Sonic Generations E3 PS3 Build Release!

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    Awhile ago I was given a Sonic Generations E3 PS3 build, sadly stuff happened.. blame Take-Two games if you must as it was their fault. Anyway I found a backup tonight, and while I never paid I'm releasing it so it's not lost. If the person who sent me this has any issues please reach out as I tried multiple times wishing to pay for it.

    More info here:

    Now only issue is I don't remember what is what, this is a mix of the 20 day demo, E3 build and a patched 20 day demo I included all files I found in a second download. By default I think it's using all E3 assets minus the EBOOT which is the patched 20 day one, I have no idea how to get past the timer on E3 but the EBOOT is included as EBOOT.BIN-E3 in the USRDIR.

    There's also a couple of bugs, Modern Sonic is always used even in Classic stages it maybe an issue with the patched EBOOT, That and when completing a level it freezes but it otherwise playable.

    You will need a CFW PS3 to use or a TOOL/TEST Kit to run it.

    Download ready to install PKG:!xFkQ3S7D!AwSagCud7WxC9C26h0WQDz3QtSbqr32JHo4gOEPHw9U (Repacked and patched, thanks to PIxelButts who pointed out issues, install the PKG then replace the EBOOT with Multiman of FTP or TargetManager.) NO MORE BUGS FULLY WORKS :D
    Download extracted data which includes a backup of all data not within the PKG above:!lN0CCCAY!V8gUCdshl1mZ2E_2u04h9fXmwlmx8_1n4EICq9ALy7g

    Oh, and Merry Christmas! Even though it's now 1am the next day :)

  2. Thank you for this release! I know RPCS3's doesn't run the finished game perfectly, but I'll have to see how it runs this build when I'm at home.
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    Nicely done! Thank you very much.
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    I managed to build a proper PKG file with no files used from the 20-day demo, working properly, with no glitches both in Classic and Modern stages. Uploading a video to YouTube soon.

    EDIT: Done
  5. Nice!

    Wish anyone would get the E3 of 3DS version too, though'. Just because I wanted to hear a clear version of The Doomsday remix (the E3 version of Big Arms).
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    The MEGA links doesn't work.