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Sonic Gaiden Mania Mod

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by AeroArtwork, May 13, 2018.

  1. AeroArtwork


    Sonic Gaiden (Sonic Mania Mod)

    Hello everyone, I figured since I made quite the boom in the Mania modding community. I figured I would try to bring it to Retro and hare progress for it here as well. Welcome to Sonic Gaiden (Not to be confused with the old Rom Hack. By time I found out about that it was far to late for a name change.)
    A Sonic Mania mod that plans to bring 10 new and original zones, an original soundtrack, a new story, 32+ new blue spheres, small programming differences and more. The mod is still a work in progress but there is alot to show already. The mod will obviously be sharing assets from all across Mania but it is far from just the simple Green Hill Zone recolor.

    I'll be keeping updates here as well, but a public demo isn't slated till around September. Since the initial reveal trailer, I've managed to grab a new team helping me improve the mod already. For starters, here is the initial reveal trailer. (Please note: Everything is still a work in progress and is subject change. Areas like Checkpoint City are being completely re-overhauled) So a lot of work is going into it. Really didn't want to see the Mania Modding community be full of subpar character mods and Green Hill zone recolors. Please keep in mind it is a bit limited right now, due to how young the Mania modding community is. So for now, stuff like bosses will be the same. We hope people will enjoy this and is Retro worthy.


    Work in progress screenshots, videos and more...

    Aurora Garden Zone.
    Across the seas, further west of the Westside island. Rest the Aurora Gardens. The entrance to Aether Islands. An ancient kingdom that flooded thousands of years ago, leaving only a giant castle made of emeralds and amethyst like structures. Outside this castle, is a giant and blooming garden with purple grass and green skies with a glistening aurora borealis in the skies above during the day and a beautiful stary sky at night. A calm and peaceful place , over run by Robotniks badniks. You may actually remember this area from SHC2017 but it's currently being revamped and re-purposed for Sonic Gaiden! Act 1 previews coming soon.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Preview of Act 2

    Checkpoint City Zone.

    One of the biggest cities of the islands. This is where all of the live saving Checkpoints, the star bumpers and many other Star products/staples of the Sonic universe are mass produced across the world. Just like how the city is under construction, we are still working on a better revamped version of the zone right now.

    Rainy Plateaus Zone .

    This beach has been left unkempt for awhile, not being a popular hotspot for one reason only. It's always raining! As the grass continues to grow, this zone takes place next to some rolling hills and rain forest. With a bunch of hanging vines, ridges and beautiful flowers with a Rainy Atmosphere on top; this zone is almost therapeutic. Easy to miss the sights when your blazing by, we will have to see how heavy that rain gets in Act 2.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Still working on listing out revealed zones

    If this forum needs to be moved somewhere elese. Please let me know. Otherwise, I would love to hear what people think so far! Would list wip music tracks as well but can't post any more media :/
    Also, this forum ended up getting posted twice by accident somehow. I don't know how to delete my forum topics if possible.
  2. SHowin


    This mod looks super impressive so far. I'm very eager to see more. It kind of makes me think of "what if" scenario in which Mania had all new levels instead of mostly old ones.
  3. SuperSnoopy


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    I've been following you on Twitter, but it's nice to see you here. Everything looks great.
    Not a big fan of the zones names, but it's my opinion more than a real complain :v: .
    Sonic seems to have a "falling" animation ? (in the second screenshot) It look really cool, never been a fan of Sonic awkwardly running in midair
  4. Ravenfreak


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    Now this is a mod I will be checking out in the future! The artwork is amazing! I recall seeing Aurora Garden Zone during last year's hacking contest and I was blown away by how much detail was added to the stage. Keep up the great work!
  5. 360


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    Holy shit at the metric shit-tonne of work here. Your ambitions for this are just ridiculous - and so much awesome work is already completed!

    Also you have 126K views on that YouTube video and lots of adoring comments there so kudos on that. Quite the achievement. Welcome to Sonic Retro.
  6. LukyHRE


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    As I said on YouTube, I really hope the level design to be as good as those visuals. Every zone showed so far look GORGEOUS. Looking forward to the new OST, also. I already followed you guys on Twitter :) please do keep us posted.

    Honestly, I am pleasantly surprised with the extent of Mania modding these days. I really hope it continues growing.
  7. Qjimbo


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    Impressive! Original zones are something I enjoy the most in Sonic hacking/modding projects. Great job on this so far and I look forward to trying it out.
  8. lordexodus


    Very impressive...


    This project looks really promising! If you need help with music, I would be happy to help. You can check out my work here: