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Sonic Generations Hacking (and More!)

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Andrew75, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Arcieo


    Adabat Adventure Pack mod
    I found out that the model converting in SonicGlvl is very inconvenient. If there are many breakable parts, it will waste a lot of time. It will be good to have separate program where we can just drag a lot of files into it and it will also automatically rename the extension. Maybe someone has something like that?

  2. Dude


    Tech Member
    Southbridge, MA
    Random VR/AR trash
    It's coming.... and soon!
  3. Andrew75


    Technical Artist Member
    Project AXSX(Sonic Xtreme) + Misc Projects
    hey guys! are there any Important tool links that are lost with-in this massive topic that should be posted on the first page?
    Any wiki links for the tools or hacking? I will go back and edit the first page of the topic to get us updated.....lets get organized !
  4. Andrew75


    Technical Artist Member
    Project AXSX(Sonic Xtreme) + Misc Projects
    Okay I have updated the first post with some animation tools and the maxscript here,,,,

    Who all worked on the maxscript so far? So as I can add credits.
    chrrox, kentilan, darkspinesonic35, and TZ, And a little myself early on( batch importing models)... am I forgetting anyone ?

    Also I'll be removing dead links in the first post,, and re-upload some of it if I still have it.
  5. Paraxade


    The only suggestion I have for this is to double check and make sure you have a valid spawn point set. I've found that one of the things that causes that loading screen is if the game doesn't know where to spawn Sonic. Failing that, I'd check if deleting every object in the level (minus the spawn point) fixes it, and if so, use trial and error to try to figure out which one. If it helps, it would be an object close to where Sonic spawns, since the game doesn't care about anything outside draw distance, so that should narrow it down quite a bit.
  6. Jason


