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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. I fine with that, but you must know and can see there is so much hate with anything Sonic Team or the likes of 343.

    That sounds like giving Fromsoftware a free pass and I'm not on about the main characters, but NPC's and they're far less detailed than Craig and no outcry ... The usual excuse is it's not a 1st party title ...

    I never saw the same outcry with Zelda: BOTW

    So many Sonic trolls are going to hate, for no other reason Than it's a 3D Sonic game, made by the Sonic Team.
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    SA1 pretty much closed the equivalent to a first arc or saga.
    SA2 started what could be deemed The Project Shadow arc.
    Hence SA1 answering questions while SA2 generating others.
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    ...No, not really. People are quick to judge, but that's entirely the responsibility of the devs themselves. Perhaps if they wanted players to trust them more they should have simply made more consistently well-liked games.

    It's not a "free pass". NPCs in souls games are not extremely intensely-rendered because they don't need to be. There was no "outrage" over a low-detail character like in Halo because Halo is the game that depends more on the things you see up close looking detailed. Are you also going to get upset that far-away objects use low-resolution assets?

    I'm beginning to become frustrated with just how deliberately you seem to be missing my point here. Not only is Breath of the wild more directed than Frontiers first appeared, not only did people indeed criticize it for looking too-open anyway, but Zelda is a totally different kind of game from Sonic. You can't just act like 100% of games hold the exact same priorities and need to be judged by your same subjective standards. Pointing at Skyrim and saying "see? It's buggy too!!!" Does not change the fundamental reasons people dislike Sonic 06.

    No, they're not, dude. There is not a shadowy cabal of internet goblins plotting to sabotage the game. I'm sick of this shit where you act like the game can't be criticized. This is exactly what we went through with Forces, and you're on a great track to give anyone who's optimistic a bad name.
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    Bluntly, we're not gaining anything by going around in the circles of Team Andromeda's "Sonic and Halo are hated while (game in franchise) isn't" topic. Most games look golden if you aren't in the trenches actively digging around in their core communities. A few of us have told them this, they haven't listened, that will be that. Let's save ourselves the time of engaging that tangent more.
  5. Apparently we have a date for Sonic Frontiers.

    And Denuvo...
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    Hmmm don’t know if I’ll be getting at launch then. I don’t want it on Switch if my laptop can run it better, but I don’t want to take chances with performance on Denuvo…
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    Blue Blood

    Denuvo is just a given now for all new Sonic releases. It'll be news when it gets removed from an existing game, as with Mania, or when it's not included from the outset. But until then, Denuvo being included is about as newsworthy as the statement "Sonic is blue".

    November 8th seems like a pretty reasonable release date, although these Steam dates are often just realistic placeholder. I' getting it on PS5, unless I do the unthinkable and also buy an XSX before it's out. No chance I'll be playing it on Switch. That version is practically guaranteed to be almost worthless to anyone with access to other platforms, unless portability is just that important to them. I'd pretty much forgotten that this game is essentially being spread across three generations of hardware. So even if you don't have a PS5 or XSXS, if you're a console gamer then chances are that you'll at least still have a PS4 or XB1.
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    Isnt November 8th within a day or two of the new God of War's release date? I feel like they wouldnt want to be competing with that so directly

    As far as denuvo, shrug. It being in other games has never, ever impacted my performance in any meaningful way but im likely just lucky on that front.
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    It's also very close to the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Very questionable release date.
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    Where else are they gonna put it? Holiday 2023?
    if they end up keeping the $40 pricepoint of the previous then it'll probably give that edge from the start as well.
  11. SEGA better starting making some heavy marketing stuff lol.
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    Sonic Frontiers/Metaverse cross-promotion
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    This post is probably in jest… but golly I hope not. That said I think it would be kinda cool if they maybe made a Frontiers inspired world in speed simulator.
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    I expect the game to be fully priced at $60 (maybe even higher on current-gen consoles) but I have no idea. It would be a surprise to see it priced lower.
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    I thought I recalled a press statement from Sega saying they were going to have Frontiers be “full priced” or something when compared to forces price. I think my memory may be incorrect there and I’m just recalling a website putting $64 as a placeholder price for Frontiers (
  16. What with an NPC, that people needed to freeze frame to show Craig's faceless expression? and where that faceless expression was on screen for about sec. Please!

    I'm just on about when a game is 1st shown off and where none of us has played the tile in question. You can usually bet if it's a 343, Sonic Team, EA Ubisoft In will come the social hate, along with the highly expressive avatar picture click link on YouTube. On the bias of seeing Sonic Frontiers gameplay, it reminded me very much of Halo Infinite. Huge outcry piss taking over graphics and how the game needed to be taken away from the developer, but I bet in the end, the game will be fun..

    We'll see in a few months' time.

    I thought that was a decent game, a massive step backwards from Sonic Gen, but still fun in parts and had some better boss battles for a Sonic 3D game. The issue I had, was the boost levels were just simply far too short and a big cutback/comedown from the massive boost levels seen in the likes of Unleashed, Gen and even Colors. I enjoyed it on the One X

    I'll call out Sonic 06, which was an unfinished game that should never have been released, to make the silly 15th-anniversary deadline. I didn't like Sonic The BlackKnight, Dark Brotherhood, Sonic Fighters, Sonic 06, Sonic 3D and I just hated Shadow the Hedgehog (even if it was just a spinoff I found that worse than Sonic 06). Most of the other Sonic games and spinoffs I've enjoyed. I just think many jump on the Sonic Hate bandwagon, usually without owning the games in question.

    I'll give you another example of the Sonic Hate one see's online. Just look at Origins, you'll think it's a broken mess of a game or that it's way overpriced. The package is still highly playable and sure SEGA, looks to ask more money for extra content, but its only a £5 more for the deluxe version in total little more over £35. Nintendo look to charge full price for the Zelda Skyward Sword On the Switch(just 1 game) which is just a basic HD remaster and also to get all the content, Nintendo look to hide it behind a £25 Amiibo.. Meaning to get all the content/extras you need to pay £70 and yet no outcry.

    That's what it is, to be Sonic.
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    Dude, you just double-posted quoting me with the same bad arguments that got your last post trashed. I don't think there's any more ways for me to explain that people's opinions are a result of the things they experience and not made up just to target Sonic for no reason, and even if there were, you clearly are not listening. Can you not take a hint? Just drop this.
  18. This might just be SEGA messing around with the Steam listing, but the release date on SteamDB has been changed to December 3rd, and Denuvo has been removed off the listing:
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    I want to see Sonic universe Seinfeld.

    "And what's the deal with Angel Island? Is it an angel, or is it an island? What's up with that?"
  20. Fair enough. I'll get back to you come the release of the game :)