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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. Starduster


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    The video I’ve seen has it trigger on Kronos Island but honestly it seems like getting Sonic’s environmental voice lines to trigger is not something one does intentionally.
  2. Really? I only remember Amy saying “I wonder what (the first character I mentioned) and Cream are doing.” I’ll have to find a clip.

    Edit: Yeah, it was a flavor dialogue thing that triggers when walking around one of the islands. I guess that’s my bad for being vague and not just spoiler tagging the actual name lol.

    Double edit: You edited your thing so my reply doesn’t make sense now.
  3. The fish in Big's fishing spots are always caught in a specific order, which loops around back to the beginning once you've exhausted the list. So try to remember the first one or two fish you caught at a fishing spot so you don't waste time re-catching the same fish if you're going for 100% Big Completion. (I did it. You don't get anything for it, but I did it. It also completely trivialized progression on the final island because his fishing spot is strangely much easier to find there than on the previous three. Possible speed-run strat? Lol)
  4. RikohZX


    Oh yeah, I maxed out the remainder of my stats (around 75 with atk/def, 50+ with speed and 0 ring capacity) with around 30-35 casts on the final island, and cheated the Vault Key progression entirely to skip over the Cyber Space stages as well as Memories. The huge payouts and cheap prizes make it trivial.
  5. kyasarintsu


    I'm surprised how big Ares is. It feels like i'm always finding some little area in it. Still having fun with this game, even my issues still persist. I've been really noticing how awful the 2D sections are, though.
  6. Ok Chaos Island kinda redeeming itself rn
  7. Laura


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    I really don't see how people think Sonic controls well at all. I'm playing on the last island.

    Playing against Caterpillar. Every time Sonic jumps on a rail he loses all momentum and just stops moving.

    Because of the lock-on keep falling off the boss a lot of the time the command inputs for moves don't register.
  8. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    I think Sonic controls very well and is an absolute blast to just move around and have fun. It's liberating.
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    I think it’s largely in the handling. The character controller has issues in other areas but I think if Sonic’s handling wasn’t there the game would be outright unplayable. Luckily, they nailed stuff like the turning arc which, personally, mitigated a lot of frustration I’d have otherwise.
  10. Laura


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    I just don't see it. Can someone elaborate in precise terms? Because as far as I'm concerned people are just saying he controls well without really substantiating it. I know there are cool tricks you can do with the movement mechanics but I don't really value that if the base controls are no good.

    His jumping control is bad. Once you jump in one direction it's pretty much impossible to correct yourself backwards which is essential for any platformer. So it's like you completely commit yourself when you jump. Sometimes I swear it's like the game straight up locks your controls in mid air. Like if you are going right in the air and then want to correct yourself left the game just straight up refuses to let you go left for a second or so.

    His jogging speed is slow and his running speed is too fast. It's like two really strict binaries which you switch between when you press the run button. Doubly the case when you have blue energy at maximum rings (which cannot be disabled).

    His drop dash is incredibly weak and doesn't build up speed much.

    And I also find his fight moves often don't input correctly but that could be my PC in fairness.

    His 2D controls are straight up the worst 2D controls in the franchise history apart from Sonic 1 on GBA.

    I just really don't see how he controls well here. It's probably better than Forces? Never played that game. But it has the same hallmarks of Boost controls well when going forwards but poorly otherwise.
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    Just curious, but have you tried messing around with the control sliders in the settings?
  12. Laura


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    I haven't but I also don't think it's my job to make a good control scheme. I've picked the high speed one and tested against action. High speed seemed better. I'm not going to fiddle in the options for an hour. I just don't think that should be my responsibility.
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    Simply moving in the game is fun because Sonic is fast and responsive on the ground. Turns easily. Turns quickly. The speed is not too fast to be unwieldy. Launching off of ramps is fun and adds a lot to how you traverse through the

    Air control is stiffer but you still have a lot of freedom. Never actually felt I couldn't save myself from a jump. It's very easy to turn around with the Double Jump and the Air Boost.

    The regular speed is slow, but that's for the purposes of the platforming. Even so, once I fully understood the controls, I almost never walked unless I had the Power Boost, which itself still isn't too crazy to control.

    The Drop Dash is faster than the regular Boost speed, so I can't possibly agree it's weak, but it is only really effective on slopes and they're uncommon in the game.

