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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. LucasMadword


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    I don't know whether to be optimistic or worried. Some aspects look extremely good, some aspects look extremely janky. The most egregious thing for me is the rails in the air. They've put all this effort into making a decent looking world, only for them to have shoved rails in the air. The world doesn't immediately scream "Sonic" to me, but it looks nice, the ancient ruins remind me of SA1. Looks like enemy health bars are back.

    I'm very torn. I don't think it'll be bad, but this short teaser trailer hasn't really given me hope that they've fully learned their lessons from previous failures.
  2. Taylor


    boost gameplay in an open world system sounds like a recipe for disaster

    day 1 purchase
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  3. I think Sega forgot they were supposed to make a platformer and just made a character action game instead.
  4. Hydr0city


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    Not gonna lie I'm totally fucking down for that, because DMC but Sonic sounds sick as hell. Oh my god
  5. Palas


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    I didn't understand anything about it. I wish I could play it.
  6. Jason


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    A lot to unpack, but we're getting answers tomorrow. 5-6 months until release after 5 years in development means not a whole lot will change between this reveal and what is shipped. I do hope some of the animations get better.

    Despite the YouTube encoding, it appears to be targeting 30 fps. It does not specify what platform this footage was captured from, but I assume that last gen machines will certainly target that frame rate.
  7. I 'm just gonna say that I really liked the enemies design. It's so good to have some enemies variation again.
  8. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Wowww, so here it is. It's interesting. It looks pretty, although I can't tell what's up with some of Sonic's animations, that and the world aesthetic comes off a tad "Sega hire this man" but the enemy designs are actually kinda cool. It's been ages since we've seen something beyond rehashed badniks and various egg pawn fodder in 3D, so nice to see something different, even if they remind me of the Specter robots the Zenith had in Horizon Forbidden West.

    Love the track though, I'm a sucker for some good piano and songs that have a kinda melancholy feel to them. Look forward to seeing more though!
  9. Snowbound


    What specifically do you find lacking about the animations? I don’t have an eye for this kinda stuff so I’m legit interested
  10. That was done by Tomoya Ohtani apparently. It is so good to have him back doing atmospheric music again.
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  11. Snowbound


    I thought the same thing. It didn’t appar to have any boosting effect. I also found it interesting that they cut the clip off right before Sonic ran down the hill. Also it appears the Sonic wind from Heroes is back
  12. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    Game looks great.
  13. Chaos Fusion

    Chaos Fusion

    The grind rails are probably the biggest caveat I have with this teaser trailer. At least from what I've seen, some of them look like they go absolutely nowhere. Does look fun though.
  14. Jason


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    Besides the ones recycled from Forces, there's jitter on the treadmill, the whirlwind attack seems to have him completely motionless, and going up the leg of the large enemy has him falling in between the dash panels.
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  15. SuperSnoopy


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    I think I saw like 3 instances of sonic boosting, so I'm really gonna have to accept the fact that the boost gameplay will probably outlive me lmao, oh well

    Otherwise it looks totally exiting. No 2D section in sight, awesome combat, great soundtrack, love the aesthetics... if it really plays like BotW with sonic I'm sold. The idea of dicking around in a open world and exploring with sonic's abilities is a dream come true.
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  16. Snowbound


    For clarity’s sake here’s the source saying we’re getting more tomorrow:
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  17. Starduster


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    I find it very interesting that Sonic doesn't have a boost aura despite the sonic boom he creates when switching to high speed mode. I think this is because the boost isn't going to be the invulnerable wrecking ball of Unleashed and such, but simply a state of traversal for covering ground quickly. Sonic's turning seems very stiff in this state, in line with the boost games, so hopefully we get the drift when in this mode for the sake of making tighter turns. Meanwhile, Sonic's turning arc looks waaaaay tighter when using the "spin cycle", so hopefully that's indicative of his controls at regular speed.

    Rails and platforms floating in the air with no contextual grounding in the world is weird and does break the artstyle but I doubt I'll lose any sleep over it.

    Really love the little hamster wheel Sonic runs on to do...something - clearly a part of the same tech that seems will be central to the game.

    All the new visual effects look *gorgeous*. Sonic's jumpball effects are very similar to Forces so I think this is good evidence that Hedgehog Engine 2 is powering this game.

    Meanwhile, the cut of Sonic fighting the enemy that's made up of multiple white balls may be taken from different encounters. Sonic being so far away from it during his boost-esque attack is weird when he was doing a melee combo to it not moments before, and of course there's the Sonic Wind he finishes it off with. Regarding the enemies, the designs seem to be somewhere between 06 and Unleashed, leaning more towards the former. Rather sleek and not very much like Eggman's usual sensibilities. I think he's probably dicking around with ancient nanotech. Some of the designs are dope though, like the white balls one.

    That's pretty much everything of substance on my mind right now. Really pleased to hear that we're getting constant coverage throughout June (but from IGN of all places?), I feel my optimism may be validated.
  18. TheOcelot


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    Hope that's in-game music, such a nice piece. I like how smooth it looked when Sonic boosted/accelerated at 0:09. Looks like Sonic is running in that device at 0:11 (paraloop or whatever it's called) to scan the area for points of interest? I like that the weather changes (sunny, raining etc). The combat looks a bit too button-mashy when attacking that giant boss thing.
    Looks like there's lots of rail grinding, I hope they at least make it interesting.

    Gameplay looks quite good so far. More interesting than the recent 3d games.
  19. jubbalub


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    This NEEDS to be good.
  20. Forte


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    Like I said, the characters are a parody of themselves, just look at Knuckles. Compare him to the more complex character he was in Adventure 1 and to his newest incarnation. Doesn't quite feel like the same character, right? Can You imagine Knuckles from Lost World thinking about his life on Angel Island? I can't. Because he is now some weird form of "red punching Sonic".

    And it's not the case of old good, new bad either. Sonic Heroes had annoying dialogue, comparable even to the "meta" era. Probably, because they wanted to broaden the audience.

    Also the new footage looks quite good, definitely BotW inspired.