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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. foXcollr


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    Gee, it's almost as if this is a forum dedicated to talking about the game, as well as the why and why not of these very deliberate game design choices.

    Forget about constructive posts talking about the why and why not of the game we're getting, let's write up more empty angry posts. That entire post feels like a clapback at people shitting on Cyberspace not having customizable controls, but you replied specifically to the one person who was just saying this "Sega won't let us customize our controls bc the game is shitty and automated" argument is BS. Which feels like... what you are saying? So I'm confused. Oh well
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  2. Mana


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    Not trying to speak for him but I think all he said was that the features and settings that are in the Open Zone have no effect in the Cyberspace, and that should have never been an expectation by anyone to begin with.

    Until someone here posted about it yesterday, with genuine surprise that this was the case, I honestly thought it was a given considering they play so different and are likely being done by a different team than the Open Zone.
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  3. I like how there actually seems to be a bit of vision behind these boss encounters instead of the tired “run down a narrow path and sidestep obstacles until you’re close enough to lay the fuck smack on the cockpit” setup.

    I mean I think we still saw something like that back a couple months ago where Sonic was running along some kind of ribbon thing that a boss was leaving behind, but at least now we’re seeing different situations where you’re running up legs and appendages and grinding on rails circling around the boss. It’s probably not gonna be anything mind blowing, but just an ounce of inspiration where the same skill isn’t being tested over and over again here is appreciated.
  4. Sneekie


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    And even that is more innovative than normal, because it's a boss that flies over the entire island, and part of the difficulty / fun is finding out how to get on it. It's a boss I actually really want to fight for that reason.
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  5. jubbalub


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    The fact that they showed Super Sonic active on the first island leads me to believe Sonic has a stronger form in this game.
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  6. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    it's exactly what I wanted out of Forces when I saw the giant Death Egg robots. I imagined some crazy ass Shadow of the Colossus esque boss fights but instead they were mostly just background dressing.

    Frontiers is doing so many little things I wanted it's honestly crazy, it almost makes me feel ungrateful for being so critical lol.
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  7. It annoys me, because their design is one few things I liked in this game, even if their shape are like Death Egg Robots. And yeah, like you said, they just decided to leave those cool ass robots on background only.
  8. Snowbound


    It almost makes me wonder if Sega had the idea for Titan boss fights in Forces but didn’t have time to do it. This is just speculation and a major stretch… I’m just throwin it out there
  9. Linkabel


    There's a giant mech in the avatar's Green Hill level that would've been cool to fight like the bosses in this game.
  10. Gestalt


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    That Titan boss cutscene raises a question: will we be allowed to revisit the islands as we proceed through the story? And if yes, how do cutscenes affect the overworld? Those stone pillars didn't look like they were just for decoration...
  11. Blue Spikeball

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    It goes both ways. Some people prefer some automation, for others it ruins the experience.

    And there are plenty of series that rely on quick reflexes and skill alone outside of Sonic, many of which are highly regarded. Sega may choose to go for a more casual audience instead (at least these days; I'd argue that Unleashed and Generations were more reliant on skill and reflexes than the classic games despite being more automated), but that doesn't mean skill-based gameplay doesn't have its audience.

    Not really. A number of racing games have non-automated loops, including the Sumo Digital Sonic games, and (IIRC) some F-Zero games. Didn't stop them from being well-received. And after playing games like Sonic GT, Sonic Utopia or Spark 2 and 3, I have to say that I find non-automated 3d loops to be much more satisfying and one of my favorite parts.
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  12. MH MD

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    Honestly……I don’t get it.

    I get that the marketing sucked in the beginning, but now? They showed:
    -The Open zones, which includes collectables, multiple kinds of collectibles even
    -Three of those open zones
    -Story cutscenes
    -Cyloop ability
    -Mini-bosses -Like Ninja-
    -Titan bosses
    -Cyperspace levels
    -Costumization options
    -Main theme
    -Ending theme
    -SUPER SONIC AS A FORM AGAINST BOSSES THAT ARE NOT FINAL BOSSES -how this specific thing make you go “oh they showed nothing new”-

    To speak nothing of detailed previews and coverage from places like Game Informer, all the interviews etc

    How all of those are “nothing”? What more do you actually expect? Like just listing it like that, thats actually more things than you do in like….any sonic game ever lol, it’s not like marketing for previous games actually showed more than that, like oh yeah, this game has drop dash, and special stages, and hmmmm….. oh yeah sonic runs i guess.

    with this latest trailer, I actually feel content , and that i have seen all things that i need to know about this game, feel like anything more than that is spoiling myself more than necessary.
  13. Forte


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    Oh cool, 3D Super Sonic becomes a first run, in-game mechanic, rather than an endgame final boss thingy. I like it.

