Sonic Generations Hacking (and More!)

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Andrew75, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Just so you guys know, Our SSMB Generations hacking general thread was closed recently. So were going to be watching more of this topic now until modders decide to make their own topics over there.

    Aww, I wanted to post that Metal Harbor update. :( but its looking great she/he is really doing a nice job! is the modder using the old SA2 level as a base and just editing it or making a custom stage with same textures?
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    Something just occured to me reading the annotations. There are some cases in Generations where nonstandard animation is used; how much of that is custom scripted vs just a natural consequence of existing animations/physics though I have no clue, but it might be worth looking into if you haven't already. For example, that one vertical ramp in GHZ2 where Sonic does a backflip. Or when he turns his head around @ giant chopper.

    tl;dr the game definitely has ways to force animations as well. How much of it is hardcoded though, who knows.
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    This topic is better anyway. :P He used the original SA2 level and scaled it to Generation size; it looks like a pretty faithful remake, which I actually really appreciate.

    And it was great to see another Unleashed video Dario...I'm really impressed with the custom stuff you guys have done, like recreating the Dragon opening it's mouth. Great work all around!
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    Well it's a good thing I had the previously-mentioned chat with ScarredSun and got a bunch of us out of Pending Limbo, aye?

    ...Well JoeTE will back me up on that. :v:

    Anyway, great job as always to the Generations Unleashed team. I definitely can't wait to get my own hands on your work. :specialed:
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    So, there a step-by-step on adding objects from other stages? I'm trying to add the Bobsleigh or the kart from SeaSide hill to Green Hill (Modern)

    Code (Text):
    2. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
    3. <StageObject>
    4.   <GhSwingFloor />
    5.   <GhWoodBridge />
    6.   <GhBreakCriff />
    7.   <GreenHillFloorA_3M />
    8.   <GreenHillFloorA_5M />
    9.   <GreenHillFloor_3X />
    10.   <GreenHillFloor_5X />
    11.   <GreenHillFloor_7X />
    12.   <GreenHillFloor_9X />
    13.   <GreenHillFloor_3XP />
    14.   <GreenHillFloor_5XP />
    15.   <GreenHillFloor_7XP />
    16.   <GreenHillFloor_9XP />
    17.   <EnemyBeeton2D />
    18.   <EnemyBeeton3D />
    19.   <ghz_obj_tn1_purplerock />
    20.   <ghz_obj_tn1_purplerockmini />
    21.   <ghz_obj_tn1_purplerockbrk />
    22.   <ghz_obj_tn1_purplerockminibrk />
    23.   <EnemyBatabata2D />
    24.   <EnemyBatabata3D />
    25.   <scriptEventCollision />
    26.   <HitEffectCollision />
    27.   <EnemyGanigani2D />
    28.   <EnemyGanigani3D />
    29.   <EnemyMotora2D />
    30.   <EnemyMotora3D />
    31.   <GreenHillZoneFloor />
    32.   <GeneralFloorCustom />
    33.    <ssh_obj_bobsleigh />
    34. </StageObject>
    Do I do I like that? I put all bobsleigh files in Do I have to put it in ghz_cmn?

    I added them to the sto file and the files to ghz_cmn, but it did load. I put it in the level, but still don't see it.

    Okay, so I added another one to Seaside hill and it doesn't appear. So I think you need that starting thing it starts on.

    Edit: It needs the pedestal.
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    I've been trying all night to add a new object template to SonicGLvl but no matter what the exported MESH file for it shows up insanely tiny, even when I rescale it in 3DSMax2010 before exporting to the OGRE format. Are there any tutorials that assume you have the latest version for exporting models for it? I'm using the latest importer that came with the latest SonicGLvl.

    Another issue I had was that I tried to store the models/material scripts in a different folder and it refused to detect it, is there a way to add more folders like the way you can add template folders, because I'd rather not have to stick, say, HUB models/materials in the common folder, I wanted to keep the additions of mine separated.

    All this trouble just so I can toy with making the HUB a bit quicker for me(and possibly the public) to navigate. Hard to place things just the right distance without visual aid, though.
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    Yeah, it also has the "Happy Birthday, Sonic!" at the end of the credits from Summer of Sonic instead of Sonic Boom, regardless of region. If I recall correctly, the PC version was originally developed with EU in mind, and that's the only region that got a boxed release of it.