    The combat has a rhythm to it and if you are just mashing, you're going to have input problems. But like the controls themselves, once you learn when you shouldn't and shouldn't press buttons, it's a lot more responsive.

    And all of this is something you can directly change yourself in the settings. All the complements I brought up are present in the default controls, so having the ability to tweet how fast Sonic moves or turns is even better.

    The idea that "it's not my job to make a good control scheme" so you're not actually going to make the game more fun with the options it gives you is pretty stubborn. That's like saying an FPS controls bad because the default mouse sensitivity isn't to your liking. These options exist because a person's "good controls" can vary. You're not modding the game, you're not cheating, you're setting your preference.

    Ironically, these are all reasons why the Cyber Space controls, comparatively, are nowhere near as good, even though I don't even think they're worse than Forces.
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    Do you have some input lag on your screen or controller? Not trying to be a smartass, but short of voluntarily sabotaging the controls in the option menus I just don't see how you could describe the controls the way you are; his turn arc is incredible, his speed his just right and it's absolutely possible to change direction once you've jumped, in fact it's one of the first things I've noticed when messing around with the controls.
    Drop dashing down a slope is super satisfying and can sometimes be even faster than the boost, from my own experience anyway.

    Could you also just...stop with these kinds of comments? Not giving you orders here-just a friendly request from one neighbour to another. This kind of passive aggressive stuff just makes people angry at you and doesn't really wanna make us elaborate and discuss with you, which is a shame on this Sonic Discussion board, wouldn't you agree?
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  15. Laura


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    No way man, I'm testing the air jump as I speak. You can't turn around smoothly in game when jumping. I'm doing it right now!

    If you run and jump right, when you hold left to correct yourself he slowly and stiffly starts to turn.

    But if you do it while boosting he just straight up ignores you. Which is understandable to some extent but even the double jump is basically worthless in correcting course.

    Perhaps it is input delay? But my controls are fine otherwise.
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    I'm not finished yet, but after putting around 12 hours into the game, I'm surprised they didn't just slap a 30th anniversary logo on this game even though it came out a year late. Even without the Cyber Space stages, there're enough references to past games alone that suggest this was always supposed to be a celebration of Sonic. Maybe this is a "duh, obviously" statement, especially considering they did say Frontiers was intended to be a 30th anniversary game but was delayed (I don't remember who said it and when but I know it was said), but still, I'm surprised they didn't just put a 30 on the box art or in the startup screens.
  17. Wraith


    No I actually agree about the speed. Sonic jerks back and forth between speed thresholds like I'm playing lost world instead of slowly transitioning when I hold down/let go of the boost. If you let go of the stick, he'll come to a dead stop instead of there being any follow through no matter how fast he's currently going or what terrain he's on. There's no heft to it.

    Combat is okay most of the time but the way Sonic can only use his techniques after you start a combo can lead to some really strange situations. Sometimes you can't use a crowd control move the second you need it. You have to set it up and then do the input afterward, which might be after the enemy has already shifted gears, gotten out of the way or attacked you. There's no limit on when or how often you can use these moves otherwise so I really doubt it's a balance thing.

    There's a lot of other minor things, like how unwieldy the homing attack gets the second there's more than one thing for Sonic to target or the inconsistent way he reacts to the geography. Is sonic going to snap to this rock and run straight down it or fly off of it in a random direction?
  18. Laura


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    Rails have also been busted in my experience. When they are designed to launch you in the air you have to press nothing so it launches you properly. If you move the stick at all you lose all speed and go careering into some other direction.
  19. Mana


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    That's a really weird way to look at it. They made the speed controls modifiable so you could talor the game to play the most comfortable for you and so Sonic could control as smoothly as you need him too.

    Giving the players more control over how the character play isn't a bad thing and I don't think it should be presented as such.
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    Even when I boost jumped, I could still make it back to where I was standing even without the Double Jump. The Power Boost especially gives you so much speed but I could boost jump, turn around, and land where I was without a struggle.

    One thing I did notice is that jumping one direction but turning the other is the most stiff, but when you're leading Sonic into that direction (imagine moving in an arc), it is better. This is probably because trying to do a sharp turn means trying to kill Sonics air momentum in a way that leading does not.

    For what it's worth, I don't think the sliders affect air jumping much.