    I can at least appreciate the effort Sonic Team puts in this game. Shame the world feels kinda empty and there are Sonic assets flying around the open zones.
  14. shilz


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    There are a few giant things in forces. The regular Death Egg Robots, The giant Infinite phantoms in the Avatar metropolis stage (that were seemingly repurposed from Perfect Chaos?) the bee robot, the giant crab, technically even the Egg Dragoon. I don't know if there would've been many but I feel like any of those as bosses wouldn't have been much different from what we did finally get.

    As for the Accessibility issues (aka difficulty issues aka people don't know how to play these games)

    People STILL don't understand the boost. The fact that it's been repurposed as a sprint probably reflects that, because that's a recognizable element from third person shooters like Fortnite or Days Gone. you have a meter, can press sprint and run for certain amount of time, and then you wait for it to refill or use it early at a cost of being way shorter. I don't know if this will change an issue like Rerez had with Forces, where they would only *press* boost and then call it a "broken combat system" because they never learn or WANT to learn because they went in wanting to bash on it, but this is the kind of thing they have to think about and try to solve at any cost, because...

    Most people who "prefer" "automation" don't actually know it's there even when it is. A mass audience has to understand a video game going in, or at least understand that they aren't going to understand it going in or having a greater incentive to figure it out, like an engaging story. Since the mass audience is what Sonic is trying to go for in most instances, they're probably going to go for trying to get people to understand a game going in, which means "automation" where they feel they can get away with it. They tried doing both with Forces, appealing to a mass audience and to the fanbase with their own idea of that, and it backfired because The Sonic Fanbase just outright rejected it, and when something is mass-rejected, it's that much harder to get people to actually play the game in any meaningful way or with the brown-tinted glasses like "ugh look how AWFUL this is" even though they're only half paying attention because they now think their inefficiency in the game is just the game being the big bad awful game everyone said it is. This is what makes inoffensive design (like Forces') so volatile, but in the best hands people will never think of a game as being not very complex.

    Other franchises and fangames are able to get away with not appealing to everyone just because they don't carry the same expectations Sonic does. And there's a whole lot of them Sonic carries. I think they've finally found a way to be unconventional but appealing in the conventional ways. Doing generally fan-favorable things like bringing Ian Flynn to write the story doesn't hurt either.
  15. RikohZX


    Yeah, good automation should make it feel like it's setpieces and a part of the overall flow. I think Generations managed to accomplish this for the most part besides in Planet Wisp's case, where the game's short dev cycle rears its ugly head the most. Done right, the average player shouldn't even realize or consider just how automated it is until after they've had their fun.

    Forces stages were so short, so usually-linear, and so dash panel laden to an absurd degree without setpieces in sight often enough that it became super blatant that the game never wants the characters to stop moving or else everything just sort of breaks. It showed its hand far too much, and it fell apart for that.
  16. DefinitiveDubs


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    I was slightly frustrated that the TGS trailer seemed to be sloppily edited to Vandalize and it was such a jarring contrast cutting to it after the first 20 seconds, almost as if it was a last-minute decision. So I attempted to time "I'm Here" to it instead, and I think it works much better. So much better that I wonder if this was the original music, prior to them realizing that the internet liked Vandalize so much more.
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  17. Kyro


    yeah im here feels more fitting to the pace of the trailer

    Side note, idk what this would be called but the way the titans teeth move and the several rows of them are SUPER unnerving to me in the best possible way, I actually really really like the titans design.

    Chaos emeralds are also really pretty

    Looking a bit more closely, the pillars sonic crashes through dont seem to be those ones we saw him climbing, i think those ones might indeed have been for just decoration, they dont look like they'd be easy to climb up.
  18. Azookara


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    The game just looks kinda boring going by what we've been given. Dull worlds, basic gameplay loop, vapid story content. The amount we've been given is the kinda stuff I feel like we'd have known about when any other game is first revealed.

    By now I would've expected a more extensive story trailer or stuff that seems more exciting than "Sonic has another half-automated fight with a big titan robot", but it seems like there might not be much more to the game than we've already seen. The newer trailer just kinda proves to me stuff we already knew/guessed was in (Super Sonic fights), and otherwise doesn't show much different about this island besides a change in scenery.

    This feels ultimately like the proper cost of a smaller team taking on task to make an open world game, and it only makes me question how much of the 20+ hours they promise is spent not doing filler.

    IDK, I just don't have a good feeling about it.
  19. Starduster


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    I’m sure you probably tried this and it just didn’t work, but I feel like you’d really want the chorus to kick in as Sonic transforms.
  20. DefinitiveDubs


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    Yeah I tried that, and it didn't work. Besides, I think it works better kicking in with the title. I also think the lyrics of "Who I'm meant to become" work well with Super Sonic.