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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. MontiP


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    It also arrived for me an hour ago!

    And I don't even have the game yet! :eng99:
  2. Linkabel


    Some thoughts:

    -Love that you can tweak the controls for Sonic. It's definitely fun trying to find the right settings that work for you.

    -Hate how he feels in Cyberspace. That's probably the first thing people are going to mod. The 2D stages feel like you're underwater, or sometimes a nerfed version of the 2D stages from Lost World.

    -Hard mode feels more like normal mode. Hoping there's an expert mode you can unlock.

    -Not sure if me playing Bayonetta 3 last week is coloring my views on this, but wish there was a tiny bit more depth to the combat and enemies. It's not bad, and you can actually get creative with it. But it feels like it just one step away from reaching the level from games like Bayonetta. So far, the enemies from the grunts to the titans feel like pushovers. But still not done so this might change.

    -People compare the storytelling to what the Adventure games did, but I think it's still in this awkward midpoint between games like Colors/Generations/Lost World/Forces and Adventure 1&2.

    For example, in Adventure 1 makes you feel like you're always part of the story no matter where you go or who you talk to. The NPCs lives tend to be affected with what's going in the story, or they affect you. While in the newer games sometimes it feels like you're disconnected from the story at times, or undersells you the story and doesn't take advantage of the premise.

    Frontiers goes back and forth with these directions. I could explain it more but it would go into spoiler territory.

    -Not loving the voice direction for Sonic, Amy and Eggman for this game. I get that it’s supposed to be more serious and somber than the last games, but there are instances where it sounds like the voice director told them to just read off the script and just do that. I don't want to turn this into a sub vs dub debate, but the Japanese version doesn't have this issue so not sure what happened there.

    Don't have an issue with Sonic and Amy sounding deeper than their usual voices though.

    Overall I do agree with the 7/10 reviews and some of 8/10 reviews. But can't quite shake the feeling that this is just a demo of what's going to come in the future and not a home run. Still, having fun with it.
  3. Laura


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    Ok I've played for an hour and a half. Game is surprisingly fun!

    I do find the game's moody and lonely atmosphere a bit baffling. Won't lie :V . But it is different to other Sonic games. The story is entertaining but I don't understand why everyone worships Ian Flynn. His writing is very ott and cliche so far. Sage is an AI who hates love (just at the beginning of the game). Lol! But it's entertaining.

    Also on the story I disagree with everyone else! I think the animations are quite nice. Sonic sighing around the koroks are pretty funny. By far the worst part of the cutscenes is the absolutely atrocious voice acting. I don't know what went wrong. I like Roger Craig Smith as Sonic but he's an abomination here. Not even feeling Mike Pollock.

    Running around as Sonic and collecting things is very enjoyable. Sonic is a noncollectable isn't what I'd have in mind but it's not a bad idea at all. I think open world exporation mixed with Cyber Space is a good synergy. I wish the Cyber Space levels were longer and more original. Would take levels Cyber Space levels per world and more elaborate.

    I also like that the game is fairly challenging. At least I've died several times :ohdear:

    I don't really agree that the controls are a revelation though. They are better than Boost but aren't perfect at all in my opinion. I don't like how the drop dash locks your controls left and right. I don't like how Sonic swaps between a set running speed and a set sprint speed. I think sometimes Sonic is hard to control when sprinting. Honestly he controls best when he's jogging.

    Combat is thankfully not as bad as I thought. Enemies die quickly so it's not bullet spongey. There's enough variation to make it above par.

    The individual pieces of the game aren't amazing but they synergise nicely to make the game very varied. Open world, Cyber Space, combat. Kind of like Persona (but nowhere near as good :V )

    Honestly my biggest criticism is the amount of automation. It's the game's biggest flaw. It's really annoying, often locking movement in certain directions, changing Sonic's direction and forcing you in a certain way. Even in Cyber Space! And just dash panels everywhere. It's more than unnecessary and is just fucking annoying. Please get rid of this is in the next Frontiers styled game.
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  4. Mustapha


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    Picked up PS4 version without pre-order. I’ll play through that version (1.0…) before redeeming PS5 upgrade.

    Local GameStop (Canada) had 4 copies total, 2 were pre-ordered.

    Anyone confirm that the code for the shoes is PS4 & PS5/Xbox One & Series S|X?