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    I'm having a bit of trouble getting the replacement skybox to function the way I want it to. Currently, the texture used is being tinted blue for some reason. I'm not sure where the atmospheric optics that simulate blue tint on the horizon can be changed, preferably to a greener shade for this forested level. Considering I have a slightly green tinted free directional light, and I don't have any GIA applied yet, I don't know where to check from here. Here's a picture of what's happening. [​IMG]
    I think it may be the one of the parameters in SceneEffect.prm.xml. However, I'm not well-versed enough to understand which one of these is it may be, as I don't see a set of RGBs that would create a blue color for tint.
    Code (Text):
    1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
    2. <SceneEffect.prm.xml>
    4.   <Afterimage>
    5.     <Category>
    6.       <Basic>
    7.         <Param>
    8.           <ms_currentBlend>0.7</ms_currentBlend>
    9.           <ms_enable>true</ms_enable>
    10.           <ms_force_enable>false</ms_force_enable>
    11.           <ms_prevBlend>0.3</ms_prevBlend>
    12.           <ms_prevScale>1.01</ms_prevScale>
    13.           <ms_transTime>0.5</ms_transTime>
    14.         </Param>
    15.       </Basic>
    16.     </Category>
    17.   </Afterimage>
    19.   <BloomStar>
    20.     <Category>
    21.       <Basic>
    22.         <Param>
    23.           <GlareType>1</GlareType>
    24.           <ms_BloomScale>1.4</ms_BloomScale>
    25.           <ms_BloomStar_Param1.x>3.1</ms_BloomStar_Param1.x>
    26.           <ms_BloomStar_Param1.y>10.06</ms_BloomStar_Param1.y>
    27.           <ms_BloomStar_Param1.z>0.7</ms_BloomStar_Param1.z>
    28.           <ms_IsEnable>true</ms_IsEnable>
    29.           <ms_StarScale>0.4</ms_StarScale>
    30.         </Param>
    31.       </Basic>
    32.       <Blur>
    33.         <Param>
    34.           <ms_MaxRadialStartOffset>0.06</ms_MaxRadialStartOffset>
    35.           <ms_RadialBlurBloomParam.x>0.83</ms_RadialBlurBloomParam.x>
    36.           <ms_RadialBlurBloomParam.y>0.1</ms_RadialBlurBloomParam.y>
    37.           <ms_RadialBlurBloomParam.z>0.5</ms_RadialBlurBloomParam.z>
    38.           <ms_RadialBlurCenterMode>0</ms_RadialBlurCenterMode>
    39.           <ms_RadialBlurGrayZoneAngleDegree>5</ms_RadialBlurGrayZoneAngleDegree>
    40.           <ms_RadialBlurLimitAngleDegree>45</ms_RadialBlurLimitAngleDegree>
    41.           <ms_RadialBlurParam.w>-0.02</ms_RadialBlurParam.w>
    42.           <ms_RadialBlurParam.x>0.5</ms_RadialBlurParam.x>
    43.           <ms_RadialBlurParam.y>0.5</ms_RadialBlurParam.y>
    44.           <ms_RadialBlurVelocityOffset>0.2</ms_RadialBlurVelocityOffset>
    45.           <ms_RadialNoiseRotationSpeed>0</ms_RadialNoiseRotationSpeed>
    46.           <ms_RadialOffsetAnimationSpeed>0.8</ms_RadialOffsetAnimationSpeed>
    47.           <ms_UseRadialBlur>false</ms_UseRadialBlur>
    48.           <ms_UseRadialBlurOnBoost>false</ms_UseRadialBlurOnBoost>
    49.           <ms_UseRadialNoise>false</ms_UseRadialNoise>
    50.         </Param>
    51.       </Blur>
    52.     </Category>
    53.   </BloomStar>
    55.   <BoostBlur2D>
    56.     <Category>
    57.       <Basic>
    58.         <Param>
    59.           <ms_AngularCutoff>0</ms_AngularCutoff>
    60.           <ms_AngularLimit>0</ms_AngularLimit>
    61.           <ms_BlurRate>1</ms_BlurRate>
    62.           <ms_MoveCutoff>0</ms_MoveCutoff>
    63.           <ms_MoveLimit>0.2</ms_MoveLimit>
    64.           <s_IsEnable>true</s_IsEnable>
    65.         </Param>
    66.       </Basic>
    67.     </Category>
    68.   </BoostBlur2D>
    70.   <BoostBlur3D>
    71.     <Category>
    72.       <Basic>
    73.         <Param>
    74.           <ms_AngularCutoff>0</ms_AngularCutoff>
    75.           <ms_AngularLimit>0</ms_AngularLimit>
    76.           <ms_BeginBlurChangeValueInfo.Acceleration>10</ms_BeginBlurChangeValueInfo.Acceleration>
