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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. I'm a little late to responding to the rapid fire question video, but I was sad to hear a flat, "no." when he was asked about a Sonic Maker being possible. Lotta challenges with a maker game though even for a 2D Sonic and they're not the team that could make it, so it makes sense.
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    But it was presented as the first gameplay reveal, "environment showcase" or not (it also made the environments look worse than they are). If it did a bad job showing off the gameplay and a bad job showing off the environment, then it makes perfect sense that people would have a negative reaction.

    Yes, this fanbase is cynical and it does overreact. Yes, gamers outside the fanbase don't know how to pick apart footage when judging new Sonic games. Both of these things can be true and it can still be caused by the series itself. I do not think of myself as a cynical fan. I had my fun with Lost World, and Forces, and Rise of Lyric! I'm running a youtube series where I've mostly trashed on the old game gear games and I will almost certainly be nicer to new ones even if they don't deserve it. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be honest about why Sonic stuff gets the attention and reactions that it does, and in this case, people disliked what was shown because they didn't make a good showing. They've made better ones since then, and people are liking those better. Why does it have to be bigger than that?
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    I would not trust a sonic maker with current sonic team. Head Canon and Christian whitehead, absolutely, but not with current Sonic Team
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    There's also Sonic Studio right here. :V
  5. Well sure totally agree.
    Ironically enough, a 3d sonic maker might be doable. Paste your boost corridors and your blocky 2d platforming and you've made your own sonic 3d level
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    Not optimistic about "serious tone" at all, but I guess Ian has earnt a try. Please be less closer to SA2 and more closer to SA1.
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  7. Josh


    My sentiments, exactly. Sonic Adventure is very much of a game of its time in terms of its presentation. But there's a lot of charm underneath all that awkward voice acting and dialogue and jank. It strikes a pretty ideal tone in my book for a more "serious" take on a Sonic story.

    SA2's story and tone was explicitly trying to appeal to the tastes of someone who hadn't liked what Sonic had been to that point. And while I think it only tipped the scales, Shadow and 06 pretty well broke them. SA2's new take on Sonic wound up looking way worse in hindsight, as most Sonic Team titles released over the next decade or so doubled down on its direction. I really don't want to go back there, but I do trust Flynn to strike the right balance if he's gonna try and appeal to the many fans who do. Knock on wood, anyway!
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    I’m a big Ian Flynn fan. I trust Flynn to do a great job fleshing out Frontiers story with excellent dialogue. Whether the story is worth being told in the first place I have no idea. Sega doesn’t have a great track record with stories but I can’t say I have a positive or negative feeling going into the game. We’ll see what happens
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    I guess we're finally getting a "Spin Slash" in Sonic's moveset.
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    I hope Quick Cyloop doesn’t replace the default Cyloop because the combat gameplay has shown that they do function in their own distinct ways with differing practical applications.
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    Just heard the rapid fire interview too. I would trust Sega/Sonic Team to make a Sonic Maker. haha. Seriously. Also sad he said no. I posted a prediction that was going to be an Anniversary game.

    I really like what they’ve said about the story. I’m able to get invested in even simpler storylines because I think it’s important to the characters and the creators took the time to come up with it. Frontiers sounds like it’s gonna be really meaningful.
  12. If you saw comments like I admire Sonic Team trying something different,I like the dropping of the on rails boost style gameplay, but the game looks rough, not finished needs more work Ect, then fair enough. Straight away mind, it was the knife's out, so very much like with Halo and anything 343
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    I have seen comments of all stripes for every Sonic game to come out. What I am saying here is that I do not think there is any comparison to be made for this game, because the reaction has very quickly changed. I don't see what is so complicated about this.
  14. Called it. That would explain why you don’t lose the rings immediately upon getting hit. It’s still jarring to see Sonic damaged and then lose rings so long after the impact though.
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    I think you are looking at the real-life fact "SA2, or more specifically SA2B on the gamecube introduced a huge amount of young people at the time to Sonic" and reading waaaaaaaaay too much into it. Most of us SA2B kids were like five--we had zero idea of what Sonic was before then, it just was Sonic to us. I dunno what exactly you mean here. SA2 in any case was just continuing in Sonic's tradition of putting more effort into worldbuilding and later storytelling than most platformers did--even in the Genesis trilogy, it was unusual in trying to depict actual locations in a wider world with names unlike the surreal obstacle courses of Mario.

    People talk about 3D Sonic's storytelling focus like it came out of nowhere and it really didn't. You can argue it derailed into something degenerate by 06 and Shadow, sure. I'd even mostly agree. But Sonic was always defined partially by a stronger focus on characters and worldbuilding than its peers. There's a reason why Sonic has the longest running video game comic, like five different cartoons, and a currently running movie franchise, and Mario has had like...two manga and like one cartoon.

    SA2 was a pretty big departure tonally and aesthetically (and even then, the ARK is so clearly a remnant of Classic Sonic's surreal geometries) from what came before, yeah, I'll give you that, but I don't view it as the completely incoherent derailment some people say it is.
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  16. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    … Josh is referring to a quote by Shiro Maekawa, the game’s writer, where he says he disliked Genesis-era Sonic and used SA2 to depart from that and write a Sonic who appealed to his own sensibilities.
  17. Forte


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    Well, the first SA felt like natural evolution of the classic storytelling, SA2 felt like a step up from SA.

    And then came Shadow and 06, and Colours ruined storytelling in Sonic games for 10 years or so.

    They did it right with Unleashed though. A perfect balance. I hope Frontiers is just like Unleashed.
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    well there was that Sonic Level Creator thing on the old PlaySEGA website (if anyone even remembers this) that actually came before Mario Maker lol
    Sonic Studio is really impressive to me, it'd be cool if it ever became an official thing
  19. I definitely remember. Cool thing but not quite there as a full featured tool, engine was way off iirc, etc