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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    I find it sort of interesting that the most common criticism is the gameplay in the cyberspace levels, and yet that is the aspect of the game which is the most similar to what Sonic has been for over a decade. It's almost as though Sonic has been on the wrong track for a very long time.
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    The criticisms about the Cyber Space are either typically about how they play worse than the previous entries, including the levels that Frontiers directly copies, or that Frontiers' looser, tighter controls are not suited for linear, hallway-like levels, so that is the wrong way to take it.

    It's like saying that because people hate Sonic '06 that means the Adventure games are "the wrong track."

    Also, people who do not like the Open Zone tend to like Cyber Space more.
  3. RikohZX


    Yeah, it's not so much that it's because it's Boost, the criticism is because it's Forces Boost but worse because it's Frontiers Sonic mangled into trying to work with something he's not made for.

    That would be like if you put Lost World Sonic in either Generations' or Colors' Planet Wisp, it just wouldn't really work well at all.
  4. Yeah Cyberspace seems to just be another episode of Sonic Team not getting why people liked the boost gameplay in the first place, though the two 3D city levels we've seen so far actually look like a lot of fun, hopefully there's more of that
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    I'm still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on Cyberspace stages. Everything we've seen so far is from the first island if I'm not mistaken, so it's possible more original and story-important stages will appear as the game progresses. If that's the case and the levels really were to tie into a story element as Izuka claims (which I have doubts myself about) then this concept of cyberspace representing memories could tie into the history surrounding the civilization that's disappeared from the Starfall Islands and/or SAGE herself.

    From a gameplay perspective, I think there are going to be inherent problems trying to put Open-World Sonic into boost stages with the Forces boost function (I guess?) in stages from SA2, Unleashed, Colors, and Generations. The level design just wasn't designed with open-world sonic in mind and trying to fix it has seemingly made things worse than leaving it alone. The City level we keep seeing seems to work better with the controls based on what little we've seen of it which I'd argue is because it was designed with the new (if possibly mangled due to Forces' boost) movement in mind. If the city level wasn't there I'd write it off completely, but it shows a glimmer of newly designed levels that they may just be hiding from us due to this "let them discover when they play" marketing they have going on.
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  6. I feel the same, but not so much that I’ve given up hoping, more that I’ve given up complaining about not getting the ideal game I want. I was genuinely put off by the IGN reveal but I’ve become interested enough in what they’ve shown to be like, “Okay, Sonic Team, let’s give it a go.”

    If a game isn’t broken and is fun to play, I don’t care if it matches my preconceptions of how Sonic should be. I’m optimistic enough that I think we will eventually get to something we all enjoy, so I don’t mind having fun with the stuff they make along the way. And this game actually seems like a step in the right direction, even if it’s not perfect.
  7. MrMechanic


    I used it on slopes and flats.

    It's pointless for how complex a move it is to pull off.

    Mania: Jump then Hold Down + Jump.

    Frontiers: press Jump, press Jump again, press jump a third time and hold it down.

    It doesn't sound like a lot. But for the payoff it's pointless.

    The footage that's doing the rounds of Sonic going down a hill? That's part of time trial segment.

    When triggered, rings appear on the route. So not only is it faster to use standard boost, it's also faster to use boost + light speed dash, and you have more control over your downhill descent.
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  8. You just have to hold Jump not Down + Jump in Mania.
  9. It seems like a cruel joke that they’d bring back rolling in 3D but limit it’s utility by requiring the double jump to use, if the L trigger goes completely unused instead of being the button for rolling and single jump dropdashing it would be a huge missed opportunity.
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    As far as the cyberspace levels being trash, would you say at least control better than what we got in Forces or are they even worse?
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    I'm not liking the look of the game because I don't think it looks good. No bearing on what I think Sonic should be.
  12. Aesthetically? Or do you genuinely not dig the refinement and re-implementation of mechanics/abilities that Sonic Team established and rarely revisited in the past decade+ and cooking them all together in an Adventure-inspired base? If so, cool. I'm just curious.

    Also genuinely tried to make that read as toneless as I could, but I apologize if I failed to do so.
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    I've said many times, I think it looks like a sub par action open world game. I don't think it looks nearly as good as the other open world action games on the market. I just completed Nier Replicant. I actually thought that game was very flawed. But Frontiers doesn't look good as that game, for example. It could have less backtracking though.
  14. I'm not particularly a fan of action games, or even all that many ARPGs, but to me this looks like a finally realized evolution of the original Sonic Adventure. Thank you for allowing me to better understand your perspective.
  15. Linkabel


    A video that shows 2 mini games was posted earlier. Not sure if I missed it in the thread, but I'm putting what they are in spoilers just in case.

    A Koko sheep herding game and another where you have to cut grass/weeds.
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  16. Lol… after that quote saying how Sonic isn’t the type to cut grass because of environmentalism and whatnot.
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    We shouldn't make a habit of trying to psychoanalyze why people don't like Frontiers. That always gets people's backs up and then discussion quickly turns combative.
  18. Sorry, I didn't intend to generate any discomfort. I was just genuinely curious since the recent influx of information turned my relative indifference into excitement.
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    During my time with the demo at Gamescom, I got the impression that the Homing Attack doesn't lock on to enemies that are offscreen. It felt seriously unnatural and I wonder if they "fixed" it...
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    Sonic's Chaos Emerald dance is so goofy and cringe I love it.
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