    77.           <ms_BeginBlurChangeValueInfo.MaxDistance>1</ms_BeginBlurChangeValueInfo.MaxDistance>
    78.           <ms_BeginBlurChangeValueInfo.MaxVelocity>20</ms_BeginBlurChangeValueInfo.MaxVelocity>
    79.           <ms_BeginBlurChangeValueInfo.Time>0.3</ms_BeginBlurChangeValueInfo.Time>
    80.           <ms_BeginBlurLengthScale>0.5</ms_BeginBlurLengthScale>
    81.           <ms_BlurRate>1</ms_BlurRate>
    82.           <ms_EndBlurChangeValueInfo.Acceleration>10</ms_EndBlurChangeValueInfo.Acceleration>
    83.           <ms_EndBlurChangeValueInfo.MaxDistance>0.5</ms_EndBlurChangeValueInfo.MaxDistance>
    84.           <ms_EndBlurChangeValueInfo.MaxVelocity>10</ms_EndBlurChangeValueInfo.MaxVelocity>
    85.           <ms_EndBlurChangeValueInfo.Time>0.5</ms_EndBlurChangeValueInfo.Time>
    86.           <ms_IsEnable>true</ms_IsEnable>
    87.           <ms_MoveCutoff>0</ms_MoveCutoff>
    88.           <ms_MoveLimit>0.5</ms_MoveLimit>
    89.           <ms_PulseBeginTime>0</ms_PulseBeginTime>
    90.           <ms_PulseHeight2>0.14</ms_PulseHeight2>
    91.           <ms_PulseSize2>0.1</ms_PulseSize2>
    92.           <ms_PulseSpeed2>1.8</ms_PulseSpeed2>
    93.         </Param>
    94.       </Basic>
    95.     </Category>
    96.   </BoostBlur3D>
    98.   <ColorCorrection>
    99.     <Category>
    100.       <Basic>
    101.         <Param>
    102.           <enable>false</enable>
    103.           <params.brightness>0</params.brightness>
    104.           <params.contrast>1</params.contrast>
    105.           <params.hue>0</params.hue>
    106.           <params.saturation>1</params.saturation>
    107.           <params.updateFlag>false</params.updateFlag>
    108.           <params.updateIndex>0</params.updateIndex>
    109.         </Param>
    110.       </Basic>
    111.     </Category>
    112.   </ColorCorrection>
    114.   <CrossFade>
    115.     <Category>
    116.       <Basic>
    117.         <Param>
    118.           <enable>false</enable>
    119.           <params.srcBlendAlpha>1</params.srcBlendAlpha>
    120.         </Param>
    121.       </Basic>
    122.     </Category>
    123.   </CrossFade>
    125.   <Default>
    126.     <Category>
    127.       <Basic>
    128.         <Param>
    129.           <CFxSceneRenderer::m_skyFollowUpRatioY>0</CFxSceneRenderer::m_skyFollowUpRatioY>
    130.           <CFxSceneRenderer::m_skyIntensityScale>1.3</CFxSceneRenderer::m_skyIntensityScale>
    131.         </Param>
    132.       </Basic>
    133.       <Blb>
    134.         <Param>
    135.           <CFxSceneRenderer::m_ViewZAlphaFadeMax>900</CFxSceneRenderer::m_ViewZAlphaFadeMax>
    136.           <CFxSceneRenderer::m_ViewZAlphaFadeMin>700</CFxSceneRenderer::m_ViewZAlphaFadeMin>
    137.         </Param>
    138.       </Blb>
    139.     </Category>
    140.   </Default>
    142.   <DepthOfField>
    143.     <Category>
    144.       <Basic>
    145.         <Param>
    146.           <ms_DefaultFocusNearFarRange.w>5.1</ms_DefaultFocusNearFarRange.w>
    147.           <ms_DefaultFocusNearFarRange.x>3.5</ms_DefaultFocusNearFarRange.x>
    148.           <ms_DefaultFocusNearFarRange.y>0</ms_DefaultFocusNearFarRange.y>
    149.           <ms_DefaultFocusNearFarRange.z>2000</ms_DefaultFocusNearFarRange.z>
    150.           <ms_IgnoreSky>true</ms_IgnoreSky>
    151.           <ms_IsDrawDepthResult>false</ms_IsDrawDepthResult>
    152.           <ms_IsEnable>true</ms_IsEnable>
    153.           <ms_MaxSpeed>18.01</ms_MaxSpeed>
    154.           <ms_MaxSpeedFocusNearFarRange.w>6.4</ms_MaxSpeedFocusNearFarRange.w>
    155.           <ms_MaxSpeedFocusNearFarRange.y>1</ms_MaxSpeedFocusNearFarRange.y>
    156.           <ms_MaxSpeedFocusNearFarRange.z>68</ms_MaxSpeedFocusNearFarRange.z>
    157.           <ms_MinSpeed>0</ms_MinSpeed>
    158.         </Param>
    159.       </Basic>
    160.     </Category>
    161.   </DepthOfField>
    163.   <FadeOut>
    164.     <Category>
