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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    This is bothering the hell out of me right now. He's just circling around with his leg stuck up in the air and it looks super awkward. I hope it looks better while playing, or that they tinker with it a bit.

    Other than that, I think it looks pretty cool. The enemies have some neat designs, and the fact that they have sort of an organic feel to them makes the more realistic setting a bit more fitting. I'm excited to see more tomorrow and throughout June.
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    Jack shit.
    >112 people looking at the forum at once

    Well, obviously SOMETHING had to drop.
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    Okay, hype train down a bit.

    Legitimately, it looks good. Giving Sonic air combos is a fucking GENIUS idea. I'm really excited for how the combat looks because fuck, it looks fun. I love that kind of thing. Movement looks great too, which is a big relief. It's hard to tell off the trailer for sure, but it genuinely just looks like Sonic controls very well and as tightly as he needs to. Movement and combat looking good and fun while keeping a good flow is a HUGE relief and is also very exciting. I'm someone who loves the feeling of flow in a 3d game like this - when movement feels great, when things just line up perfectly, and you just constantly feel fucking awesome for moving around. Or even if there isn't much movement, like a Bayonetta or something, you still feel that rush because of how flashy and fun combos feel to pull off. The Werehog was a great idea in concept because I genuinely feel like a character like Sonic would work well in a character action game, but it felt slow and not very interesting in terms of combos. Usually, there's a great flow to your movement, and things don't feel dull because of it. This hopefully looks like it'll be doing a similar thing - but the air launcher from the paraloop basically got rid of all of my fears IMMEDIATELY. THAT is gonna be fun, regardless of how the game ends up.

    The one spinning whirlwind kick (Sonic Wind, I think?) looked kinda...wonky. Some animations in general looked pretty stiff, which is a bit worrying. Maybe they'll be able to clean up down the road, or they might not look so bad once the game comes out, I dunno. It's not a HUGE huge deal, but it is something that's like "oh, that's...something." The floating rails are definitely pretty weird, but I'm speculating there's probably more to them that they hid for the sake of trailers - but that's giving Sonic Team the benefit of the doubt, and that usually never goes well lmao. We'll see what happens, but even if it is just "there's random rails", I don't mind too much. I can see them using them as a general travel method that isn't just running. Who knows.

    I'm more excited than I am worried. I'm very, VERY excited for this. This game looks SO FUN, and at the end of the day, that's all I can care for - if the game is fun. Holy hell am I excited for it.
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  4. I don't hate that idea but it definitely needs a combat system that...ya know...doesn't suck.

    And most Sonic combat isn't all that good.
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    I think this tweet kind of sums up why that specific animation looked so weird lmao

    I seriously want Sonic to feel alive in his animation like Unleashed/Generations. We've reached a console generation where it is 100% possible to make Sonic look as good as he does in the Marza CG sequences so when these warning signs show up it's kind of disappointing ngl.
    It's a work in progress for sure lol
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    True, but it seems like they've at least made combat a bit more visually interesting and probably a bit more interactive, based on Sonic having an air launcher, and that rapid airdash thing. They want you to be moving around and doing shit during fights, and they'll likely give you combo trees to do so, rather than whatever Heroes combat was. The character action genre might be where they're getting their inspiration for the combat, at least based on what little we've seen so far, and honestly that's a huge confidence booster. Combat in those games has a great flow and it's generally fun to execute - and this looks pretty similar (though I imagine it'll be simplified somewhat - Sonic is a series for all ages, after all) so I've got some good hopes going into this.
  7. Teaser reinforced my thoughts that so far nothing looks outright wrong or offensive in this game.

    That’s pretty much the best mentality to have with this series nowadays.
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    That looks... good. For a game. In general. For a Sonic Game? I dunno. Visually, it looks like one of those Unreal Engine demos you see on youtube where someone just takes a generic 'pretty' environment and slaps a well known character model with animations in it. Nothing about it says 'Sonic' to me, but we've also only seen literally thirty seconds of footage, so hopefully there will be a bit more diversity of environments in a full game. Call me an old, bitter cynic, but I'm remaining un-hyped until we get a full slice of gameplay. After all, the initial footage of Sonic 06 looked dope as hell at the time, too.
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    I dunno about that combat. The rest looks like fitting what I know from recent Sonic Team stuff into an open world, but that combat looks pace-breakingly awful and worse than my expectations.
  10. It looks okay... frankly, it looks a lot like PSO2, and the combat looks as bland as the leakers described it a year ago. The little bit we can see of the running looks a bit awkward and stiff too.

    Hopefully what we get tomorrow from IGN is longer and more in-depth, so I'll reserve any real opinions until seeing that footage.
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    Saw a few people (like two people on Twitter) rambling about the environment looking empty, and how that would be uncharacteristic for Sonic, but regardless of what we saw in this teaser, those sound like the words of someone who has never played Sonic for the first time and only conceptualize the games at their skill ceiling nowadays.

    At least in my experience, playing (2D, classic) Sonic has always been comprised of quite a few moments in which I'd do tricks or run on a mostly empty field for a few seconds, be it because the section was designed that way or because I was testing whether something would work or not for a further section where I died beforehand. So, I don't know. I'm used to this feeling of -- supposed -- emptiness in Sonic. Dunno about you guys.
  12. Sega have been so adamant about inserting combat in this series that I'm not surprised about the focus on combat.

    But man, they REALLY don't want to do a platformer it seems lol. Like, I can't fault them too much because 3D platformers that focus on combat are basically nonexistent so its certainly unique....but then I can't help but question if its the right decision for a series like Sonic to go.
  13. I was in the minute I heard sonic was gonna be open world this time. That was last year.

    Been waiting on a proper 3d sonic revolution since SA1. If Sonic controls fluidly here, this is probably the closest I'll ever get. First day one purchase of a mainline Sonic game in many years.

    I already spent my years being cynical and I'm tapped out of it. Im just too old now. Just looking to finally get a taste of what I've been looking for in this franchise. Hopefully this game makes me as happy as Sonic movie 2 did.
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    I don't think it looks empty, but things are more spread out. Sonic games of the last 10-15 years (aka boost) have had very narrow areas to move about in, so objects tended to be closer together. It doesn't look like it's empty, but since it's more expansive an area, density is lower. At least that's what I would assume they mean. Hopefully that thought makes sense lol
  15. corneliab


    I am beyond done with how slowly Sega is showing off this game. Despite it technically being a gameplay reveal I still know almost jack shit.

    If I'm supposed to be intrigued by this short blip, I'm not.
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    It's different but honestly at this point i say good. They've tried for decades to make a good Sonic-y 3D platformer and continuously failed to do much beyond linear paths and 2D sections. They don't know how to do it. This is probably the most radical mainline Sonic departure from Sonic’s roots and maybe its what needs to be done. Genre hop a bit, be more of a high speed BotW, I just want the game to be fun.

    @corneliab they'll be showing off Forces stuff all June apparently, they just opened with this small lil nugget of info
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    I'm frustrated at how long it's taken, but it releases in November. I know it's been 4 and a half years since Forces, but the game releases in November, you can't just release all the information too early. They showed this small "blip" with a longer trailer releasing tomorrow. That ain't too bad I say. We're on the home straight now.
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    >combos and health bars

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    My biggest concern is a lack of loops and corkscrews. It's got rings, springs, rainbow hoops, and grind rails. But it ain't a Sonic game without rollercoaster bits.
  20. Dark Sonic

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    If the combat is fast and fun I'm good. I mean the alternative in 3D has been enemies as fodder so has there ever been a perfect situation?