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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. BlackHole


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    Just making sure everything's in order with lore sources.

    And now, I must sequester myself away and complain about things elsewhere.
  2. Starduster


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    I can see what you mean about retreading old ground, but I do think we're also offered something new with the idea that Knuckles sometimes perceives his task of guarding the Master Emerald as some kind of ancestral karma. I hope it's something that they explore more in future media because it opens up avenues for some significant character development, the likes of which hasn't been seen in quite some time.
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    It's a secret!
    why would Knuckles know of eastern religious concepts like karma
  4. Sneekie


    Why would Knuckles know what a funeral is?
  5. Hamzawesome


    I'm confused, who do you want this game to be for exactly? If you're gonna say classic sonic fans then weren't modern and classic separated so now classic will (eventually) get his own games while modern can do its own thing?
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    IIRC I'm not even sure if classic and modern are considered "separated" anymore, besides just being a brand / potential for new classic side-games. I thought I remembered talks with Flynn a while back that seemed to imply that's fading away alongside the 'two worlds' etc stuff, but IDK if there's anything hard confirmed about that yet. Or I could just be remembering wrong and I'm just saying shit.

    Either way, it's all Sonic to me.
  7. Taylor


    Agreed, the only thing that really makes this "non-Classic" is the design of the new enemies, which do look somewhat out of place yea, or at least distinct from Classic art direction. Not a bad thing, because it seems deliberate (exploring a new, strange world) as opposed to some other Sonic games which were an atonal mishmash.
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    The Knuckles animation is really great. I really missed his characterisation from SA, Knux is back!
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    You're thinking too hard about this.

    I like the Genesis games, both Adventure games, Generations, Unleashed, and lost world. I'm not gonna sit here and claim allegiance to one particular camp and no one else should either.
  10. I mean, twenty years is im fact the time it takes for something to be retro so yea lol.

    To put it into perspective; Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are the same age Sonic 1 and 2 were when Sonic 4: Episode 2 was released.

    And as mentioned, this is literally the most Classic premise too; it doesn't get much more old school than Sonic and Co exploring a new island and stopping Eggman's latest plan.
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    As a guy who listens to every BumbleKast episode, my understand of things is that there's not any kind of in-universe hard divide between classic and modern anymore other than time, but the divide does still exist on the branding side and as a result of that, crossover between the two eras is minimised, to the point that Ian was surprised that something like Scrapnik Island, which uses a lot of classic concepts and even the character of S3&K's Mecha Sonic, was approved.

    It's rather ironic, given how liberally SEGA themselves leans on the old stuff for nostalgia banking.

    On the animation itself, I seriously hope it's included either within Frontiers itself, or the digital artbook accompanying the digital deluxe edition. It'd be criminal to forsake this to only being watchable with YouTube's compression. All the animations included in Origins look sublime, this one absolutely deserves the same treatment.
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    I don't have much to say other than that this was was perfect. Now I kinda wish the game would have 2D animated cutscenes like this.

    Much respect to Tyson, Powerhouse studios and everyone else involved in this. 10/10, made me very hyped to play the actual game now lol
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    In Japanese, he says 宿命 (shukumei), which translates to destiny or fate.
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  14. Wraith


    The premise is a throwback but we don't define these games by their surface level elements. In terms of feel this is more like Sonic Adventure or IDW than the classics games, which is fine by me, but we don't have to pretend it's something that it isn't.
  15. We'd have more than one playable character in that case :V

    I've always maintained that there's not as much of a divide between Classic and Adventure as people like to believe, but that's just me. At least as far as aesthetics and settings are concerned.

    Adventure 2? Sure, I can concede on that....but Frontiers has next to nothing in common with that game. And I'm sure most people agree Adventure 1 is as close to the classics as possible compared to the sequel.

    So yea, I don't feel its wrong to say Frontiers has some Classic Sonic DNA baked into it. Its definitely different aesthetic wise, Don't get me wrong and gameplay couldn't be any more different.

    But given Ian Flynn is working on this game and he was the one who pitched the premise, and he has never been shy of blending Classic and Modern shit together. He doesn't feel like these things need or should be separated.
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    I'm not pretending it's secretly sonic 5 or anything, lol. I'm just saying that Sonic explores island and stops Eggman with some added flavour text about anchient civilisations seems to be exactly what we're getting.
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    I think this idea that this is more for certain types of fans versus others is a lot more nuanced than many of us are willing to be when talking about it. I don't personally see any value in trying to, in spite of that.
  18. RikohZX


    It says a lot that besides spinoffs emphasizing honor over reason as a character that wasn't even him, this is probably some of the most notable, non-comedic characterization Knuckles has had in 22 years.. and it's literally just taking what he had back then and finally embellishing upon it just a smidge. And people were so bothered by those 22 years of abandonment of Knuckles' own role and established character that they treat it like a revolutionary thing for the series.

    The short was great, it does get me interested in what Frontiers might be doing with the story, but it's kinda hilarious how this is the biggest deal in the advertising up to this point besides the theme songs.
  19. I'm confused by this wording.

    Do you mean that saying that this game is more for certain fans than others is more nuanced than some of us are willing to admit?

    Or is it too nuanced for us to be speaking about it and thus, no value in doing so.
  20. Laura


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    I have mixed feelings on this debate.

    In some ways the Classics did lean into the more over the top anime stylings into which the later games nosedived. Super Sonic. The epic confrontations around the Death Egg. The Doomsday. The mural painting in Sonic 3. It's exactly like the kind of stuff you'd see in the 2000s games. Sonic 1 scrapped content is also very much in line with what Sonic became: human girlfriend, weird animal rock band, etc.

    But that said, the Classics didn't go nearly as hard as the series would later go in this direction. For a start Sonic 1 didn't do it at all. That stuff was all thrown out. Sonic's big confrontation with Eggman is simply climactic the same way as Mario and Bowser. So while Sonic Team had that intention the finished game doesn't have it. Sonic 2 has Super Sonic and the big fight in the Death Egg. But otherwise it's similar to other cartoony platformers on Genesis. Sonic 3 definitely went more in the direction but again the plot was pretty minimal and not as big a focus.

    And speaking about Knuckles specifically, he was always balanced in Sonic 3 (and even Adventure) as being strong and stoic but also pretty stupid. He's always done baffling things which don't make sense (what is he even doing on that Launch Base platform? He stupidly thinks Sonic betrayed him in Adventure and is mocked for it). So when people criticise the recent games for making him dumb that doesn't really make much sense. Boom did make him over the top dumb - I concede that point - but he's always been comic relief dumb.

    So to be honest I can understand why some people think that Frontier's direction isn't really in line with Classic Sonic. It certainly isn't in line in gameplay - with a large combat focus. But I get that's a different debate!