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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. Wildcat


    I knew there was a good chance they’d tease the new game.

    Clip looks great and an open world Sonic sounds awesome. I just hope it’s not like the fan created ones where you can zoom past everything making obstacles and enemies pointless. I don’t think it will though. I’m sure they’ll give it actual structure.

    I hope they reveal gameplay at E3.
  2. Lord Nero

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    Went to make a reply to the topic concerning all these games, only to find it locked with each title getting its own thread. Hate for this video to get wasted because the thread I intended it for got wasted, so imma throw it in here, warn me if needed, but I expected something consolidated, and I won't go posting in multiple threads with the same post.
    Here's my thoughts on the entire livestream.
    *hate phones, videos on top now*
    TLDR; I'm disappointed, most of all in this 2022 game with a teaser that barely qualifies as a teaser. Hopefully the hype to come proves me wrong, but for now, im finally at my point of questioning this series.
    *EDIT* I understand Sonic Colors may indeed be a full remake, couldn't tell from livestream footage, I edited the title and description to convey that.
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  3. Watching the teaser again, I KINDA got a little vibe of Sonic and the Black Knight. I mean, the scenario at least made me remember it.
  4. GoldeMan


    As underwhelming as the teaser is (exactly what I expected) I'm still pleased that they announced *something* in the mainline series. It looks more refreshing already than Forces initial teaser. I also really like the logo too, it is weird and memorable. Looking forward to more information. Expecting a November 2022 release much like Forces was.
  5. Laura


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    Assuming the leak is real then i have no interest. I don't think open world games are inherently ambitious. Dynasty Warriors 9 was open world in the most cynical and artistically bankrupt way imaginable. It's a common route for developers to take when they have no idea what the fuck to do .Making a good open world game is damn hard and I don't think Sonic Team has what it takes to make it.

    Going from the leak, it sounds like a chore. Killing enemies and completing challenges in the open world to enter actual Generations style levels is exactly what I don't want to see. It's the tedious nonsense of messing about in the hub worlds of Unleashed and Sonic 06 which had thankfully been eradicated in Generations and even Forces (with it rearing its ugly head in Lost World).

    Frankly this news couldn't be any worse for me. Why they didn't just get Team Mania to make another game is absolutely bewildering.
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  6. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Lost World was striking in its visual style, but still felt half arsed. It wasn't totally cartoony and the main characters in particularly didnt blend in the the enviroments, which had very basic lighting and were devoid of detail without any further styling. Forces was a really weird middle ground that did away with the totally solid-colour textures of Lost World and had realistic lighting and, but the textures were still pretty flat. It looked like an unfocused mish-mash. It's got the highest graphical fidelity of any Sonic game to date, but it's very bland and uninteresting to look at. TSR was... Forces but better? I dunno. I still didn't like it. The colours in TSR were really vibrant, I'll give it that. And Sumo were able to better focus in on the art style than SEGA were. It was the best of a style I didn't want to see.

    Now Zap/2022/Rangers looks like it's got the realistic details of Sonic games pre-Lost World. The Adventures, Heroes, Shadow and Colours all used a lot of realistic detailing in fantastical worlds. Unleashed veered very much toward the realistic angle, and got its unique look from its character design, vivid colour palette and character designs. It's only '06 (and a few parts of SA2) that went too realistic and lacked character for it. I'm really thrilled to see that this new game appears to be going back to the old style. TSR did the cartoonier style best, and it still felt like the wrong direction to me.

    There's so little to say about the new game right now. Apart from the apparent art style we know nothing. The seemingly-legitimate leak says that it's open world. That's as interesting as it is concerning. I needto see the gameplay for myself to decide though. My faith in Sonic Team is so low; they couldn't even get a game as small and unoriginal as Forces right, so what hope do that have with this? I'll also be disappointed if Sonic is still the only playable character. However, if the gameplay is totally new and original, I'm willing to let that slide.

    And I think that covers it really. Until we learn more, there's nothing else to say about it.
  7. Always gotta love how every Sonic release has such polarizing reactions, literally always.

    Anyway, open-world certainly sounds more attractive than just another Boost game, even if I would have preferred an Adventure follow up. It's something different at the very least and that's all I've wanted from Sonic more than anything right now, just something to take the series into the next generation.

    "Rangers" implies there's gonna be some focus on the environment and nature this time around, so I guess Eggman is gonna be doing his usual "Fuck shit up with technology" and the gimmick is about restoring or preventing that.
  8. Taylor


    In fairness "open world" has become a bit of a marketing buzzword and the game could just be something like Mario 64/Odyssey and not something like Skyrim. The former is a lot easier to do than the latter. 4chan isn't exactly a place where people are precise with their language lol

    Anyhow, I'm interested in this. Won't be a day 1 purchase (almost nothing is anymore tbh) but it's nice to see a change of pace for this franchise. I'm not too tuned into modern gaming so I'm not burnt out on the whole "open world" trend like some others understandably are.
  9. Antheraea


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    hmmm, don't forget the recent rumors of a more powerful Switch release, and also the rumors of "Super Switch"-exclusive games
  10. Gestalt


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    These are the vibes I'm getting from the teaser: Sonic speed Death Stranding with Noctis's warp ability. Sounds cool, but Jesus Christ. xD
  11. Linkabel


    So I finally caught up and man, that leaks worries me.