    165.       <Basic>
    166.         <Param>
    167.           <s_IsEnable>false</s_IsEnable>
    168.         </Param>
    169.       </Basic>
    170.     </Category>
    171.   </FadeOut>
    173.   <GI>
    174.     <Category>
    175.       <Basic>
    176.         <Param>
    177.           <GIMode>0</GIMode>
    178.           <LightFieldMode>0</LightFieldMode>
    179.         </Param>
    180.       </Basic>
    181.       <GI_Adjust_Normal_Mode>
    182.         <Param>
    183.           <GI_SaturationScalingRate>1</GI_SaturationScalingRate>
    184.           <GI_Scale_B>1</GI_Scale_B>
    185.           <GI_Scale_G>1</GI_Scale_G>
    186.           <GI_Scale_R>1</GI_Scale_R>
    187.         </Param>
    188.       </GI_Adjust_Normal_Mode>
    189.       <GI_Adjust_Separeted_Mode>
    190.         <Param>
    191.           <GI_Color_Dir_B>255</GI_Color_Dir_B>
    192.           <GI_Color_Dir_G>255</GI_Color_Dir_G>
    193.           <GI_Color_Dir_Intensity>1</GI_Color_Dir_Intensity>
    194.           <GI_Color_Dir_R>255</GI_Color_Dir_R>
    195.           <GI_Color_Sky_B>255</GI_Color_Sky_B>
    196.           <GI_Color_Sky_G>255</GI_Color_Sky_G>
    197.           <GI_Color_Sky_Intensity>1</GI_Color_Sky_Intensity>
    198.           <GI_Color_Sky_R>255</GI_Color_Sky_R>
    199.         </Param>
    200.       </GI_Adjust_Separeted_Mode>
    201.       <LightField>
    202.         <Param>
    203.           <DefaultLightFieldScalingType>0</DefaultLightFieldScalingType>
    204.           <ms_DefaultLightFieldColorDown.x>0.25</ms_DefaultLightFieldColorDown.x>
    205.           <ms_DefaultLightFieldColorDown.y>0.25</ms_DefaultLightFieldColorDown.y>
    206.           <ms_DefaultLightFieldColorDown.z>0.25</ms_DefaultLightFieldColorDown.z>
    207.           <ms_DefaultLightFieldColorUp.x>0.25</ms_DefaultLightFieldColorUp.x>
    208.           <ms_DefaultLightFieldColorUp.y>0.25</ms_DefaultLightFieldColorUp.y>
    209.           <ms_DefaultLightFieldColorUp.z>0.25</ms_DefaultLightFieldColorUp.z>
    210.           <ms_DefaultLightFieldLuminanceScalingRate>1</ms_DefaultLightFieldLuminanceScalingRate>
    211.           <ms_DefaultLightFieldSaturationScalingRate>1.5</ms_DefaultLightFieldSaturationScalingRate>
    212.           <ms_DrawLightFieldSamplingPoint>false</ms_DrawLightFieldSamplingPoint>
    213.           <ms_IgnoreFinalLightColorAdjestment>false</ms_IgnoreFinalLightColorAdjestment>
    214.           <ms_IgnoreLightFieldData>false</ms_IgnoreLightFieldData>
    215.           <ms_LightFieldDebug>false</ms_LightFieldDebug>
    216.           <ms_LightFieldIntensityThreshold>0.5</ms_LightFieldIntensityThreshold>
    217.           <ms_LightFieldLuminanceCenter>0.6</ms_LightFieldLuminanceCenter>
    218.           <ms_LightFieldLuminanceMax>0.9</ms_LightFieldLuminanceMax>
    219.           <ms_LightFieldLuminanceMin>0.3</ms_LightFieldLuminanceMin>
    220.           <ms_LightFieldOffsetColorDown.x>0.05</ms_LightFieldOffsetColorDown.x>
    221.           <ms_LightFieldOffsetColorDown.y>0.05</ms_LightFieldOffsetColorDown.y>
    222.           <ms_LightFieldOffsetColorDown.z>0.05</ms_LightFieldOffsetColorDown.z>
    223.           <ms_LightFieldOffsetColorUp.x>0.08</ms_LightFieldOffsetColorUp.x>
    224.           <ms_LightFieldOffsetColorUp.y>0.08</ms_LightFieldOffsetColorUp.y>
    225.           <ms_LightFieldOffsetColorUp.z>0.08</ms_LightFieldOffsetColorUp.z>
    226.         </Param>
    227.       </LightField>
    228.     </Category>
    229.   </GI>
    231.   <HDR>
    232.     <Category>
    233.       <Basic>
    234.         <Param>
    235.           <Exposure_Mask_Mode>0</Exposure_Mask_Mode>
    236.           <Luminance_High>0.550001</Luminance_High>
    237.           <Luminance_Low>0.3</Luminance_Low>
    238.           <Middle_Gray>0.45</Middle_Gray>
    239.           <Scale>0.62</Scale>
    240.           <ToneMapType>1</ToneMapType>
    241.           <_Offset_X>0</_Offset_X>
    242.           <_Offset_Y>0.2</_Offset_Y>
