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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    *edit* disregard what I said here, sorry.
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  2. Blue Blood

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    I agree with you fully about Sonic's design. But I do want a proper story again. Just something to add a context to the adventure and the characters' actions. And have a few events actually happen over the course of the story. I'm not asking for the world, and I definitely don't want something that tries to incorporate elements that try to be dark, edgy or mature as in Shadow, '06 and Forces. Unleashed, SA1, S3K, SatSR, Rush, Rush Adventure, Rivals, Rivals 2... They all get the job done.

    You can see his mouth in several frames, and it's clear that he's smiling. I think you're reading too much into it. Sonic's just got very detailed animations in this teaser, more so than in comparable footage such as the Colours and Unleashed openings or the Forces and Generations teasers.
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    Ok, people, look here for a moment, read the name of a different game from a different series I've written down there, and let me know what comes to your mind immediately or after checking out youtube to remember said game. Ready? Let's go!


    Also known in other languages as what would translate as "Pokémon Ranger: Traces of Light". That's the game that came to my mind when I watched the teaser and specially when I read here Sonic Rangers is the (working?) title of the new game. The ancient tech thing also brought Rise of Lyric to my mind, but, oh, well.

    Now, part of what the leaks say reminds me a lot of what Sega is preparing for PSO2:NGS. I can't help but think Sega could be copying their own work here (Sonic Team plagiarizing Phantasy Star Crew, sounds legit). Not necessarily bad, but a bit meh if I'm right.

    From here on, since we know nothing and can guess that much from what we've seen (again, nothing), we can speculate as much as we want. I'd say there's a possibility Eggman is a playable character again with his own story so everyone can fight the final monster boss of the week like in SA2. If there's nature, there's cyberspace, and Eggman doesn't seem to be the main antagonist, thinking Eggman tried to do some VR experiment that went wild and trapped him along the heroes seems legit, which could lead to the heroes trying to convince the AI of said VR to respect nature and rise against its creator (Eggman), and doc trying to regain control of it. The AI could decide protecting the nature suits it best and the chaos emeralds should be under its control so no being can abuse them or that it should use them to cease all conflict against nature, etc.

    For the reasons of the AI going independent, Eggman could have tried to integrate some ancient piece of technology on his own device, which could also mean where those glyphs came and also why drawing those signs when Sonic runs would allow him to access the different levels of the game (fancy passwords, don't you think so?). Skill trees could also be there to learn those glyphs and other VR commands, and it would excuse learning other kind of stuff that would be absolutely irrelevant outside of this game.

    Finally (omg I wrote another wall of text), regarding boost: it could still be in this game in a new (and evidently improved) form that would allow us to actually turn, probably being the only way to activate the glyphs that would teleport us to the cyberspace if I'm right in my speculation.
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    Next time never comes

    I'll care then
  5. BadBehavior


    Dude, "going back to Sonic's roots" has been a marketing point since SA2. Heroes went back, 06 went back, Unleashed went back, Colours went back etc etc. It's like the bopy who cried wolf if the wolf is some nebulous concept of "roots" that Sonic games have strayed from which they must return to and inevitably never do.

    It means literally nothing at this point.
  6. MH MD

    MH MD

    Funnily enough, i wasn't aware of this game existence until like 3 days ago, and someone pointed out to me that in that game you defeat enemies by.....drawing a circle around them, just like what the "spincycle" move in this new game, according to leaks, funny coincidence.

    or is it?
  7. Dek Rollins

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    Sorry to be that guy, but I just wanted to point out that his name is Takashi, not Takahashi.

    Regarding whether this new game will be returning to anything resembling Sonic Adventure, I just don't think there's enough information. Even with the leaks, the description of the gameplay isn't specific enough to tell me what to expect from it. The only concrete thing we can really see is that the art direction will seemingly be more realistically based like Adventure was.
  8. Blue Spikeball

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    If anything, I'd think the "spincycle" was inspired by NiGHTS' paraloop.
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  9. Gestalt


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    I'm still trying to figure out how a complex open world could function in the context of a Sonic game. What's the intention behind all this? Will dashing through wide open areas alone guarantee you a fun game? The more I use my imagination, the more impossible it seems to find a good middle ground between stunning graphics and fast gameplay. No more boost/hold right to win, but what actually is it then, that keeps you from running past everything? My expectations have been scrambled. Will Sonic run up a mountain?

