Andrew75, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. ArtFenix


    New Sonic related Game Music Video
    I think you have a point. And I hope porting models from other games will be possible in the future.
    Free riders actually has almost no style. It's basically Unleashed/Generations models with different shoes and suits. What is more of importance is this guy.
    He has yet to appear in a main modern 3D Unleashed-style game, but he already appeared in Free Riders, so porting his model to generations somehow wiould be awesome indeed. I suppose we just have to wait till the guys figure out model formats in both games (if anyone would bother working on Free riders hacking of course).
  2. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    I'll repeat myself, but I don't blame you for trying to find an answer in this big-ass thread. :v:

    Both games handle shadows differently. Unleashed GIA data(which handles the cool lighting that reflects light into objects) doesn't have shadows pre-baked into it like Generations does. Shadows are cast dinamically(and they do cast into objects and Sonic correctly. The problem is in fact terrain doesn't receive shadows of any kind, not even from Sonic. The sun is there(in fact, it's the same directional light as in Unleashed), but the problem is more "terrain receiving shadows" related.

    You should also note it looks a bit dark because the color correction makes it darker, since it looks too bright with no shadows. It's the same effect as if you were looking directly into the sun and then got under a tent; you would see everything much darker until your eyes adjusted to the darker tone. There's also the thing that I'm applying some manual correction to these GIA maps since the gamma tones seem to have changed between both games, and I won't do any more corrections on them until we get shadows working.

    I did a post a few pages back trying to track the problem down to the specific material files. It's not related at all to materials since putting an Unleashed material into a Generations stage will work just fine related to shadows. Having a look into the terrain formats myself with a lot of help from Darkspines, I'm hopeful that I will find the solution when trying to make terrain imports of my own. It's not related to collision, or GIA data, or something with the XMLs(placing generations geometry inside an Unleashed level lets shadows cast regardless)

    You should also note that normal mapping doesn't seem to work on Unleashed materials yet, nor reflections are working correctly. We're hoping to be able to fix that once we have a much better look into the material format. Generations uses a single .material file to load everything. While it does have compatibility with Unleashed materials, the latters are just a mess. They depend on a .material file, .texture files, and .texset files for making a SINGLE material!
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    Pretty sure most, if not all of us are Sonic fans.

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    It appears you are forgetting about this
    I'm really enjoying watching what you guys are doing with Generations. I don't think my laptop has the 3D capabilities to play them for myself though.
  5. Well, I'm pretty sure he's talking about Modern Metal.

    Any idea what the likelihood of Sonic Adventure 1 levels in Sonic Generations?
  6. With all the different import requests going on, I'm starting to think you might just be best off (when you're done porting Unleashed) either making an editor or finding a way to import SonicGDK level maps and letting people make the levels they want. I mean, I don't know anything at all on this personally, but if the engines are too far apart to easily port Colors levels over, why in the world would Sonic Adventure levels be any more compatible?

    On a different note, about the shadows, would it be possible to "bake" them yourselves, then import them? If that's too difficult to do, what about just doing things like that early Chun-nan video you showed where everything was really dark? I kind of liked it, it looked like night time and all you would have to do is just slightly darken Sonic to fit into it. Then again, that might be kind of ruining the point of trying to perfectly port everything across.
  7. Because there's already been extensive level editing done in SADX, so I assume we know a lot about the levels. I could be wrong, but I don't think we've done shit in terms of Sonic Colors modding.
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    The thing is the terrain doesn't receive shadows from Sonic or objects(and the terrain is actually casting shadows). It looks really out of place even if you did the "night-time" trick. It will be sorted out sometime in the future... that's why I'm trying to get custom geometry importing working. It will probably shed some light on how to fix the Unleashed stages.

    I wanted to try something different today and got the first night act in(no collision done yet of course). I find it kind of interesting to be classic in a small 3D stage like this... probably like some platforming/exploration focused style instead? Otherwise levels will have to be reworked entirely to even achieve something in 2D. Particularly because with the ammount of geometry it would be impossible to make a 2D camera in these tight spaces.

