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SONIC GEAR 2.5D Project

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Cyrus, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Gen


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    The Mobius Engine
    It's cool bro, I've got this.

    Your game's music sounds like someone wiped their diarrhea ridden ass on a synthesizer. Visuals-wise, you could have at least fixed the normal alignment issues evident on Sonic's model (unless you're just generally using a broken shader on it, in which case, fix your shaders). Also, why does Sonic look like he's basically a plank of wood that just happens to be toppling around for no apparent reason when he's in his spinning state? From the looks of it, you're basically spinning him on his skeleton's root node, instead of putting him in a "curled up" pose in a dummy game object in the hierarchy that's only used for rotating Sonic's model for certain actions (like a spin dash, for example).

    Regarding graphics. Find better placeholder assets, and fix Sonic's normal alignment. Unity supports recalculating an imported mesh's normals. Use it.

    Also, Sonic appears to be vomiting profusely all over the place. I understand that these are supposed to be "energy balls", but seriously man, it looks like he's puking everywhere due to the nauseating sound of terrible background music.

    This snippet of criticism is brought to you by "people who can actually program".
  2. Cyrus


    Sonic Gear 2.5D Unity3D Project
    I will take all of what you said into consideration. And I was just being an ass earlier, I'll accept criticism from anyone. xD Next update will be so much better in most departments, stay tuned.
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    This is so fucking good.
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    Ok, I've watched all the vids, and I have a few suggestions:

    • The first thing you should fix is the rolling/jumping animation: it is really bad! I don't know how and if Unity handles the skeletal animation, or if you are using a software like Maya or 3ds.. The point is that Sonic model should be round when jumping or rolling.
    • The environment lighting looks weird. I don't know, maybe it's the low video quality that tricks me. Anyway you should add shadows as soon as possible.
    • The physics and the collisions look good for now, though I would like to see some slopes and maybe loops ;)