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Sonic Generations Hacking (and More!)

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Andrew75, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    If you really need the Egg Dragoon for something just use the Collada exporter. It kinda works 100% with all the models I've tested, except for the ones with morphers(they're ignored). Otherwise, I've forwarded the issue to Link already. I'll remind him to see what's the problem with it.
  2. roxahris


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    Doing anything at all
    You have song Part 1 (calm), Part 2 (battle), and several bridge pieces that connect the two in PSO. PSO2 is much more complicated, according to the sound director.

    No, they don't. Kenichi Tokoi is working on the PSO2 soundtrack, though.

    Some of music? What?

    In the end, this discussion is neither here nor there, unless you plan on porting the PSO levels to Generations. They're a bit small for that, though. What else, I wonder, would fit?
  3. DinodudeEpic


    I've decided to expand on my 'Classic Sonic in 3D' idea from a simple combination of mods to actually making a level just for this sort of gameplay. (With quite a bit of help from Dario FF in terms of learning the process of converting levels to work in SonicGLVL.)

    The level is going to be a mixture of Sweet Sweet Galaxy and Toy Time Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy and Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colors. So far, I've only managed to do a small bit of the level, but I'm planning on expanding it in the future. So, here is a demonstration of what I had done so far.

    What I definitely need is a way to roll in 3D. So, any help in that regard would be very much appreciated.

    Oh yeah, I'm using Lobotomy's 'Fixing Generations FOREVER' mod during that demonstration.
  4. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    Anyway to fix the camera in 3D for classic Sonic so it's not so close to him?
  5. Azu


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    Some of the*
    I'm not talking about PSO2. I'm talking about PSO/PSO:BB.

    Thats's how it is in PSO:BB the PC version, but I assure you, it's broken into parts on the GC version. The Forest level has 61 tracks that makes up it's song. Each 5 seconds. Also, I'm not referring to PSO2. Also, Kenichi worked on some of the Soundtrack on Sonic Unleashed. I haven't heard any of the music in PSO2 because I'm mostly waiting for a possible English release.


    Also, you could port PSO's levels, but you have to use 3D Ripper to get them. You could try to port DeRole's stage to Egg Dragoon, you'd just have to redo all the paths and remove the water and replace it with a floor. If you could mod Unleashed, you could port the first port of Olga Flow's stage and replace Egg Dragoon.
  6. Yeah, by adding cameras to the stage.
  7. Azu


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    Dario, I'm assuming you're going to ignore the boss change in Windmill Isle?
  8. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    Anything related to bosses from Unleashed is impossible to port back, other than the models/animations.

    Also, I found this little gem while trying to fix the pulley in windmill isle. Putting the wrong ID in can lead to using another path that wasn't even declared on the XML with an ID... so this is what happens when you use the one that's normally used for reference for Sonic's path and terrain loading.
  9. Azu


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    Wait, are the pulleys and the zipline the same object?
  10. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    Yeah, the zipline gets automatically created along the Path ID you choose. It's a bit bitchy with rotations though, the pulley has to be facing in the exact rotation that the spline is doing at the start.
  11. Azu


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    That's interesting. That's a nice to know. So the rope is automatically created along the splines?
  12. P3DR0


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    New mod: Sonic Zipline Generations

    I know you want to.
  13. Iggy for Short

    Iggy for Short

    Are there any other interesting things you can create along splines like this?
  14. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    Cameras can follow splines, and the speed highway rockets and the CPZ Pipe as well. Apart from that, not really.
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    Castlevania prettyness
    You forgot Speed Highway cars :P
  16. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    Wow, so anyone can write Sonic Retro or shit or anything with the CPz pipes just by changing the curve they follow?

  17. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    SonicGLvl v0.5.7 Update (Yes I skipped 0.5.6)
    Downloads over here as always!
    WARNING: Update EasyOgreExporter for using this update immediately.

