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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    For anyone curious about Frontiers' debut performance compared to NPD performances of previous Sonic games:

    The last Sonic game to enter the Top 5 of a specific platform (or in Frontiers' case, a platform ecosystem) was Sonic and the Secret Rings, back in March 2007.
    The last Sonic game to enter the Top 10 of a General Top 10/20 NPD chart was the NDS version of the original Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, back in February 2008.
    No previous Sonic game to date has ever debuted in, let alone entered, the Top 5 of a General Top 10/20 NPD chart. (At least, not based on the information available.)

    It must be noted though that unlike past NPD reports for Sonic games; which gave chart rankings for specific platforms. Frontiers here is listed for general platforms released by a publisher. Not an issue with 'Nintendo platforms', which may as well be a Nintendo Switch chart in all but name; but 'PlayStation platforms' (which includes PS4 and PS5 SKUs/releases) and 'Xbox platforms' (which includes Xbox One and Xbox Series [X\S] SKUs/releases) do fudge the performances a bit.

    I will also drop a warm take in that I think Frontiers' performance here owes much of the credit, if not most of it, to the live-action movies. At least in the sense of the films being widely promoted in mainstream circles by Paramount, and the films themselves being box-office hits. Without them, I imagine Frontiers' performance would be closer towards the norm of past Sonic games.
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  2. Snowbound


    I only had time to watch the first couple mins pf this vid… but someone has made a tails mod with the ability to fly!!!
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    As someone who does like the Boost gameplay and really enjoys Generations, I do enjoy the design of the cyberspace levels. I mean they are all very similar and shallow, they all merge together. I don't like how a lot of them are just duller and uglier versions of previous levels, but they are fun in design in a 'boost way'.

    Unfortunately the controls are absolutely appalling and so I cannot play them.
  4. synchronizer


    Well I cited my examples and definitions sincerely (you asked), and compared against the norm of Sonic music. I’m not sure why you feel the need to call me clueless. I listen and read about music, and yes, “melodic” does not describe the majority of cyberspace music. I forgot which one or two are more “melodic.” One was a 2D Sky Sanctuary.

    Also, you’re not exactly sampling a large number of people by just looking at one person on this site.

    Note that I’m not even calling the music “bad.” But it’s certainly not “melodic” or “dynamic” if you ask musician’s musicians.
    This music isn’t meant to be melodic. That’s okay. But I think it’s unfitting and boring because it’s almost all we get in this game compared to previous titles’ greater variety in sounds.
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    I'm listening to some of the cyberspace songs on youtube ( ) and tracks like "Dropaholic" and "All reality" certainly have melodies going on. I think the issue is nothing necessarily jumps out as super catchy to me. ( Please don't kill me, just my opinion)

    A great example of music with very little melody would probably be any record by Death Grips....
    Or you could check out Vildhjarta which really don't write songs in any traditional structure or any melodies...
  6. I’m a musician and composer so I’ll lend you the credibility you don’t actually need for this opinion lol. They are extremely well produced and are composed well.

    I don’t know how someone can link that track from 1-2 and say it doesn’t have a melody. It’s the vocal part and then the synth afterwards… Sure, some of the music is more trancey with repeated riffs building upon each other, but there are still leading tones that can be sung along to. You can play the majority of the tracks on a monophonic synth or a piano with one note at a time and have it be recognizable.
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  7. Overlord


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    Honestly, I don't think you're far wrong, it certainly played a part in recognition amongst new & young players. Game would have performed far worse without it.
  8. Sparks


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    Opening this thread and reading the current discussions made me realize I barely even thought about the music in the Cyberspace levels because I was always too distracted fighting the clunky controls and constantly restarting the stage to try and get S-ranks. Something about how Sonic controls in Cyberspace to me feels very awkward and counter-intuitive to not only seasoned Sonic players, but to the level design they're imitating most of the time. Maybe it's just me, but after some point I opted to grind for keys and gears by fishing with Big over playing the Cyberspace levels. I just don't feel a sense of satisfaction from playing them.
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  9. David The Lurker

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    Right right, let's try to be a bit nicer.

    That is true. Sonic is a series that has always tried to experiment in all facets, music included. If Sonic was only J-pop or 80's rock forever, that wouldn't be fun. Frontiers' soundtrack is one that I'm super into (I might need to get it physically oh heck), with some of those cyberspace tracks definitely ranking up there as some of the best songs in the entire series, at least for me.

    Would I love to see Dreams Come True do some new songs for Sonic? Most certainly. But I don't think we are lacking in the music department if they never come back.

    The Cyberspace levels as a whole feel like the weak link in the game...which is unfortunate. But I can completely understand not paying attention to the music in those stages when you're trying to get out of them as soon as possible. Which for some, yeah. You can take 30 seconds and wonder what the point was.
  10. Mana


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    Wasn't that what everyone was saying though? It was clear the movie would bring a lot of new fans to the games and it seems to have clearly paid off.
  11. JaxTH


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    1-2 and 4-9 are the best tracks, fight me.
  12. 1-1, 1-5, 1-7, and 2-2 for me, I think. If I had to pick one, it’d be 1-5. It’s such a classic sounding dance melody that it almost crosses the line into cheesy if it weren’t so good.

    I’ve had the Cybertrack stages on repeat while working and those always make me get a little bit too hyped. 1-1 is also super sick but I feel like it’s building to something that doesn’t come if you know what I mean. I really enjoy the vocal sample Ōtani used there (I’m guessing it was recorded specifically for it so not really a sample, but it’s used as if it were one).

    Edit: Fuck it, I threw 1-1 in my list now.
  13. The Joebro64

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    2-6 is the best Cyber Space track and that is a FACT
  14. charcoal


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    My favorites are probably 1-2 Flowing, 1-5 Dropaholic, 2-4 Hype Street, and 4-1 Exceed Mach. 4-3 Rumble Rave is probably my favorite track, though. It goes HARD.
  15. 1-2 Flowing, 2-5 Deja Vu, 2-6 Transparent, and 4-2 Ephemeral are my faves. Ephemeral specifically is my favorite track in the entire game.

    I can't agree with the negative takes on the soundtrack at all, while it's far from my favorite I love the amount of variety it has and how each part of the gameplay gets its own distinct music genre to give it more identity. Variety of music has always been one of my favorite things about Sonic OSTs and its something I think is pretty important to Sonic games in general. Trying to limit the definition of Sonic music to specific genres used for only a small handful of games is so boring
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    This is the right answer. It sounds like Cyber Track from Advance 3 and it's so good. Doesn't hurt that the level it plays in is also one of the better ones.
  17. synchronizer


    That is the opposite of what I was saying. The soundtrack doesn’t achieve that level of variety. I think it should.
  18. Dark Sonic

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    That’s the great thing about opinions, we can all have our own.
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    This is a banger for sure. It helps that I got stuck here looking for the second red ring because I refused to just grind to the left where it was too.
  20. Londinium


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    You uncultured swines are sleeping on 4-5