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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    Man I’d be willing to pony up an extra 10 quid just for a pdf full of development artwork for the game if not for the fact that this is the third time in a row SEGA is pulling this shit with Sonic and it’s transparently greedy and money grubbing. Unless Frontiers also appears on Fanatical for like £20, I ain’t biting. They can fuck off.
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    These cyberspace levels woulda been disappointing on their own but ooooooof after finishing Spark 3 I'm just baffled. Spark 3 is a game made by a single dude in South America and it somehow manages to have more engaging level design that works with its game's mechanics. It IS rather linear and there's not enough alternate paths IMO but it's also made by one dude so I can forgive it for that.
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  4. I’m wondering if they’re trying to pull a reversal with the story. Like have us think that Sage and all the ?robots? are villains, but then they pull the rug out from under us and reveal that the Kokos or whatever are actually demonic abominations in disguise and that we’ve unwillingly been helping the true threat (Eggman?) of the game the whole time.

    Just something I’ve been pondering given the dialogue in the trailer and the whole digital aesthetics we’ve seen and heard (when the Koko walks it sounds like dial tones). Sage and the titans come off as a pseudo-security system of the islands. Instead of a giant, black smoke monster like in Lost, it’s just an A.I. with an autonomous army at her disposal.
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    Yeah there’s something weird about those little things. The sounds are kinda korok like but as they were manufactured. There’s a little robot twang to their voices.
  6. An incredibly minor, probably irrelevant, and small detail, but the "ZAP" (or whatever it's supposed to be) imprint/logo from previous trailers appears in the glitch effect during the "FORGE A NEW FRONTIER" part:
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    You know, my brother JUST wondered a similar thing, and honestly, I'm not against of that happening in the game.

    + - Like, what if the purple haired woman is the true villain of Frontiers, and she made the Kokos or something?  
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    Welp, 2.5D Green Hill is kind of a letdown. I mean we already had confirmation of 2D, but it still stings. But I'm willing to give it one more chance since it's probably not going to be a Rush-style boost fest with no legitimate enemies or obstacles, unless there is some kind of unlockable skill where the boost kills enemies and then we're back to square one...

    Desert looks pretty cool honestly, I love the contrast between the open desert and that beach area. Also nice to see confirmation of 5 islands, since that's more than the leaks led me to expect. I'm at least gonna be happy with the amount of content in this game, so I only hope it's good content.

    The trailer itself was really weird. I liked the new footage but I'm confused why we're still seeing shots of the same shoddy combat animations from the IGN build (using the word "animations" liberally because I don't think there is one for some of Sonic's midair actions) and I'm a little disappointed we saw a few of the same areas from the Switch trailer. I know the levels are short, but I would've liked to see a little bit more of the city level instead of that exact same segment. I hope they're just sandbagging and they don't wanna show off any more than that. Thankfully we're only 2 and a half months away from finding out... it honestly would've sucked to wait until December lol.

    As for the story stuff... I don't think we really learned anything. We knew about Kocos, SAGE's name, we saw that shot of the giant mech, Amy being imprisoned, etc. But I guess this isn't really geared toward people like us who are a bit ahead of the curve. Amy's prison looked kinda dope, and I liked the sound of Roger's voice from what I could hear. SAGE's lines were a bit a mysterious, it kinda sounded like she thinks Sonic is gonna fuck up the whole world, which has me curious considering all of these events are only happening on this little isolated set of islands.

    All in all, I just really hope we see some extensive footage from the show floor, since there wasn't much in the story trailer.

    Edit: After reading more of this thread, the deluxe edition looks like ass. $10 for a digital art book is kind of ridiculous considering that used to actually get you a physical artbook or some kind of bonus... also the bonus seeds and keys honestly turn me away from it... I will never understand the appeal of paying MORE money to skip parts of the game, when it's designed in such a way that you're supposed to experience the natural progression of difficulty and find these collectibles yourself. It's not like Radianite points in something like Valorant, where the bonuses actually have value, it's just a shortcut lol. The pre-order stuff is pretty okay though, thankfully it's just some random items and not anything significant. I'm okay with $60 and idk why anybody isn't, considering we've known this for a long time now and they are marketing it as a AAA title after all. Cosmetics sounds dope (whoever said SOAP shoes don't get your hopes up because that company was bought out by Heelys years ago) and hopefully they're not like those goofy things Blind Squirrel gave us in Colors Ultimate.
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    yeah at this point I think I just want to play the game and see for myself. I still feel mostly ambivalent, leaning on positive. I'm not exactly hyped like "yoo this game is gonna be amazing" but I also don't think it'll be the worst thing ever.
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    I wanted to follow suit but I forgot the long cool name from greek mythology I wanted to write here.

    I mostly expect Poseidon, Gaia and Vulcano, but maybe Gaia not because Unleashed (that name may appear but not for an island) and Vulcano is so straightforward they may switch to something else. Sorry, bad guess, we have "time" and "war" for the time being, so they'll probably go for abstract concepts. I'd bet Erebus will be on the list, and I'm totally forgetting everything I know about greek mythology so I'm remembering "god of this" or "god of that" but not actual names to place more bets.
  11. Japanese version of the Gamescom story trailer:

    Sage's voice and line delivery are quite different.

    EDIT: ...also, it ends abruptly?

    EDIT 2: ...and it's private now.
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    I think Vulcano is a roman god, not a greek one.

    For some reason I expect Atlas.
  13. It's been reuploaded with the full length:

    EDIT: Also! Japanese version comes with some goodies if you order from


    EDIT: Sorry, I got it 100% straightened out after viewing the original Japanese product page:

    The Limited Edition comes with:
    • Art book
    • Koco figure thing (?)
    The Acrylic diorama edition comes with:
    • Diorama
    BOTH "DX" versions of each (e.g. Limited Edition DX / Acrylic Diorama Edition DX) come with their respective noted items above, plus:
    • Ink Painting Supersonic Hedgehog “New Frontier” Hanging Scroll Style Tapestry
    • Postcard book
    • Coco's stuffed toy pouch
    • Set of 3 types of magnet art
    • Sticker sheet
    Limited Edition DX links:
    Acrylic Diorama Edition DX links:

    EDIT: Last edit, I's a website previewing those mentioned deluxe edition goodies from linked above:
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  14. I’m surprised that the JP version seems to have a different cover. That’s pretty rare for Sonic games (excluding slight differences like writing the title in katakana vs letters).
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    Why does Japan get all the cool stuff when they don't like Sonic? Seems ridiculous. Meanwhile we get ingame maguffins.
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    Twitter link as a backup. As a reminder, here's what was written up in GameInformer's article:
    This makes me question why Ian Flynn was even brought on in the first place. If they were going to rewrite the dialogue for Japan, why not just do their own in-house script? What's the point of attaching him to the project?

    Also, the absolute fucking hypocrisy I know I'm about to see on display:
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    It basically comes down to SoJ having the resolution to do it.

    It's a shame though, only Generations (in Europe at least) and Mania got cool editions outside of Japan.