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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    yeah pretty much this. In the past, trying to make Sonic Team aware of feedback has always felt a bit like screaming into the void just due to communication barriers. It's nice to know they are aware and listening on some level. So far it seems like everyone replying to Kishimoto is being very polite and civil about it which is cool!

    I just wonder how long it will be before someone sends him a download link for Sonic Utopia lol
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  2. Wonder if it's worth a shot seeing what he'll say about a Rush-esque game but with a decent budget for once
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    Sorry for being repetitive, but has anyone shown him the momentum mod?
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    Both sides have been botting, vote-begging and multiple-voting the entire way though. It's embarrassing. I'd rather Elden Ring or Stray win, and I disliked both those games (for different reasons).
  5. I don't care if Sonic Frontiers wins, I just wanna see Genshin Impact lose.
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    Being both a Sonic and Genshin Impact fan this whole thing has been nothing but hilarious to me.

    Botting evidence
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    Meanwhile I’m just waiting for the soundtrack to become available on UK Spotify… :(
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    I've tweeted it at him twice, and also just linked him to the Frontiers gamebanana page because I figured he'd get a kick out of it.
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    with frontiers seems like alot of the "its segas fault, not sonic team!" is coming back
    it seems unfathomable to people that developers can make bad decisions and perhaps bite off more than they can chew. my pointer is how nagoshi from sega handled similar situations far better (low budgets for monkey ball, yearly releases with yakuza)
    the director of unleashed who did all the great daytime sonic stuff and the hedgehog engine also came up with the werehog and as lead game designer came up with some dubios decisions for the game
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    We've all had our 12 year old fanboy moments listening to Find Your Flame, and we're still raving about the Cyberspace music too. But now that the OST is officially out, can we take a moment to appreciate what a bang up job Kenichi Tokoi did with his contributions too? He didn't provide any of level themes, but holy shit his pieces are some of the best regardless.

    My personal favourite is Ghost. It's so funky. And it's even better in game when the breaks in the song happen every time that you deal damage and the Ghost lets out a robotic-alien scream. It's seriously cool.

    There's also Spider. It's starts off unsettling and slow, befitting of a fight against a giant spider. And then it goes full Sonic Unleashed for the skydiving phase.

    Special mention too for the Koco SOS Backup theme. You could tell me that this was a track cut from SA1 and I wouldn't doubt you for a second.

    The soundtrack for this game is huge. I almost want to say that it's a bit too big. Every Cyberspace level has a unique piece of music, even though most levels are barely a minute long and shares visuals with 6 or 7 others. And each island has several different movements that convey different times befitting of the story, but they move on sequentially as you unlock the Emerald Vaults and you can never go back. I really want to explore Chaos Island with its early music again, and Ouranos with its unique theme again instead of the Starfall Island theme.

    There's just much music that the game doesn't afford you the time to soak in and appreciate.
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  12. I’m really glad that each cyberspace song has a title so I don’t have to refer to them by the stage name which is hard to remember.

    As a whole, this soundtrack is easily up there with CD (JP) and Adventure as the best in my opinion. CD can’t be overtaken because QQ Good Future, You Can Do Anything, and especially Cosmic Eternity represent the series in my eyes, and Adventure may edge it out because of variety and nostalgia, but it’s really close. It’s really everything I love musically and I want to see this direction continued.

    Technotani has been surpassed by Screamotani and I dig it (though Technotani also killed it on his cyberspace tracks lol).
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    I actually am surprised they made THAT many Cyberspace level tracks. That's a whole new level of dedicated.
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    This game's OST really is massive. Even without the cutscene tracks or jingles, there are still around 90-100 unique songs in the game, they really went the extra mile. I can't wait for the jukebox feature to be added in Update #1 because I want to hear all of these songs again in-game!
    Surprised me too. I went into this game fully expecting the Cyberspace levels to reuse music quite a bit, maybe 8 songs for the entire game. But no, they made a unique track for all 30 Cyberspace levels and most of them are bangers. This game was robbed of a best OST nomination at the Game Awards:eng99:
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    Ya this game got robbed of that OST award, it really is that good. Game of the year is a stretch (although it’s def one of my favorites this year, that and Horizon Forbidden West) but this ost is brilliant.

    Also I know this is somewhat apples and oranges but really? The sound team made all this music and the graphics team couldn’t phone in one more cyberspace theme?
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  16. Turbohog


    This seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I really did not like the soundtrack. The open zone tracks were fine and I even enjoyed the screamo music in the moment. However, I abhor the cyber-space music. Every track basically sounds the same to me - not unlike how there's not much variation in the cyber-space themes.
  17. [​IMG]
    Wow, Hiro returned in Frontiers to compose some tracks? This is awesome!
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    It's an absolute shame that, because the soundtrack didn't release same day on YouTube, millions and millions of views and so much money from ad revenue were lost (I wish they would've claimed the uploads that did pop up at the very least)

    I really, really don't like supporting people who reupload Sonic and SEGA music that is made available officially. It doesn't seem like Christine monetized theirs, but I still think it's such a waste.
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    You see, that wouldn't be a problem if the game had a sound test or something.
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    He did that one and Pinball I think. Both have a very, very retro SEGA sound to them and it makes perfect sense as to why. But he's not really got much of a history with Sonic. According to our Wiki, it's just this game and overseeing some music in ASRT (presumably because it remixes some of his work). I'd love to see him work on the series again in a greater capacity.

    I like the soundtrack on the whole. Like with the game's tone, I think that it's effective. The team set out to create particular vibes and they were successful in that. Various kinds of folk-inspired themes for the open zones, metal for the Titans, and different degrees of techno/dance/rave/electronic/dubstep for the cyberspace and Guardians.

    Listening to the soundtrack enough times has helped me appreciate just how much variety there is in the Cyberspace tracks that I simply did not hear on my first playthrough. As I said before, one of the game's failings is that it doesn't actually devote much time to its enormous soundtrack. If like me you're not generally a fan of the electronic genres that it uses, you'll come away from Cyberspace thinking that they all sound the same at first. And this isn't helped by the fact that there's only 4 visual themes, hindering that visual association that you normally get from video game music.

    I think the soundtrack is great. Is it one of my favourites in the series though? Probably not. It does seem to be very popular on the whole though. I guess that the metal and electronic tracks really managed to strike a chord with a wide audience, even those who don't rate Sonic music as highly as much as the fans do.