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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    I hope we get realistic environments, just with cartoony characters inhabiting them. Sort of like unleashed. As long as it's pretty, though, since the last few sonic games have been pretty shit looking visually, despite the fact that the engine they run on was literally developed for pixar-quality lighting.
    I stand by the fact that sonic unleashed from 14 years ago at this point is the best looking sonic game to date, and I can't believe SEGA hasn't topped it yet.
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  2. I'm 29 years old and I am one of those people who grew up in that same era, and while I have much attachment to it from an emotional level, I gotta call a spade a spade and separate my rose tinted glasses a bit. Those games absolutely are just as guilty about reusing assets as the current games are; Shadow's game literally runs on the same engine that Heroes uses.

    The main point I'm referring to here is that isn't what's ever talked about when it comes to these games. When fans talk about how amazing Sonic Adventure 2 is, they're pretty much ignoring all of the issues the game has and the production problems it went through that led to said problems. Its the same thing when fans constantly talk up those 2000's games; its always talking up their positives but more or less just glossing over the negatives, either because fans can't really see anything wrong with those games or because they feel the flaws weren't big enough to impact their enjoyment of it. Its why talking about those games is so annoying; because once you get out of the millennial Sonic fan bubble, you start realizing that those games weren't popular for a reason as you said, but then that just leads to resentment being built by those fans who love these games to death and can't comprehend why they get so much shit or they understand it but think the hate is overblown.

    Yea, I love Sonic Adventure 2, but if I imply the game is less than a masterpiece on Twitter or somewhere else, I'm pretty much asking to get lynched. And once again, I grew up on these same games that these people love so much. So I more than anyone understand why they're so loved, and why its so damn annoying to actually have constructive discussion about them. Its very difficult for people to be objective about things they have an extreme emotional attachment to and it took me years to kind of separate my rose-tinted love for SA2 versus the logical part of my brain.
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    Lol I'm currently writing an analysis of SA2 and... oh boy it's not pretty XD.

    SA2 is very much ike Deus Ex Human Revolution. It's got the foundations and elements of something amazing, but it just doesn't go through with anything other than Sonics gameplay... even then that has issues.

    There are people out there who aren't on the bangwaggon when it comes to critiquing Sonic games fairly. But a lot of those people don't have megaphones screaming anytime the contrary is spoken.
  4. How does one get on this wagon...? :ruby:

    Regarding the recent conversation about the reception of Sonic games - maybe I'm out of touch, but criticism of the Sonic Adventure and other post-classic games is not in short supply. Outside of certain segments of the Sonic fanbase, these games garner far more unwarranted hate than praise. My personal opinion of nearly every game has vacillated between love and dismissal, but at the end of the day, I'd prefer to see the series looked upon positively by the general public since that will encourage more people to actually play the games.
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    I think the main culprit as to why today's Sonic games are seen as unambitious is the fact that characters have been reduced to their core traits (something that really happens to many long-running series like The Simpsons).
    When looking at titles like 06 or Unleashed, the characters' showed emotions. Sonic was able to get nervous, think, happy, sad. Dialogues were about friendship, loss, or mutual support. Now compare it to Colors or Generations - they all keep joking and are loud, overly happy.

    If Frontiers also follows this path, it, at least for me, will not be ambitious. We experienced this in Forces - the games' plot tried to be ambitious, but the characters were still the "meta era". In the end, we got stupid things, like Knuckles war talk...

    Other than that, new games feel like level packs, so I'm open to the idea of getting "Zones" as a semi-open world levels.
  6. What does "showed emotions" mean???? What counts as "showing emotion"? Sonic has gotten """"""serious""""" in later games too, but those don't count...for some reason????

    Do you see why this subject matter is so aggravating to talk about and how much of it is rooted in subjectivity and broad terms.

    "Old good, new bad" is a pretty apt term that sums up most of these convos. I'm not even saying recent Sonic games aren't flawed in certain areas that the older games did better. But the reverse is also true and the newer games do some things better than the older games.

    But good luck convincing the Internet mob of Sonic fans of that.
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    Well at least Flynn is writing this time. He's done a good job throughout the comics giving the characters more ranges of emotion.
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    Unleashed definitely looked very good, although it's starting to show its age a bit.

    Forces wasn't perfect but I think that game looked pretty nice in certain places so it'd be nice to see what Hedgehog Engine 2 is capable of when pushed to its full potential
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    Yeah I hope (and believe) HE2 will be at work in Frontiers. Unleashed did a superb job of fulfilling the mission statement of making a playable Pixar movie, but HE2 does have some gorgeous lighting effects, despite not being done justice by Forces' artstyle. Even the basic grassy plains of Frontiers look beautiful so I'd love to see the moodier scenery of the game, especially the alleged cyberspace levels, where they can truly go all out and get creative with the lighting and environments.
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  11. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    huh, it really looks exactly how I imagined it would look in motion

    I'll hold off my full thoughts until we see the extended trailer thing but it's interesting so far.

    Oh yeah that new logo is pretty cool too. I had a feeling the old one was a placeholder.
  12. I feel fed.
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    Here we go

  14. I hope we don’t have to wait for leaks or until the game is released to know how the platforming works and feel because it seems like they’re gonna focus on combat and on-rails gameplay as long as they possibly can.
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    Oh my fucking god they gave Sonic a fucking air launcher this game is going to rule

    I might be jumping the gun and getting too hyped for my own good, but my personal rule of thumb is that if it looks like it's gonna be fun to control and play, then it usually is. This looks sick. I'm excited. They've pulled me into their trap again and I do not care what happens.
  17. They said they're releasing stuff all month long, starting tomorrow- hands-on impressions included.
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  18. Hamzawesome


    Now this is a teaser, this is what they should've shown back in Sonic Central last year. It looks fine so far, the graphics are great at least.
  19. The fact they dropped this so casually is actually so fucking funny to me.
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  20. Iggy for Short

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    ...alright, SEGA, you've got my attention. Some high-speed running, some precise maneuvering, some new moves. Let's see where this goes.