    243.           <_Size>0.3</_Size>
    244.           <_Weight>0.8</_Weight>
    245.           <ms_IsAdaptation>true</ms_IsAdaptation>
    246.           <ms_IsEnable>true</ms_IsEnable>
    247.           <ms_IsMeteringAreaVisible>false</ms_IsMeteringAreaVisible>
    248.         </Param>
    249.       </Basic>
    250.     </Category>
    251.   </HDR>
    253.   <LightScattering>
    254.     <Category>
    255.       <Common>
    256.         <Param>
    257.           <Mode>4</Mode>
    258.           <ms_Color.x>0.11</ms_Color.x>
    259.           <ms_Color.y>0.35</ms_Color.y>
    260.           <ms_Color.z>0.760001</ms_Color.z>
    261.           <ms_FarNearScale.z>1.2</ms_FarNearScale.z>
    262.         </Param>
    263.       </Common>
    264.       <Fog>
    265.         <Param>
    266.           <ms_ConstG_FogDensity.w>0.5</ms_ConstG_FogDensity.w>
    267.           <ms_FarNearScale.x>3200</ms_FarNearScale.x>
    268.           <ms_FarNearScale.y>380</ms_FarNearScale.y>
    269.         </Param>
    270.       </Fog>
    271.       <LightScattering>
    272.         <Param>
    273.           <ms_FarNearScale.w>114</ms_FarNearScale.w>
    274.           <ms_G>0.9</ms_G>
    275.           <ms_Ray_Mie_Ray2_Mie2.x>0.291</ms_Ray_Mie_Ray2_Mie2.x>
    276.           <ms_Ray_Mie_Ray2_Mie2.y>0.96</ms_Ray_Mie_Ray2_Mie2.y>
    277.         </Param>
    278.       </LightScattering>
    279.     </Category>
    280.   </LightScattering>
    282.   <LightShaft>
    283.     <Category>
    284.       <Basic>
    285.         <Param>
    286.           <ms_BlurCount>5</ms_BlurCount>
    287.           <ms_BlurScale>1.8</ms_BlurScale>
    288.           <ms_Deviation>2.9</ms_Deviation>
    289.           <ms_IsEnable>false</ms_IsEnable>
    290.           <ms_MaskPow>0.2</ms_MaskPow>
    291.           <ms_MaskZ>0.999</ms_MaskZ>
    292.           <ms_Multiplier>1</ms_Multiplier>
    293.           <ms_SunPosition.x>40</ms_SunPosition.x>
    294.           <ms_SunPosition.y>20</ms_SunPosition.y>
    295.           <ms_SunPosition.z>40</ms_SunPosition.z>
    296.         </Param>
    297.       </Basic>
    298.     </Category>
    299.   </LightShaft>
    301.   <Light_Manager>
    302.     <Category>
    303.       <Basic>
    304.         <Param>
    305.           <EyeLightAttribute.w>2</EyeLightAttribute.w>
    306.           <EyeLightDiffuse.x>0</EyeLightDiffuse.x>
    307.           <EyeLightDiffuse.y>0</EyeLightDiffuse.y>
    308.           <EyeLightDiffuse.z>0</EyeLightDiffuse.z>
    309.           <EyeLightInnterDiameter>15</EyeLightInnterDiameter>
    310.           <EyeLightMode>0</EyeLightMode>
    311.           <EyeLightOuterDiameter>40</EyeLightOuterDiameter>
    312.           <EyeLightRange.w>40</EyeLightRange.w>
    313.           <EyeLightRange.z>0</EyeLightRange.z>
    314.           <EyeLightSpecular.x>0.1</EyeLightSpecular.x>
    315.           <EyeLightSpecular.y>0.1</EyeLightSpecular.y>
    316.           <EyeLightSpecular.z>0.1</EyeLightSpecular.z>
    317.           <ms_DebugDrawEndLevel>0</ms_DebugDrawEndLevel>
    318.           <ms_DebugDrawStartLevel>0</ms_DebugDrawStartLevel>
    319.           <ms_IsDefferedLightEnable360>false</ms_IsDefferedLightEnable360>
    320.           <ms_IsDefferedLightEnablePS3>false</ms_IsDefferedLightEnablePS3>
    321.           <ms_IsDynamicLightDebug>false</ms_IsDynamicLightDebug>
    322.           <ms_IsELightEnable>true</ms_IsELightEnable>
    323.           <ms_IsGLightEnable>true</ms_IsGLightEnable>
    324.           <ms_IsLLightEnable>true</ms_IsLLightEnable>
    325.           <ms_IsMTRenderEnable360>true</ms_IsMTRenderEnable360>
    326.           <ms_IsStaticLightDebug>false</ms_IsStaticLightDebug>
    327.         </Param>
    328.       </Basic>
    329.     </Category>
    330.   </Light_Manager>
    332.   <MotionBlur>
    333.     <Category>
    334.       <Basic>
    335.         <Param>
    336.           <ms_IsEnable>true</ms_IsEnable>
    337.         </Param>
