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    Here's another video of my PBR shaders mod. A lot of things have changed since the first video.
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    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    Will this mod's shaders be available as it's own standalone thing to use with other mods/levels or due to its custom nature it'll only work with this?

    Either way this is still really cool/impressive. I bet this would look great on the PC that should show up within the next few days
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    Nah, it isn't set to only work with this stage. It will work for other Sonic Forces stage ports (or custom ones) as long as you adapt them properly. It's just that new tools will have to be created for baking correct lighting data. Since I'm using Sonic Forces' formats in this mod, the tools will benefit both.
  4. Out of curiosity, do we still need to use a specific version of 3DS Max in order to model stages to import into Generations, or will other modeling programs suffice? (It's been a really long time since I looked into it, and back then you needed a particular version for the importer to be compatible) I've been using 3DS Max for college courses, but it occurred to me recently that once I graduate and my college email is taken down, I'll no longer qualify for the student license and will have to pay out the nose to continue using 3DS Max. I've been barely getting started on learning Blender since it's permanently free, and playing around with level design might be a fun way to practice. (I've also seen some neat tricks in tutorials that might be interesting to try out in making levels, such as using the particle system to distribute models of buildings and terrain onto a larger surface. Could be a neat way to piece together background elements like distant hills and cities.)
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    This is a partial repost of something that I originally put in the wrong place here. (Sorry, I'm a newb ). I wanted to get some feed back on a Hyper Sonic Mod for Generations I have been working on, and see if anyone can help me on a few parts of it. More so, I wanted feedback in general of how he looks. I really hope you guys like it.

    Now, first off, I do not want to take any credit for anyone else work, and because this is a further modification of JoeTE’s Super Sonic Generations. I want to state up front if I utilized anything anyone else made. The double jump is from Sajid double jump mod.

    Here’s the main vid, there are some other test vids up on my channel:

    Even though I have a different taste on how Hypersonic ought to look, it wouldn’t have been possible without the version JoeTE made. Him exploiting the color change glitch to make his Hypersonic was invaluable. He also set the color change speed to being just slow enough that it should be less of a seizure risk than the original.

    Because the heavy lifting really was already done by JoeTE on his Super Sonic Generations, I did get his permission to re-release it with my changes to Hyper Sonic. I made sure to give him credit in the description to the youtube video too. I only re-releasing his Lite version with my Hyper Sonic changes, not his full version. I just wouldn’t feel right about the full version, as his amount of work there was vast, and I really have only modified the Hypersonic portion.

    I loved Hyper Sonic back in S3&K, OP’d as he is, I’ve always gotten a kick out of him, and wanted to see a really good translation of him to 3D. There have been a lot of Mods, and fan games that include him, but I had my own vision of what it ought to be like, and I wanted to demonstrate that.

    This lead me to learning about modding Generations, and I had to learn a lot. I still have a lot learn.
    I altered one of the DDS files for highlights to make them much brighter, to give a glowing edge effect, like how a flame is darker at it’s center, and lighter to the edges. I altered the shaders for the hyper material, to make them much brighter, so that he wouldn’t look so gray or dark, but rather glow. The jump/spinball is much brighter now too.
    In Darker areas he now appears to glow almost neon, and the colors are more visible than before. Also, in brightly lit areas he now appears to glow white. I changed the stars as well. They are now white light like the original, and they shoot out of him at a high speed, emitting in a rotation. All that was in the gte files.

    I also learned that I needed to apply these changes to both Modern and Classic, as well as to apply the changes to the character .ar files, and common action files, abd to the final boss fight files too, to keep everything congruent.

    I included the same hovering while idle animation StarNoodle495 used in his too. It suits Hyper Sonic so well. It demonstrates how Hyper is more powerful than Super, and well, it just looks so damn cool.

    Physics changes include Sajid’s double jump, I set the parameters very high. The original S3&K had a game breaking high double jump, so does this one. I increase the power of his ring pull when boosting. He also can no longer drown, like the original.
    I also include a save file with the power-stomp in the skill set. It’s the only thing I can think of to give him an area effect attack.

    Now, here is the parts I am unsure of how to proceed with, if it's even possible:

    1). I don’t know how to make the double jump only apply to the up-powered form. It carries over to base form.

    2). I don’t know how to make the power stomp simply always be his stomp, without using it as a save file skill. The issue with using it like that is, I cannot use it in fan made levels that lack a save option, such as Aquarium park. If there is a way to always have him use the power stomp, regardless of skill set, that would be better.

    3). I also don’t know how to give his boost an area effect attack when first engaging it. I’d love to see any close by enemies pop when first hitting boost. I wouldn’t want an area effect attack mapped to the double jump. It would be a big problem when trying to chain homing attacks on enemies to get across long bottomless pits, but I don’t think it would cause an issue to kill all visible enemies on the screen when first engaging boost. I just think it would be a cool little effect.

    Those are the above 3 changes I’d like to make in a perfect world.

    As it currently sits I’m 98% satisfied with how it looks, and enough to think it’s now worth sharing.

    Anyhow, I hope you guys like my idea of what Hyper Sonic ought to look like in Generations.

    I gotta say that your free camera mod is incredibly useful. It also has helped me make changes to Hyper Sonic, the one from JoeTE I've been attempting to further modify, mentioned above. Your Free cam allows me to go in and take a closer look.
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