    Still, if somebody wanted to put the US logos and Sonic Boom recording back in, I'd use that customization.
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    If you're using EasyOgreExporter, your units need to be set to meters instead of inches(the global system settings for Max), for it to be 1:1. Also you can add more folders via resources.cfg. If you want to commit any new templates to the database, be my guest and I'll give you SVN access. Dude already comitted some. Keep in mind any changes you do would have to be on the latest version of the repository though. I mean if we build a good database for it there would be no need for people to fiddle around with templates. But the option is there for anyone who wants to.
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    The music's not a great cover and the stage seems to have brought some of SA2's lack of control with it (that flying-into-nowhere light speed dash), but this otherwise is a pretty nice effort.

    That Dragon Road video is just gorgeous, though. =P
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    I'm far from the smartest as far as Generations data or other things go so this might have been documented, but... is there anything in the Template format for the editor that can read one of the values and display a separate model on top of it relating to that value? The stage names have a value that decides both where the collected red star rings display and the giant all collected red star ring are positioned vertically, as an offset from the text. It might be nice if there was a way to display this in the editor some time eventually, especially if it falls under the same area as other objects with variables(like platforms with X number of chain links or the like?)

    Also, just so you know, Crisis City's generic floating platform object model is available in the hub even though it never seems to get used there.

    ... also also, Dario FF, when I feel I've finished and made sure I did the HUB models decent enough, I think I'll stick them all on the SVN... assuming I figure out how to do it well. However, I want to know what to do about things that are made of multiple pieces, mainly the info pod which has a separate "brain" in a separate model. I noticed some XML files load multiple MESH files at once, but I'm not sure how they are positioned. It'd be nice if 3DS Max 2010 could load animations so I could maybe load both and get them set up right and in an appealing position, but I hear I'd need 2011, bringing me up to 3 different 3DS Max copies.
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    I have 3 copies of max. 2011-2013, and Maya, which I don't use so I may uninstall that. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the pedestal in Seaside hill. I believe you need that to spawn the go kart in seaside hill. I don't see any object data for it in Seaside Hills "setdata_base.set.xml" anywhere.
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    Nothing so far. The template code dates back to December actually. It's in need of an overhaul, but overall keeping the same structure. It's just that I would like to design any of those cases in a general way that covers lots of cases for Gens.

    The AltMesh are just for using different meshes altogether in case the conditions are met, particularly used for breakable objects or General Floors. Also, whatever meshes you export are considered as if the Max's node was on 0,0,0 with no transformations whatsoever. So as long as you use the model importer script and export, you should be fine. However, some objects might need modifications(for example, the dash pad just required to be flipped, as they seem to flip it ingame). I think I might stick into the AltMesh-es some attributes for Offsets and Scale/Rotation(which could be either a value or an element in the object) for being able to configure it more.

    Since at this point this is trying to pretty much to replicate their whole editor. :v:
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    This reminded me of the screenshots I had taken concerning some minor regional differences.

    English language version. "PalmTree" looks a bit odd...

    Japanese language version. Huh.
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    I kinda like how the Japanese version specifies which region the track was for. I mean most of us around here would know that kind of thing anyway but the thought is nice.
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    Random question involving shields. If modern Sonic were to use the bubble shield or something and the homing attack was mapped to a different button like it was in Unleashed, would tapping A twice make the shield do something?

    If so that could make for some very interesting hacks.
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    To be fair (assuming that's the platform type he's referring to), that's probably a lot harder to notice if you've done that area's challenges (since completion of an area's challenges brings back color to the upper sections, which would definitely make something like that blend in more).
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    Yeah, once again I'm getting this problem. Tried both Maxscripts.
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    A small note in regards to this; Phantasy Star Online 2 (y'know, another SEGA game with ties to Sonic Team) has a rather dynamic soundtrack system (likely inspired by the original) - there are calm and battle versions of songs, with variations in both what portion of the song plays and what part of the song plays depending on the part of the song, some random factor, and whether you're fighting Darker or natives, along with variants for different weathers and PSE bursts, and extra percussion-y sections for when teammates are dead or you are low on health. They can certainly pull off a dynamic sound system if they really want to - but they'd need to have the level layout planned out rather thoroughly, first.
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    Phantasy Star Online's music is split up in to SEVERAL different tracks. For instance, on the GC version Mother Earth of Dishonesty has about 20 different parts all exactly 6 seconds or so. So, I'm assuming they have a check that checks every 6 second when your if you're engaged in battle or not. I do like some of Sonic Unleashed music, My favorite track is Eggmanland Day/Night stages. They sound like they should belong in PSO.