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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. I might just be overlooking but where is the indication about the spindash again?
  2. astroblema


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    It's a secret!
    maybe they spent so much of their budget on the actual game they only had like $5 for the whole marketing scheme
  3. Iizuka also avoided answering the questions about how the rings worked in relation to the upgradeable defense stat as well as the question about the difficulty progression of puzzle design. Just something I noticed.

    Also, is anyone else starting to think that the earlier leaks about a "ghost girl" were not literal, but that wording was chosen simply because the voice was disembodied?
  4. Are we... getting Tikal 2 for this game? This feels very like Sonic Adventure-y.
  5. raphael_fc


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    I think this new footage looks pretty good and the game might actually be pretty fun to play. I'm excited.
  6. RDNexus


    There's a sixth video, Freerun Gameplay #2:

    So the forum doesn't allow more than 5 vids per post.
    Maybe that's why you didn't post it alongside the rest.
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  7. Palas


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    Dear God I apparently misread air-dash as spindash. Wishful thinking I guess?
  8. MootPoint


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    No, Spin Dash WAS in there but they updated the article to mention Air Dashing instead. Not sure if that was an accidental leak or a typo.
  9. Snowbound


    You didn’t misread it. They initially made a typo:
  10. Cooljerk


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    The little free form level design that leads to collectables they're showing off in these clips looks outstanding. This actually reminds me more of something like Banjo Kazooie or Mario Odyssey meets Sonic Unleashed than BotW. You can kind of see the philosophy at work, that there's a rhyme to the seemingly random rails and springs everywhere. I like in the above clip where the red mechanical platforms at the end naturally create a path that the player runs along, but there's absolutely no reason they can't go off the path (which they do). Seems if you read the level cues they have throughout these worlds, they lead to the goals.

    The Easy Allies preview mentioned that they were able to get an item by accident, as in not how the level design intended for them to get the item. But rather, they got it through clever use of other level set pieces. That sort of free flowing design sounds great IMO.
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  11. ...That's probably the first time so far I have seen the air boost (or really any of the boost games mechanics) being utilized anywhere close to properly since the beginning.

    Also, around 0:39 was that a spin kick or a trick? actuually, maybe it's a dodge?

    Around 0:44, he has some sort of sparkles on him I assume let him do a backflip. Is that a situational thing caused by some invisible level gimmick or a natural part of Sonic's moveset?
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  12. Hydr0city


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    That has me excited more than anything else I've heard so far, honestly. I'm a huuuuuge sucker for level design/gameplay design that lets you tackle shit however you really want - there is an intended way, but if you master the controls, you can get shit way earlier than intended. Mario Odyssey does that in strives and I think it makes that game fucking amazing, so if Frontiers has that kind of design I'll be singing it's praises 'till kingdom come.
  13. MH MD

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  14. Hydr0city


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    Sonic Team when pestered about Sonic's controls:

  15. Dark Sonic

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    Ya that's a pretty insane level of customization that I never expected coming from Sonic Team.

    This from the team that made Forces, the game with the stiffest controls and most ridiculous acceleration.
  16. Zigetch


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    Shnikes, this game's gone from "it looks okayish" to genuine excitement for me over the past few hours.
  17. foXcollr


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    Customizable controls?? SONIC TEAM?? This is so out of left field lol.

    Also, some weird things:

    1. At 4:33 in the Easy Allies video, Sonic runs off a platform and does a little flip, which looks like a nice touch. But then, shortly after he does a few mid-air tricks and it still looks just as bad as the IGN footage. I'm really confused here, because the first one looked extremely polished and then the tricks right after it just looked awful.

    2. Holy shit combat looks a lot more fun when it's played by a human person. Everything Easy Allies showed looked super fluid and all the animations - both Sonic's and the enemies' - looked really impactful compared to what we saw before, with lots of speedy attacking, zooming around enemies, and a boatload of hitstop to make it all look cool.... only thing that bugs me is Sonic still standing midair for no reason between attacks.

    3. Pop-in still seems to be a very prominent thing like they said, even in sections where the camera just turns to a different direction, like when Sonic finishes a puzzle. As nice as that thumbnail above looks with Sonic on the corkscrew rail and the 3 purple rings, you'll notice even the second closest ring from Sonic is using an LOD model, and it's right behind him, so it seems like the stream loading is very inconsistent at this stage in development.

    4. That's... the Eggman logo on that big red platform with the orange crates under it. So that's seemingly our very first trace of him in this world, and I'm curious to see at what point he actually shows up.

    5. Collecting the little creatures sounds fair enough, but calling them "Cocos"/"Kokos" feels a little bit too on-the-nose... it does not feel like they're trying to hide it, especially with the "Elder" character, who we see in the video briefly as Sonic runs by him on a platform. Just looks like a knockoff Hestu.

    6. Super interested to find out what "High Speed Mode" and "Action Mode" feel like, maybe they could just be alternate control schemes. I am a bit worried about Sonic feeling "squirrely", that doesn't sound good.

    7. Enemy design looks incredible, I need this game just so I can look at them all. Tower boss looks kinda phallic tho, gonna bet right now that Twitter is gonna run that joke into the ground
  18. Palas


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    Right. But. What other reaction was possible? If we can't understsand the game from the very limited footage we're being given, what would he have us compare Sonic Frontiers to? I mean. He talks as if it wasn't the marking team that decided to give information the way they're doing?
  19. RikohZX


    It's not a massive change but I hate that I was right that first impressions really were with what seems to be an earlier build.