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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. MontiP


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    Memes aside, I believe that, as the story progresses and Sonic gradually recovers his memories, these stages become longer (which was appareantly confirmed) and (hopefully) more complex, whether in it's layout or it's presentation.

    In the end I could be wrong though, so take what I said with a grain of salt. :V
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  2. Laura


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    The Cyberspace level is just Forces all over again. Shallow level with no branching roads or paths and is over in about a minute. So unless we see a level from the mid game and it's a lot more sophisticated I'm just assuming the Cyberspace levels are going to be bad. Should have expected this with Kishomoto but still it's disappointing. The return of quick step could suggest something more ambitious. But unlikely so far.
  3. Venom Snake

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    I'd care more about the short cyberspace level lengths if that was the only part of the game. Fortunately, the game seems to be much more focused on the open world, which implies to me that the intentions of the cyberspace levels are to be more like challenge levels akin to special stages or the sub-acts of Unleashed/Colors. My biggest beef with Forces was how underwhelming the level design was and the complete lack of freedom, with Frontiers clearly having a giant sprawling open world, I care far less about linear levels as now if I really want that freedom, there's a giant open world to explore. I'm very excited for that at least.
  4. Vertette


    ... yeah it's the tutorial level. The other levels seem longer so far so I doubt it's an indication of anything.
  5. Flare


    Well Sonic Forces did get longer too…

    and I don’t get this whole ‘it’s a tutorial level’ trope. Ok it’s zone 1 that teaches the player mechanics and controls in a safe environment.

    The original Green Hill Zone was also a ‘tutorial level’. Tropical Resort was a ‘tutorial level’.

    It reused short level design from Unleashed. Fine whatever. It’s Sonic Team cutting corners.
    It doesn’t need ‘it’s a tutorial level’ as a way of explaining that decision or why Sonic Forces Green Hill was so short.
  6. Vertette


    Granted I'm not a fan of it either, but the other videos we've seen were of levels that clearly can't be beaten in 30 seconds when played normally so I really don't think it's anything to worry about yet.

    Every level in that game is short.
  7. Flare


    Forces had zones that lasted longer than a minute. Duration doesn’t equal good level design.

    It’s the argument that it’s ok it’s short because it’s a tutorial level I have issue with. Or it’s ok to reuse level design from a 14 year old game because it’s for the tutorial level.

    It feels more like a lack of passion for these stages than anything.

    I liked Sonic Unleashed’s opening zone. And I’m fine with them reusing it. But let’s not make excuses for Sonic Team here. They aren’t reusing it because it was a perfect level to introduce the player… it is more corner cutting.

    And assuming that this is the tutorial, so you aren’t learning in the open world you are learning how to jump and homing attack here… which feels weird for a game about being open world (would the tutorial not make sense there)… this is your introduction to the game - why should it feel less than the rest of the game?
  8. Gestalt


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    I bet it plays exactly how it looks, so I'm not worrying too much about the controls. But does it get repetitive after a while? How's the replayability? I'm a bit concerned that once you've figured out how this game works, it'll lose a bit of its steam. 4 to 5 islands... If all Kronos Island has to offer is grass and trees + ruins, and the other islands follow that motif, then I bet it gets boring real quick.

    But yeah, the enemy design looks fantastic and the combat looks fun. The music that plays during the trailer is also very good and I think it was a nice touch how after saving the little Koco and listening to Sage's weird chatter, Sonic doesn't respond and just heads straight off to Cyberspace.

    I'm looking forward to Friday. Hope everything goes well.
  9. Laura


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    Inadequate argument. The tutorial levels of Sonic games typically set the standard for what follows. Green Hill in Generations is a linear level compared to what follows but is far more complex and sophisticated than the level in Frontiers. The same is true for the opening level of Lost World.
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    Artwork and classes
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    I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what it is. Iizuka keeps saying he keeps wanting to do something new with Sonic, but instead it's stuck in the boost formula because that's what's been successful for them so far. And they're out of steam. They have no idea what to do with the formula anymore. There's nowhere for it to go. So of course they're like "fuck it, repackage old levels and say some shit about how Sonic is remembering them or something".

    It's hilarious to imagine that Sonic not only remembers where he's been in life but every single curve, grind rail, and spring, down to the very last detail.
  12. MontiP


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    Who said this?
  13. Battle against the Tower mini-boss:

    Looks very engaging, and apparently Sonic can slide.

    Sky Sanctuary full level:

    ...not as engaging and pretty short. There are branching paths but doesn't look to be any branching routes. Certainly a step above Forces in engagement (a bunch of places where you could fall to a lower path if you're not careful) but not anywhere close to Unleashed/Generations in terms of level-specific gimmicks, design, or length. TSS described the stages they've played as "arcade"-like, and that does feel to be true.

    Apparently Sky Sanctuary has a vocal theme as well:
  14. Zephyr


    Hey, if they're lifting level design from Unleashed's tutorial stage, maybe they'll also lift level design from some of its (and Generations') more lengthy and elaborate stages too! Maybe we'll get Empire City wearing a Planet Wisp skin. :V

    Granted, even if they don't, the open zone world seems to be the real meat and potatoes, so I'm not really too bothered by it.

    That's honestly a huge indictment of the team's creativity at this point, if so. Let these people go do something else if they can't think of any way to spice this shit up. Add multiple playable characters. Add multiplayer. Add laps. Let the boost gameplay be the racing game it's practically begging to be. It's unfathomable that this (apparently) hasn't clicked for any of the game designers at Sonic Team after nearly 15 years.
  15. MootPoint


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    I don't know why the developers seem to hate drifting nowadays. You can make the argument that if Sonic got good controls, he doesn't need one but I'd argue that it helps make the player more engaged. I keep seeing turns in these levels where the game basically had to control Sonic for you and it always looks off to me.

    At least with the drift, it helps avoid making the levels into a completely straight line and you actually have control over Sonic, which keeps the player involved instead of taking control away. Honestly, I think that's why the level design is so boring recently because they kept the "keep going fast" boost gameplay, which naturally becomes harder to control, but they removed the ability to help Sonic make tighter turns at those fast speeds, lol.
  16. Blue Spikeball

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    Drifting was one of the things that added more interaction and complexity to the mere act of running and I was disappointed to see it go, especially after Generations got it right.

    Um, fans have been aware that the Pontac version was the original and the Japanese was the localization for years now. They just disliked the English scripts because they hated their dialogue and characterizations, not because they think they're localizations.
  17. Looking very good
  18. SuperSnoopy


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    I think they made it clear at this point the open world will be the main event here, so stages being short affairs doesn't really bums me out. They're even fully 3D! Combined with the overworld this is the most 3D we've gotten out of a "3D Sonic game" since 16 years ago and this is already enough for me to be incredibly hyped. Here's hoping the 2D stages are few and far between.

    I'm also very pleasantly surprised that the "stamina bar boost" seem to be a thing even in the platforming stages. I always assumed these stages will have the old boost mechanic and you'd just have to press the x button and let the game plays itself for the entire stage, but things look a bit more involved this time around.

    Fuck me, this is all so good. Haven't been this hyped for a Sonic game since forever ago lol
  19. charcoal


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    The cyberspace stages look fun. I’m on the fence about the way the boost works though. It seems like it’d be more fun to just be able to boost infinitely (especially in the open world) but I could be wrong.

    I’m definitely gonna be pre ordering the game now, though. Can’t wait to play it.