    Can't wait for the gameplay trailer.
  10. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    Figured this post was worth sharing. The idea here is that "Rangers" was just a production name and the real name will be Sonic Chaos. Pretty interesting and ties into that idea that the Chaos Emeralds will have more importance in the story this time, but would SEGA really call it that since the name "Sonic Chaos" is technically already taken?
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  11. SonicGenesis89


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    Oh, man this has my mind completely blown right now lol. This would fit into my theory that I've been having long before this teaser trailer even came out that this next game's story will be about the Chaos Emeralds or some kind of origin story for them. This has me getting really excited and intrigued now but I need to remind myself that this could just be some kind of strange coincidence and the game's title really is just "Sonic Rangers".

    When you look at how this logo is laid out with the grid lines it really does make a lot of sense. The custom letters match the style completely and fits perfectly against the background. There's some blank space where letters could hypothetically go. Everything seems to match up so well here. Man, lol, my mind is really running with all kinds of ideas right now it's going to drive me crazy. I did initially feel that it was an incomplete logo when I first saw the teaser trailer and figured that the true name would be revealed later on.

    Before the leaks surfaced, names like "Zap" made absolutely no sense to me. Sonic Rangers is kind of a long title so to work it into this incomplete logo here would take up a lot of that background space blocking most of the detailed patterns. I've seen some people make nice recreations on Twitter where they were able to incorporate the entire title of Sonic Rangers but it required them rotating the image of the incomplete title and taking up two rows of space in order for it to completely fit.

    I'm honestly kind of convinced now that this might actually be the title lol. This is going to be my new head canon until the official title is unveiled. If it does end up being "Chaos" I think I will completely freak out! I don't think the name would be off limits just because it was used for Sonic Chaos for the Game Gear. They did call Sonic 06 Sonic the Hedgehog after all.
  12. Shaddy the guy

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    Between Sonic Boom, Lost World and the name "Sonic the hedgehog", there is absolutely no reason to assume SEGA wouldn't use the same name for different projects, but I'm still gonna say it's an unsubstantiated longshot, since we have to then assume that A. The mark is an English word at all, B. That the game isn't called Sonic Rangers, and C. That whatever it does say is the game's title.
  13. raphael_fc


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    I can see Rangers being just a production name, but I don't see this 'ziO thing as Chaos (though it would be beautiful if true). That thing is so incomprehensible that we can write pretty much anything on it.
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  14. Crimson Neo

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    I admit even tho' we already have a game with that name, I would totally love this being called "Sonic Chaos". I don't deslike "Sonic Rangers", by the way.
  15. Andrew75


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    Burning Rangers Go!
  16. Despatche


    The big thing is that the leaks make sense. They may not turn out to be true, but it's very hard to not imagine that the final product will probably at least resemble the leaks.

    Over in Mario land, they just got something called Bowser's Fury. It's an "open world-ish" game, something obviously different from Breath of the Wild. I am 99% sure that Nintendo is using this as a proof-of-concept for a big new Mario game, and that they see this "open world-ish" concept as the way forward.

    I believe Sega has decided the same for Sonic, and... the mental picture these leaks portray seems right. Remember that something somewhat similar was proposed for a game as old as Sonic 06. The Phantasy Star Crew comparison earlier is funny for this reason; it's generally understood that New Genesis was the game PSC "wanted" to release back in 2012. Well, ignore all the Xenoblade X influences for a second, though chances are PSO2 influenced XBX as well.
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  17. RikohZX


    Rangers always sounded like a placeholder name. I can't actually imagine a game being called that, especially seeing as besides the ghost girl referenced in the leaks it sounds like there's literally no other characters known so far, so a plural kinda doesn't work there?
  18. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    If the game is actually called Sonic Chaos then I have a crackpot theory:

    What if Chaos actually returns in this game? Not the Phantom Ruby one but the actual Chaos.

    One of the Rangers leaks mentioned you fight a big tree monster type thing, what if it turns out that these are Chaos' siblings? Maybe they represent a different element, Chaos being water, and brothers/sisters that represent Earth, Wind and Fire?
  19. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    The leaks come focus group tests, rather than play/QA tests. Focus groups will be shown very small, highly curated parts of the game before its taken its final shape as the developers try to create something that the audience will enjoy playing. They're basically the next step on from tech demos. The maps used may or may not even be a part of the final game. Everything shown will be a WIP, and elements such as the story will be totally stripped out of the focus test builds. The major leak from January talks about the "final boss" and the July leak says that Infinite's theme plays during the final boss. I'd guess that the "final boss" is actually just a regular boss placed at the end of the focus test build, and that a Infinite's theme is a placeholder assuming that its literally just been pulled from Forces.

    So basically, anything leaked related to the story, playable characters, progression from the start to the end of the game etc etc likely isn't representative of the final game at all.
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  20. Starduster


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    That wouldn’t really make much sense imo. Chaos isn’t water because of mutation from the Master Emerald. Chao are water associated creatures to begin with.