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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    FYI the new music is up on Spotify now.
  2. Taylor


    Oh, I think I misunderstood a conversation from earlier. I read it as, you can start the DLC to unlock Spin Dash without having to do all the action chain challenges. So in the main story, Spin Dash is effectively endgame only, if you don't use mods*? Because you would have to explore all of the final island to do all the challenges, yeah?

    *HedgeModManager says that the Early Spin Dash mod doesn't work for the newest update :tinfoil:
  3. expansivelovestories


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    so many game series are in this mode of activity so to speak. And also a lot of franchises across various mediums of creation.

    the common issue is that they seem to be prohibiting themselves from actually asking players/fans/casuals (listeners/viewers/readers etc!!) what they're actually most interested in playing or seeing or hearing next.
    i know opening up a poll or comment period would be challenging, but at some point, it's like, instead of trying to guess what people are going to genuinely enjoy, find out directly.

    That's what fangame creators mostly do especially in the Sonic community. :) :)
    it doesn't limit the development and production, it helps to guide and shape some of the key aspects that will be most crucial to the games being fully realized expressions, in a mutual interplay.
  4. Vertette


    I can't say Frontiers' controls are the greatest but I've been able to pull off some pretty tight platforming with them so I dunno. Most of the time I feel like I was the one who fncked up.

    The one thing I really wished they'd fix though is that the boost launch is still unreliable. It feels like I've somehow figured out how to get it to work consistently, but I honestly have no idea how I do it.
  5. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

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    I have done everything but the new Cyberspace levels because for some reason in the first one, I can't launch myself off the edges of the honeycomb ramps consistently. Most of the time I'm boosting along, get to the edge, and plummet straight into nothingness. After several attempts I moved on. I had already unlocked the final tower/boss so I didn't *need* to do the new stages, but everyone's raving about them so I do want to at some point. Just didn't get off to the best start with 4-A I guess.

    I enjoyed the new final boss, but yeah, like others have said, if you don't know certain aspects of the combat system going in, you're gonna have a bad time. They can be bothered to put up a pop-up telling you Sonic's stats are fixed and that you can only use the Cyloop every time you start a tower trial over, but they can't put one up that says, "Press LB/L1/L or RB/R1/R during a combo to change targets," at the start of the final fight, or at least have Sage or Eggman or someone remind you that you can switch targets from the sidelines.
  6. Spindash instead

    What do you mean by boost launch? Do you mean when you can do the tricks?
  7. Sneekie


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    The only problem with the controls I had is that pressing the Spin Dash button in midair kills all your speed and basically magnetizes Sonic to his death. I've died too many times to either mistiming my Spin Dash (my fault) or grazing LT while in the air (half my fault, half the game's fault).
  8. Do you stomp into the spindash or just start charging it? When I chain a jump into a spindash, I stomp and then hold LT. It’s a bit faster than waiting to land and I’ve very rarely accidentally pressed LT prior to the stomp.
  9. Vertette


  10. It needs to have a pretty steep drop off in order to trigger it. You can also sidestep off a platform while boosting to trigger it as well. Idk the exact parameters, but I can identify where it’ll trigger with very good accuracy. I just use the spindash for launching now though as it is more maneuverable.
  11. From what I've been seeing, the biggest divide over this update is just how much of a difficulty spike it is from the base game and most Modern Sonic games in general. While I enjoyed the difficulty spike, it kind of tells me that a lot of fans aren't actually used to Sonic games demanding a lot from them skill wise, so its kind of a shock to the system.

    But hey, if it gets more people to critically analyze the game so we can get a potentially better product? By all means.
  12. jubbalub


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    I think it should be stressed how much nothing in the game comes CLOSE to this difficulty-wise. Unleashed already required above-average skill to play, so the Adventure Packs were easier to swallow. But this game is mostly homing attack chains and rail grinding, with little actual dedicated platforming. Unleashed also had simpler, more predictable controls, whereas Frontiers is infamous for having quirky controls and physics.

    Honestly, I think if they just gave any mention of this being designed for experienced players, people would be much nicer to it. If this were released for $5 or $10 nobody would bat an eye, but since it was a free update to the base game, people expected it to be like the base game, when in reality it's almost a completely different game.
  13. Childish


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    I'm guessing this is partly a way to gauge what they should be working on for the next game. Tbh I think it's neat they were able to do this with all the weight and jank of standard frontiers. Can't wait to see them do this when it's the plan from the start.
  14. Well that's just it...I don't think any of this was particularly hard. Certainly harder than the base game, but not to the extent that the memes are making it out to be.

    The only one that I'd say is complete bullshit is the portion of the second tower where those boxes don't respawn and you have to carefully maneuver on those small platforms, and the Master Koco trial because those Bosses were not designed with a Perfect Parry in mind.
  15. Sneekie


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    It's a two fold of

    • Game wasn't this hard before
    • A lot of thr frustration of not knowing what to do
    With a proper curve and some tutorialization, the new content would be significantly less frustrating, but not necessarily easier.
  16. Gestalt


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    I don't like the talk about the difficulty of this DLC. You have to put in some work during the last trial, but that's only because they shift the focus away from the badassery to demanding boss fights. Plug your brains back in, boys, and you can do it.

    Apart from some minor nitpicking, I really do love this. Let me address some criticism:
    • Not a big fan myself of the ramp-up animations, but they do add to the realism. Exaggeration for exaggeration's sake. Hey, look, I'm gliding with my hair!
    • The game even tells you at one point to not fight the guardians, unless you're Sonic. I think it's during one of Knuckles' side stories. So, don't try the impossible.
    • The "Please stop saying dumbass things" meme is something I usually don't think about a lot, yet some dialogue occasionally reminded me of it. But something tells me they know what they are doing...

    I think I can beat it by tomorrow. Then I'll tackle cyberspace.
  17. Starduster


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    See I can't really agree with this because, as I said in one of my prior posts, the Titan fights are fundamentally low skill floor, low skill ceiling affairs. The only reason these are difficult at all is because the ring limit gives you very little margin for error, and a lot of the time the error isn't even yours, but just a result of the bosses dicking you about (especially Knight). It really doesn't take much to optimise the fun out of the combat for the sake of cheese, but even that doesn't guarantee results.
  18. Gestalt


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    Boss rushes suck and I hate them. You usually just want to get them over with. Just use easy mode and enjoy the rest of the game. It's OK.
  19. Swifthom


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    The problem is - Easy mode doesn't remove the time limit, and it doesn't make the combat sufficiently easier that you can just crunch your way through.

    For people struggling - dying 10 times in a row and then entering 'super easy mode' is the only solution. And it sucks.
  20. Gestalt


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    Man, this fandom. S3&K throwing 16 of Blue Spheres at you? No one bats an eye. Performing approx. max. 10 perfect parries? Nah, thanks