    338.       </Basic>
    339.     </Category>
    340.   </MotionBlur>
    342.   <Other>
    343.     <Category>
    344.       <Basic>
    345.         <Param>
    346.           <DebugDistortionBlend>1</DebugDistortionBlend>
    347.           <DebugDistortionScale>1</DebugDistortionScale>
    348.           <ms_InShadowScale.w>1</ms_InShadowScale.w>
    349.           <ms_InShadowScale.x>0.3</ms_InShadowScale.x>
    350.           <ms_InShadowScale.y>0.3</ms_InShadowScale.y>
    351.           <ms_InShadowScale.z>1</ms_InShadowScale.z>
    352.         </Param>
    353.       </Basic>
    354.     </Category>
    355.   </Other>
    357.   <ReflectionMap>
    358.     <Category>
    359.       <Basic>
    360.         <Param>
    361.           <enable>false</enable>
    362.           <params.clipOffset>0</params.clipOffset>
    363.           <params.frustumDepthScale>0.001</params.frustumDepthScale>
    364.           <params.height>-233.105</params.height>
    365.           <params.invTexSizeRatio>1</params.invTexSizeRatio>
    366.         </Param>
    367.       </Basic>
    368.     </Category>
    369.   </ReflectionMap>
    371.   <RenderGameScene>
    372.     <Category>
    373.       <Basic>
    374.         <Param>
    375.           <params.invCaptureRatio>2</params.invCaptureRatio>
    376.         </Param>
    377.       </Basic>
    378.     </Category>
    379.   </RenderGameScene>
    381.   <ShadowMap>
    382.     <Category>
    383.       <Common>
    384.         <Param>
    385.           <Ambient_Shadow_Bias_Object>0.3</Ambient_Shadow_Bias_Object>
    386.           <Ambient_Shadow_Bias_Terrain>0.3</Ambient_Shadow_Bias_Terrain>
    387.           <ShadowMapSize>1</ShadowMapSize>
    388.           <ms_Bias>0.002</ms_Bias>
    389.           <ms_IsEnable>true</ms_IsEnable>
    390.           <ms_IsRenderObject>true</ms_IsRenderObject>
    391.           <ms_IsRenderTerrain>true</ms_IsRenderTerrain>
    392.           <ms_IsReverseCullObject>false</ms_IsReverseCullObject>
    393.           <ms_IsReverseCullTerrain>false</ms_IsReverseCullTerrain>
    394.           <ms_ShadowMapBoxSize.w>10</ms_ShadowMapBoxSize.w>
    395.           <ms_ShadowMapBoxSize.x>25</ms_ShadowMapBoxSize.x>
    396.           <ms_ShadowMapBoxSize.y>25</ms_ShadowMapBoxSize.y>
    397.           <ms_ShadowMapBoxSize.z>30</ms_ShadowMapBoxSize.z>
    398.           <ms_SlopeBias>1</ms_SlopeBias>
    399.         </Param>
    400.       </Common>
    401.       <Debug>
    402.         <Param>
    403.           <ms_IsDrawFrustum>false</ms_IsDrawFrustum>
    404.           <ms_IsDrawShadowMap>false</ms_IsDrawShadowMap>
    405.         </Param>
    406.       </Debug>
    407.       <LiSPSM>
    408.         <Param>
    409.           <ms_LiSPSM_NRate>1</ms_LiSPSM_NRate>
    410.         </Param>
    411.       </LiSPSM>
    412.       <VerticalShadow>
    413.         <Param>
    414.           <ms_IsEnableLambertShadowObject>true</ms_IsEnableLambertShadowObject>
    415.           <ms_IsEnableLambertShadowTerrain>true</ms_IsEnableLambertShadowTerrain>
    416.           <ms_IsEnableVerticalShadow>true</ms_IsEnableVerticalShadow>
    417.         </Param>
    418.       </VerticalShadow>
    419.     </Category>
    420.   </ShadowMap>
    422.   <Stereoscopic>
    423.     <Category>
    424.       <Basic>
    425.         <Param>
    426.           <g_CsdStereoscopeFar>2</g_CsdStereoscopeFar>
    427.           <g_CsdStereoscopeNear>2</g_CsdStereoscopeNear>
    428.           <g_CsdStereoscopeUsoScale>0</g_CsdStereoscopeUsoScale>
    429.           <g_End3DBorderSize>0</g_End3DBorderSize>
    430.           <params.Distortion>0.5</params.Distortion>
    431.           <params.EyeDistance>6.4</params.EyeDistance>
    432.           <params.ScreenDistance>2</params.ScreenDistance>
    433.         </Param>
    434.       </Basic>
    435.     </Category>
    436.   </Stereoscopic>
    438. </SceneEffect.prm.xml>
    Does anyone know?
  7. Andrew75


