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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. Azookara


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    I don't have any real fear of it, but I certainly never wanted influence of any kind from them in the games in the first place. Not even this.

    So I'm just gonna keep hoping that this is as far as they go.
  2. Didn't think I'd come back to three pages of grown adults being upset that the franchise is referencing other parts of itself, but here we are....

    Look, I have mixed feelings about it too, but ignoring my personal feelings on the matter, the games actually referencing media outside of themselves very rarely happens and given how much attention the movies put onto the series, referencing them makes sense for brand cohesion.

    I really don't think it's worth worrying if the movies are going to take over the games. Did SATAM take over? No, it didn't. The movies aren't going to either, so could some of y'all just relax a bit and get some perspective.
  3. Azookara


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    I don't get why not liking something and hoping it doesn't continue is seen as some crazy outburst people need to "calm down" over, but alright.
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  4. lupinsmask


    Don't mind this movieSonic electric thing as long as it's the only thing coming to the games, don't want to hear ben schwartz or a sound-a-ilke sonic.
  5. Plorpus


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    Make Officer Burpo canon
  6. charcoal


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    i hope they add olive garden to sonic frontier just like the movies that would be epic i think
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  7. MontiP


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    well i hope the mysterious purple-haired girl is actually agent stone in disguise
  8. Kyro


    Im so glad they put the master emerald shrine in labyrinth stone instead now
  9. Vanishing Vision

    Vanishing Vision

    Preceded by a teaser that says something along the lines of "At long last, the garden returns".
  10. jubbalub


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    As someone who likes the movie elements, all I saw was "I don't like this" lol. Nobody's losing their shit.

    You could say the same thing about "grown adults raving about blue eyes in their videogame" or whatever. Let people talk about what they think without being told they're manchildren or whatever.
  11. No one's losing it, but people are jumping to conclusions. Sega's trying hard to appeal to their home country this time around, they aren't going to suddenly let a western film morph established characters. Any time a character has changed for the better or worse it had nothing to do with outside influence.
  12. "Stop liking what I don't like" is unreasonable yes.

    Don't know what else to tell you
  13. Azookara


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    I'm not sure how it's jumping to conclusions to think they could slide in more movie references when they literally just did it. I'm not saying they're gonna turn the franchise into the movie one; I just don't care for them bringing elements into it at all. It's really not as extreme as y'all are making it out to be, and I'm not sure why it's a big deal to state that.

    I never said to stop liking what I don't like. It seems you're more bent over me having a strong opinion at all. Especially one that goes against the grain of the more favorable opinion.

    Don't know why you're always trying to put words in my mouth anyways. You seem to love doing that, Kuzu.
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  14. charcoal


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    Who's saying that? I disagree with people who think movie elements in the game is bad, but I haven't seen one instance of those people telling those who do like it to stop liking it.

    It feels like you're making up someone in your head that's saying stupid things and just getting angry at them despite the fact that they do not exist.
  15. I only say it like that because you're treating it like a trojan horse, there's not really precedent for Sega to do that sort of thing.
  16. Azookara


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    Sega does have a precedent in recent years to sneak in things that are proving successful to the brand. Classic Sonic stuff and many of the exact same returning levels found their way into more and more Sonic media due to it's success in Gens. Wisps, Colors' tone and even the final boss sequence found it's way into multiple games, maybe not surprisingly due to the success of Colors. Late Archie and IDW's positive reception I'm sure played a big part into why Ian Flynn is on the games now. Boom's show being a hit around the same time Sonic's online presence became comedy hour Q&As doesn't seem like a coincidence, either.

    It's not crazy to think the things that made Sonic it's most successful could creep it's way into the games, because it's a thing that's been happening. It being the movies doesn't stop it; I mean the lightning stuff did just make it in. And again, I'm not even making it out like huge sweeping changes would happen. I just wouldn't really be down with it, whatever it is. It's not that wild.
  17. You're correct but I specifically meant bringing in elements from secondary media to mainline, whenever it's been done it's typically been very minor. Chili dogs, Shadow's Inhibitor Rings, etc.
  18. I just had a plane ride with no sleep, I'm not exactly in coherent state right now.

    I skimmed the last three pages and it mostly felt like a lot of people were under the assumption movie!Sonic is suddenly going to start overtaking the main series.

    Its fine to not like that, but the sudden leap in logic just felt confusing to me. As I said, no other alternate Sonic media didn't replace the series before, so why make the assumption now?
  19. The Deleter

    The Deleter

    This isn’t exactly correct; part of this is what led to how all over the place Boom as a project was, as a collection of separate endeavors slowly forced into one identity, even though it didn’t really work out well. That was the most recent example of SEGA themselves pushing for a brand cohesion from multiple projects with different identities, so it kind of indicates the opposite, from precident alone.

    Again, since Iizuka is on record now for being against it, it probably won’t happen. Keeping it to cool Easter eggs in individual games is probably the best possible outcome for the push itself. But that doesn’t mean everyone should hop on board the enthusiasm train or ignore the push itself as a more clearly corporate move, especially with how easily it could go wrong in the name of brand cohesion.
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  20. Starduster


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    It’s hard to know exactly how much of the movies would come over to the games in the first place since it seems like it’s not just as simple as SEGA owning them. Paramount may own wholly original characters and stuff like the movie’s bad I’m designs. At any rate, while I’m not a fan of the Power Boost taking the visuals from the movie (particularly blue eyes on Sonic, I don’t think those work), I’m not too worried about long term influence because the movies may not even go past three instalments.

    @Xiao Hayes It may tickle you to know (if you haven’t already heard) that Ian’s plan for introducing Sticks into IDW (that was tragically rejected) was to reveal that she was on Angel Island the whole time and thought it was her island as much as Knuckles thinks it his, and somehow the two never crossed paths the whole time. Given this is Sticks we’re talking about, I find such an audacious contrivance to be brilliantly hilarious.
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