    Of course I'm not gonna even work on this without all day stages working correctly... but just tossing some ideas around.
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    You have the exact same chance of porting shit from fucking Ninja Bread Man or Superman 64. Until we have a better understanding of the model format and have an export script to the format there is a zero percent chance of porting from anything outside of Unleashed as it is the only other game using the same formats.
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    Sonic - Mystery of the Chaos Emeralds
    Oh, yeah! Oh yeah! OH YEAH! Classic Sonic in nighttime stages (with global illumination and stuff working perfectly)? I WANT!

    That and is Eggmanland in your plans?

    EDIT: I know you said it's not in your plans (yet), but will Classic Sonic have the same abilities (a working spindash, for example)?
  11. Falk


    A lot of the night-time stages would have to be extensively reworked because you don't have chimp-status arms for climbing around nor any of the other Werehog-specific gameplay features. (Think pole hopping/balancing in Empire City, the various multiple climbs all over, etc) Interesting prospect, though.
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    I'd honestly be fine with the same stage layout but with some cosmedic changes to have it look like its night stage counterpart unless DarioFF wants to try to mimick the night stage layout.

    EDIT: Ok, this isn't funny anymore. knock it off your starting to scare me guys!:
  13. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    I'm not really sure how would anyone go about fixing the spindash without hacking the exe. A workaround would be to put small 2D switches that aren't even noticeable at the start of the stage so it doesn't crash, but the direction of the spindash would be fixed there.

    Platforming in those parts could be interesting though. Heck, I never tried the shields in 3D actually. Aqua/Electric shields could provide something interesting in 3D. :)
  14. Falk


    No, I'm not talking about parts that could be gotten by with double jumps, I'm talking about stuff like this

    Obviously you could add replacement moving platforms or springs or whatever, and it's not anything resembling impossible to do; just highlighting that there are a lot more of these to consider than the occasional whale in the day stages.
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    I've got a question. Is there anyway to extend the amount of usable skill points? I'd like to mess around with a classic Sonic that uses both the Super Sonic and Homing Attack skills.
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    I can help you with that.

    If you add in Lighting shield and edit Classic Sonic's xml to get 5 shield uses plus less BS ring loss on Super Sonic, the result is really overpowered.
    Jump -> Homing Attack -> Double Jump is amazing, as is having the lightning shield attract rings for Super Sonic.

    EDIT: I found a way to get it working without having to do a search every time.
    Step 1: Download Cheat Engine.
    Step 2: Download DWXnd (If you have a way to get back to your desktop during gameplay, skip this step.)
    Step 3: Open Cheat Engine, then open Sonic Generations.
    Step 4: In cheat engine, press the glowing button on the top left, and pick the Sonic Generations process.
    Step 5: Download this file http://www.mediafire...bdf7fhi47l4y535
    Step 6: Drag it into Cheat Engine.
    Step 7: Click the Advanced Options text on the bottom left.
    Step 8: Right click the text that shows up, and select "Find out what addresses this code accesses". A window will pop up. Leave it open.
    Step 9: Go back into Sonic Generations, and start customizing one of the skill sets.
    Step 10: While on the customization screen, go back to the window that popped up in cheat engine, and double click the address that appears in it.
    Step 11: Look in the big white box in the main Cheat Engine window. Click the 100, and type 500 into the window that pops up, then press ok.
    Step 12: Now the skill point limit will be 500 for as long as you remain in the skill customization screen.
    Step 13: Repeat steps 7-12 each time you need to set up the skills within a skill set.
  17. Azu


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    I wonder if it's possible to use Super Sonic one bosses using CE.
  18. Lobotomy


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    So let's say I'm totally on board with making a custom level, and I am pretty sure I have the means to accomplish this. Should I start making Terrain Models now in hopes that importing my own terrain will become a possibility?
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    so what all do I need to have and do to replace music and possibly Modern Sonic with Shadow, Silver, or Metal
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    This seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. I'd really appreciate an answer to this. =P

    Agreed that he's really the only thing that would be important from Free Riders. For what it's worth, he's also in ASR as DLC.