    Technical Artist Member
    Project AXSX(Sonic Xtreme) + Misc Projects
    I guess no one cares about trying to save tools for posterity sake,,
    I've seen tools for projects such as this one disappear easily from the net usually with in a few years,, I think we should upload mirrors and make it easy to get in once place.
  8. Faseeh


    I have no idea about skyboxes, Jason, but what you're doing... interests me.
  9. Dude


    Tech Member
    Southbridge, MA
    Random VR/AR trash
    I discovered a bug in sonicglvl - when you save, any declared paths in stage.stg.xml get their names changed to lowercase. This causes problems with paths that have uppercase characters in their names.

    Edit: not *any* path name, apparently only certain ones. I don't know what's going on, I'll just work around it.
  10. Faseeh



    Something that SuperRiderTH has been working on and I've been helping with.

    Hope ya guys like the remix I did for it too :P
  11. Looks interesting, and sounds interesting, any plans for a remix of the saturn version of Rusty Ruins? I'll definitely keep an eye out for this mod.
  12. Faseeh


    A Modern version is being considered and if we do that, yes. A remix of that will happen.
  13. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    That looks awesome! Damn shame classic's Spin Dash won't work, it was kinda vital in 3D Blast.
  14. Faseeh


    Will send the compliment to Rider! We might make some parts 2D and we will prolly make the stage start from the tunnel (which would be 2D) so that there aren't any clashes. But hey, we have better physics this time so it might be better. Hopefully with some neat Speed Shoes and Skateboarding, the level keeps up a good pace. Rider's also working on some other stages, will make sure to update here then and now if I do work on them.

    Since Neko Sol has quit modding, and I've always wanted to do Egg Fleet, that's gonna be project after Frog Forest.