  5. Turbohog


    The code is just for whatever platform you chose?
  6. foXcollr


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    Well folks, here we go!

    The modding potential for this game seems pretty exciting, but I'm just thankful we can disable the boost audio filter. :) Exactly what I was hoping for.

    Yes, and you can change your platform with a link in the original confirmation email if you didn't get it yet and you chose the wrong one.
  7. VectorCNC


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    I bit the bullet and bought a PS5 just for this game. I'm liking what I hear so far... Can't wait to get home and dig into it. This is the first 3D Sonic game I've been excited to play since Generations!
  8. Gestalt


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    I find the level of mastery required for Cyberspace just right. At first I thought my controller had drift, but then I quickly realized that I was holding the joystick wrong. Lol The boost is more versatile than ever and allows for some fun shenanigans. So far, Sonic Frontiers is balanced, immersive and nice to look at. I love doing stuff as Sonic and the level of freedom in this game. I'm playing on Switch and have no problems. Going in open-minded is best. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?
  9. Starduster


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    Can anyone confirm whether the Soap shoes show up on Super Sonic? I’ve stopped playing for the day but I was disappointed that our boi couldn’t use his fresh new timbs and the power of the Chaos Emeralds at the same…guess that’s too much swag for the world to handle.

    Speaking of cosmetics, I’m surprised that it’s just an option tucked away in the extras menu, given the amount of them we know of, I expected a wardrobe menu in game that allowed for swapping on the fly.
  10. I think this is little like Halo Infinite in that it takes a while to get going and open up, but when it open up, the game is incredible with wonderful freedom and controls for a Sonic 3D game, it looks and sounds amazing on the Series X . My main issue with the game is why did SEGA look to basically hide the 60 FPS mode in the graphics option.

    When you set the game to 60 FPS its utterly amazing and a joy to play

  11. Laura


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    I do find it annoying how stop and start it is. Get a new sign post. Stop. Map screen opens. Stop. New orb appears. Stop. Just let me play. Lol.
  12. RikohZX


    HedgeModManager already has Frontiers support, and someone on Gamebanana's put up an SA1 Sonic model replacement mod.

    Curiously, I'm not super tech inclined but the entire game has its assets outlined in folders containing .pac files, and I do mean everything. Stages, navmeshes, characters and bosses. I'm not sure if those are just model assets, or if those are containing every individual thing of the game itself ala the Like a Dragon's Dragon Engine games.
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  13. VenomTH


    I've only played about 3 hours so far but I agree with the other users. It seems like there is no PS4 Pro/Xbox One X version because my game seems to run at sub-1080p, 30 fps unless I'm mistaken. Also I'm still waiting for my Soap shoes.
  14. ItsBrieDude


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    Just 100 percented the first island. I am in love with the way this game feels and the coherence with existing lore.
  15. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    Frontiers feels like a more realized version of Sonic Jam's sonic world. I finally understand what they meant by "open-zone", it probably works in this game's favour to have smaller scale maps.

    it's fun. I'm having a fun time with this game, it's rough in some places but still a pretty good time. The super sonic boss fight was weird at first but actually kinda cool once you get the hang of it.
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  16. BlackHole


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    Just taking a 5 second break from my runthrough, since my brother bought me it for an early Christmas present, to ask the following:

    What the hell is with 1-2's S-Rank time?
  17. DustArma


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    I stopped trying because I assumed that you get speed upgrades for the cyberspace stages.

  18. 1: Don’t take the final top path

    2: Instead of jumping from upper platform to upper platform in the beginning just boost off and then air boost because the vertical bump will help you reach the next.

    Took me a good 15 min of trying because I just assumed I had the best path down without experimenting.

    As for my thoughts on the game: I really like it but if they had let this cook another year, we’d have seen something really impressive. Also the Japanese script is so different to the English one that it gets distracting to have the English subtitles on. I assumed it’d be little tweaks or typical localization stuff but Kishimoto really did rewrite the whole thing. I don’t mind the English script, but I definitely don’t find it to be my ideal tone/characterization. Total improvement though!

    Also, I find it funny that Sonic refers to Sage as a “ghost girl” at one point. That’s exactly what those early leaks called her. Though they also said she’d be hot :argh:
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  19. BlackHole


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    Oh, I got it. I got it...
  20. RikohZX


    Man, looking through the sound folder, the game is still just called "Sonic Rangers" in its own file names.