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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    I was going to attempt getting it working and giving feedback... but I can't get HedgeModManager to run on my Steam Deck (just hangs when it notices Sonic Frontiers and tries to create configuration files for it). I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I'll give it another go soon enough and then I'll be able to give it a go again.
  2. Antheraea


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    with stuff that doesn't behave in SteamOS, try to set them up in the desktop mode first. I got FFXIV running on mine that way - entering desktop mode, downloading the install exe, adding it to steam, setting it to run in proton, running it, then adding the launcher to steam and running that in proton and letting it install all its updates, and then finally going back to SteamOS and running the launcher in that.

    so for example, you might want to boot up in desktop mode, add the hedgemodmanager to steam (if it doesn't have a linux version), tell steam explicitly to run it in proton, and then run it so it can make its config files. THEN you try to run it while in SteamOS.
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    Idk if anyone mentioned it or noticed or cared but I just got a PS5 so I wanted to do the PS4>PS5 upgrade for this game. A couple notes:
    -Save transfers are only available for main game save files. How it works is you open the menu and select the PS4 save you want (which can be either main game or Another Story) and then it will load that save and put it in the Auto-Save slot.
    - Your previous options menu settings, Arcade Mode, Battle Rush, and Cyberspace Challenge records simply don't exist and you must finish out the main game once again to unlock them on the main menu.
    - If you redeemed the Adventurer's Treasure Box from a pre-order, it will be downloaded alongside the Monster Hunter and Santa outfits if you already had those. But if you already redeemed the SA2 Shoes code you can't get it on PS5, and will have to go back to the PS4 version to play with the SA2 shoes.
    - if you've previously obtained all trophies, they will automatically unlock for the PS5 version as well, and 60+ videos will be rendered out to show when you unlocked each achievement.
    - Graphics look so much better. I plan on just keeping my old saves as my old saves and finally doing a full second playthrough once I've had my fill of Spider-Man 2.
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    Midori has given it her seal of approval, which legitimizes this quite a bit.
  7. I doubt it's r-
    Yeah, it's real. :ruby:
  8. Londinium


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    I mean, we all knew they were gonna make a successor to Frontiers anyway. Not like they were gonna go back to the Boom formula after Frontiers' success.
  9. Kilo


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    Speaking of Frontiers 2, a while back Kishimoto stated that he's considering removing the boost from the next entry to be in line with the Adventure games...
    Of course, with testing they may change their feelings on it and the boost will continue to be.
  10. KaiGCS


    I hope they keep the boost!

    (Should... uh, should this go in the unpopular opinions thread? :V)
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    With the addition of the spin dash and drop dash ability, and the whole open zone concept in general, boost just seems really unnecessary and bland to be honest. I liked it in the other games because of the narrow corridor design and the special effects really sold you on the idea that you were really hauling ass. Now it's just a speed increase with no sauce.
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  12. The Joebro64

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    If they keep Cyber Space-type levels, I'd say keep the boost, maybe as an exclusive feature in those. I think they could come up with some clever ways to obtain/maintain speed (e.g. good 'ol fashioned momentum/rolling physics, if they go down that route) if they decide to omit the boost, but we'll see I guess.
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  13. Solid SOAP

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    Agreed. The best stages in Frontiers were the ones that took advantage of the unique mobility of the spindash. I'd hope that Sonic Team build on that instead of making boost stages that feel halfassed compared to the ones from Generations and Unleashed.
  14. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    The boost gameplay worked best in tightly designed levels that challenge your twitch-reflexes but in the Open-Zone it just feels like a glorified run button honestly and I think they should experiment with more engaging ways to gain speed and traverse the landscape. They had a good thing going with the Rocket Boost in the DLC so I hope they iterate on those ideas.

    Here's hoping that Frontiers 2 is made with a bigger budget and tighter design. I hope they really reflect on Frontiers' failings and make something truly great. Unless something goes horribly wrong during development, I'm sure the sequel will be better. There's no way it could possibly be worse right?
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  15. While I am probably what would be considered an Adventure fanboy in relation to the 3D games, I think I prefer Frontiers' boosting to the constant spam-dashing of Adventure. I think Frontiers had a pretty decent character controller. It just needs refinement in precise jumping so you don't have to do the Mario 64 "go in a circle to turn around" thing when landing on a platform you were overshooting. The new spin dash is also really cool but it needs some tweaking with how gravity affects it when you launch, despite how fun it is to just fly around.

    That said, I'd still prefer a completely new control system that takes more inspiration from the 2D games, such as Utopia's.
  16. Zephyr


    The only thing I'd like to see them try level design without is 2.5D sections.
  17. CharlaChale


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    Lucky for you, I don't recall any 2.5D sections in the Final Horizon.
  18. Jaxer


    If you ask me, their primary goal should be to naturally integrate level design into the open zones. That way Cyberspace levels wouldn't even need to exist, as all of their missions could just be integrated into the open zones instead.

    And this is more or less related to the first point, but we also need non-hideous art direction this time around. Since the Switch 2 supposedly won't be that much more powerful than a Steam Deck, a good artstyle is the only viable way to make this game look appealing.

    And I sure as hell hope that Ian Flynn is gotten rid of and not allowed to touch anything except IDW Classic Sonic comics from now on - these flagship games do not need a writer who clearly overestimates how many redeeming qualities this franchise has.
  19. Kilo


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    I would definitely not miss the Cyberspace levels, that's for sure. So I agree on that point.

    I'm personally indifferent to the art style, at least of the open zone maps. You can put Sonic in either a colorful geometry world, or real world San Francisco, that duality of the franchise is what makes it unique. But they definitely need to concentrate on using the full power of each console rather than compromising every platform just for Nintendo.

    As for writing, I think they could definitely tell Ian to just cool it with the references and it'd make for a good story. But I'm also not opposed to having a new writer. Maekawa would always be nice but the Sonic series is behind him now.
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    Sonic Frontiers is a technical marvel on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, so I don't understand where this sentiment comes from that Sonic Team compromised every platform to get the game running on Switch.