    But it's not gonna be just a port. It won't work too well like that as it caters quite the bit to Flight Formation and Power Formation. Will make it more engaging for Modern Sonic and a lot more grander and yeah, so it'll be half-remake. I'm gonna draw concept arts sooner or later and then model it along with 3 of my friends. :) As I don't want to get into TOO many things, I'm only going full force into this AFTER Frog Forest. I sorta needed to wait for Dario and Melpronto since Dario needed to fix a bug in GLVL as Frog Forest's textures got screwed up after Mel did lightfield and GIA. But since it's taking some time, I decided to do everything else while I wait for them. If GLVL isn't gonna get a new version with the bugs fixed, in that case, I'll prolly only get GIA but no lightfield on Frog Forest done and then release it with everything else that has been planed.

    Enough of that.

    So if anyone actually wants to help with concept art for Egg Fleet, do send in through PM, I'd like to see... but I may only check it two weeks later as I'm taking a break for exams. No need to be an amazing artists of course. If ya really can't draw, text is good too.
  15. Glaber


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    about rusty ruin and the spindash, ever thought about looking at how the casino night pinball table handles spindash?
  16. Overlord


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    Long-term happiness
    Oooooooo. If I'm honest I can take or leave the music remix, but I really like the look of the level.
  17. S0LV0


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    Abusing SMPS
    I suppose my role at this point is to be a freelance musician for any interested modders of Sonic Generations. Anyway, I've still been at work for CorvidDude's Sonic Adventure Generations, arranging the White World medley for the project. Windy Valley is finally finished, and Emerald Coast has been updated. The patch should be coming fairly soon, White Space tracks included (and not to give anything away, but the added GIA makes these levels really beautiful).

    In addition, I've noticed that many people are attempting to port Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colors, so I went ahead and... not that I plan to make an entire Colors White Space medley or anything. That would be crazy. <.<
  18. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    I don't plan on modding but I've always been curious how a Knuckles rival battle White Space could sound. I always thought his SK theme for Classic or sampling part of his SA theme for Modern would sound perfect.

    I feel like the 3DS version should have mixed up the rivals and used Knuckles, Blaze, and someone else, but I can't really think of a good Dreamcast era rival beyond Shadow.
  19. Hey guys, couple questions here. Hopefully someone out there can shed some light on these issues I'm having.

    I haven't seen this covered anywhere (maybe I haven't looked hard enough), but regarding something simple like a custom waterfall, after applying all of the materials and selecting the Common_d[v] Shader in SonicGlvl for each, nothing seems to animate in-game, which was when I realized that there's a .uv-anim file associated with the original ghz_water_km1_fallWhite textures found in GHZ, but I can't seem to read nor edit that file anywhere (tried Notepad++ as well as a hex editor). I'm not really sure how to generate my own UV coordinate animations. Is it something that can be generated from Max? If not there, is it something that can actually be done through other means?

    Also, I've been interested in having animated models in my level. Just little corner set-pieces, nothing that would interact with Sonic directly. I know that the game uses .anm.hkx and .skl.hkx for the animated flowers in GHZ, but as for generating and placing them in the level, I have zero idea about how it could be done. I have some theories I'd like to try out (mostly involving ObjectPhysics), but if anyone's had any previous success placing an animation in a level, it would be awesome if you could share your process :)/>

    Actually, bonus question, how would I go about creating custom badniks? I've seen a few awesome custom enemies from a couple guys here. Is the process of any of that documented at all?

    Cheers in advance!
  20. Faseeh


    I don't think that would change anything. Would love to be proven wrong though.

    I would like feedback on the song!


    Finished modelling the collision model for Egg Fleet. Will add in more scenery stuff some time later.

    Gotta fix UVs and all that first.

    I have a question too. The last part where all the red sharks are rotated is me trying to recreate the Egg Fleet being destroyed by Sonic. Obviously 5 ships won't make a fleet and I'll add more as scenery objects but anyways.

    Is it possible to copy over the smoke effects that happen in Crisis City or City Escape (right before the GUN Truck Chase or when it gets crushed) and place it wherever I want for Egg Fleet? Really would help.

    And... I can trigger the falling airships to only be seen after a certain point using triggers and layers right? I mean I've heard it's possible but I'm very confused and unsure.