    This might be too soon to say since there's no gameplay, but I feel like if it's a mixed of open world and Unleashed/Generations levels then that means either:

    1. That they'll knock both out of the park.
    2. People are going to prefer the boost levels compared to the open world aspect of the games (Sort of like how it happened to Unleashed with the Werehog)

    If it's true I'm willing to bet the open world aspect of the game it's going to be a mixed between Lost World and Rise of Lyric. With Sonic moving at that speed with his homing attack, parkour and kick, along with similar fighting moves that were in RoL.

    Idk, if it's true I wished they should've spent their efforts either on a full open world game or another boost game.
  12. Ah, sad to hear you wouldn't be interested in open world Sonic. Maybe (if it's true) closer to release, you'll see some things that change your mind. It could also just not be your cup of tea and that's fair.

    I agree on Mania though. From what I've heard though, all has not been revealed yet for the 30th plans. There very well could be a Mania successor on the horizon, since IIRC work on Colors Ultimate is being outsourced. Not saying it's likely tho.

    If they actually don't follow up on Mania in any way that will be very....weird. I wouldn't know how to react because its just completely illogical. Best game in 25 years, restores your credibility in the media....and you say "no thanks"???

    We'll see soon enough. News is going to start pouring in within the next month.
  13. Icewarrior


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    Did not expect this thread to actually deliver this much information !
    Hard to believe that 4chan post guessed right many months ago the name that would be found in the metadata of that teaser video.

    The environement and art style in the teaser do have a feel that would fit an open world game.

    That said, I have a lot of trouble to trust Sonic Team into not only tackling such a large concept but executing it well. ^^'
    Don't believe this is a chance of having more playable characters other than Sonics either.
  14. KingOfBunnies


    I'm more interested that they're developing this for multiple hardware generations. It's not unheard of, but it's been a while since Sonic Team did that. Forces was only for the PS4/XBone/Switch generation and I count the Switch in the same generation as the other two. Like, we're gonna have a PS4 and PS5 version along with a XBone and XSX/S version, so are we gonna see the new gen versions take advantage of the SSD? Obviously they're developing for the lowest common denominator in mind (Switch/Base PS4/Base XBone), but I wonder what advantages of the newer hardware they're going to use if any other than maybe framerate and I guess resolution? Could Sonic Team even do ray tracing well?
  15. Wildcat


    Ya I’m wondering if it’s gonna be similar to Unleashed where the PS2/Wii got an alternate scaled-back version and 360/PS3 got the “true” version.

    I hope they’re all basically the same because I don’t have a SeriesX or PS5. I’m not against them (I’d like to have them) but I’d like to just get the game without needing to buy another console if I don’t happen to have one. I have a Switch but it’s technically last generation.

    I don’t think they’d be much different aside from resolution or something. PS4/XboxOne/S/Switch should be more than capable of handling it.
  16. Frostav


    I absolutely cannot see SEGA bankrolling a big-budget open world Sonic game unless an entirely new team were handling it. The trend for the 3D games has been lower budgets and less ambition, and you're telling me they're suddenly reversing that?
  17. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    After 8 years of stagnation and decreasing sales save for Mania, I'd believe it. This series needs something that blows people away that's not swimming in nostalgia. The last ambitious title was in 2008, that'll be 14 years ago come this game's release. It's been a longggggg time.

    For the record, that's almost HALF this series' entire existence. They've been coasting for that long
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  18. penBorefield


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    Here's my idea. Just abandon Sonic brand for good. There's no hope for this franchise anymore.
  19. Deep Dive Devin

    Deep Dive Devin

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    I wonder if maybe one day, a statement like that will contribute something meaningful to any discussion, ever.
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  20. Frostav


    Okay I read the leak (I read this thread backwards XD) and well.

    I guess this probably exists. Matches up too well with the teaser trailer. The leaker didn't say if the game still controlled like the boost games, but I just cannot see it being like that. Open-world fundamentally requires a looser freedom of movement than the extremely rigid boost games.

    I also feel like this game has to have classic-Sonic-esque physics, not because I want them (though I do) but because if it's going to be open world, the movement and physics just have to be looser and freer than anything 3D Sonic has ever done. When you can approach a world from any angle the game has to be able to account for all that kind of stuff--the heavily de-emphasized physics and rigid automation of the 3D games simply can't fly in this.
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