    • Ctrl+F or going into Edit > Find will bring up the brand new Find menu! Here you can search for objects or select all objects that fill the required conditions. You can leave on blank any fields you don't need, and you can press F3 to find the next object as well. All variable types are supported!
    • Object template and XML saving got a bit of an overhaul. Templates no longer require defining a Position or Rotation node. And there's three additional variable types! While not all templates are updated on the database to make full use of these features yet, the option is there! Going over the particular examples:
      id: Used for attributes that have a <SetObjectID> node under itself. Commonly used for referencing other objects. If the template uses this option, the following window will show up for configuring it. Clicking on Pick Object... will go in Picker mode, where you can just hover over to an object and left-click on it, and you'll immediately have the object ID assigned! Alternatively, you can press Switch to Target to find out what object it's referring to.

      list: This is for attributes that have many <SetObjectID> sub-elements. The next window will show up for organizing your list of assigned objects. Add Object... switches to Picker mode, just like in the ID.

      vector3: For attributes which relied on sub-<x><y><z> elements, this new attribute type allows you to easily set reference points manually, or from the terrain, or from an object with the Picker mode as well.

      Another addition to the object templates is Presets for regular values. You can just append presets via attributes to each element in the XML directly(Look at this object for reference on how to use it). The database will be documented with new types as necessary to make it easier for people, instead of relying on finding out what the values do via Trial & Error.
    • EasyOgreExporter for 3DS Max recently got updated with Vertex Color Support, optimized exporting time, and some extra features! It's mandatory that you update it. Also remember that if you want proper instances, you're supposed to Reset the XForm of your objects in Max to see what you're actually getting in SonicGLvl.

      With the vertex color support, users can do the following types of blending in the pic below(already posted once, but refreshing doesn't hurt):
      There's a tutorial in the help folder for doing these kind of effects.
    • All the 3 mesh slots have finally uncovered their uses. Unfortunately, it's quite a stupid realization. While most engines would store this kind of info in the material instead of the mesh, Sonic Generations stores inside the .model file 3 mesh slots. One for Solid Meshes, another for Transparent meshes that don't write to the depth buffer, and semi-transparent meshes, as in, they write to the depth buffer only on full alpha pixels. Sadly, since this kind of stuff isn't stored in the .material itself in Generations, nor in Ogre's mesh format, the best workaround for maintaining compatibility across all exporters is the following.

      By appending certain tags to the material names, you can force the submeshes that have that material assigned to use one of the 3 mesh slots. Their functions are shown here:
      In most cases, SonicGLvl WILL AUTODETECT this kind of thing without having to append tags, since it's just dependent on whether the material has an Opacity map or not. Regardless, the option is provided to force whatever you want. The tag system works as shown above. Simply append either @solid, @transpararent, or @boolean.
    • Fixed some rather important bugs with Terrain Group generation that would cause crash when loading the game on start. This issue happened mostly with places cramped with various nodes in the scene in the same Terrain Group area.
    • Added the option to invert your current selection via the Edit Menu.
    • Ctrl+G now zooms into your selected objects instead of Ctrl+F.
    • Added automatic convertion of any textures supported by nvdxt(.png, .bmp, .tga, etc.) to DDS. Using real DDS is recommended though, for the sake of speeding up the import.
    • Extended support for exported .scenes from Blender.
    • Submesh management code fully rewritten. Way more efficient and reliable, and completely avoids the material assignment bug that plagued the previous version. Now all your scenes should import with correct material assignment.
    • Main gizmo shows on top of anything else now, so there's no need to play around with the zoom to use the gizmo.
    • A good batch of model and templates updated by Dude.

    So that's it for these days, I'm quite busy the following weeks, and I thought it was important to leave you with this update. Please report if anything important's broken, since I've been working on this update for quite a while. So I hope you make the most out of it! Might be the only chance you'll ever have to edit this game... (Remember when people begged for Sonic 4 to be fully hacked and fixed? Yeah, the intention isn't really what counts...)

    Bonus pic
    Dragon Road HUB with some Normal fixes and remodelled the water there instead of clouds. With the animated water, and the extra particles for splashes and mist in the background near the waterfall, and some vertex blending in the waterfall as well now! Looks really good. I can also paint the wall with blending but I screwed up the simmetry while painting so no pic of that. :v:

    EDIT: Bad JPEG compression.
  18. I came a little.
  19. BandicootG


    Making a Blaze the Cat mod for Sonic Generations.
    As did I, nice work there Dario!
  20. Azu


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    Very awesome update Dario. I can't wait until we get to move the terrain around. I just though of something. Couldn't we export the scene, edit it in Max, and re-export it?