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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    This video did two things:

    1.) It paints a much clearer picture of what the game is going to be like. It actually gives context for the things we see in the footage, and sort of explains Sonic Team's design philosophy better.

    2.) It confirms basically ALL the leaks we've seen so far. Skill tree, linear action levels, chaos emeralds. ALL of it.

    Now with having listened to his impressions I feel more optimistic about the game than before. And I generally liked what I saw. This just made me feel more confident in my opinion.
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    The biggest thing they've accomplished is that they've garnered a lot of negativity for the game out the gate. If this is Sega's strategy, they're idiots.
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    I disagree.
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    Well, first thing's first... for those of us who watched the Central live on YT, that obnoxious audio slip-up screamed "SEGA", very on brand lmao... but I enjoyed it, it was very cool seeing Iizuka and Ivo introduce everything together. But every "sneak peek" they showed was like 3-5 seconds long, they were almost comically short and confusing... including the Frontiers footage.

    I was surprised to come here and see so many positive reactions to the quick step chase, perhaps I am in the minority but I thought it was a bit meh and kind of made me go "huh?" when a few seconds ago I was obsessing over how cool the dragon looked. The boss design looks dope, the combat in that digital arena looks awesome and I love the way the arena forms dynamically around the boss when you catch up to it. I guess I am in the faction of fans who hate the quick step, way more than I will ever hate any gravity-defying rail. But if "traditional" linear stages are confirmed, I suppose it was a given, and this section looks pretty short overall. I like that we've already seen 2 bosses in this one area though, the variety looks pretty damn sweet so far and it seems you'll have numerous encounters to help you unlock those portal gear things. Maybe some will even be optional, and you get to choose which bosses you complete to open a portal? That would be super cool and I could imagine speed runners having fun optimizing the bosses they choose to fight to unlock portals as fast as possible. Having action stages finally confirmed is sick, and this is honestly beginning to sound more and more like the modern next step from the Sonic Adventure formula of progression, where you had to travel around the overworld and do little tasks and simple puzzles to unlock the action stages.

    For those unfamiliar with PSO2: NGS, the action stages sound exactly like the "cocoons" in that game. Completing a cocoon earns you a reward, and then you have a list of different challenges you can do to replay the trial and earn more rewards, like completing it within a certain amount of time or getting through the trial without dying or jumping. I'm a big fan of that and I think it could make it really fun and rewarding to replay the action stages. I do hope the action stages aren't just cyberspace block worlds like NGS or Sonic Colors' "Game Land" though, I just don't know how realistic it is to expect them to make a whole separate set of assets for every single action stage.

    As for the IGN impressions, they are super promising IMO. Keep in mind this particular IGN staffer got a Genesis as his first console when he was about 5 years old, and allegedly he was a big Sonic fan as a kid, but he didn't appear to be super biased at least. And I like that he gave criticisms so we know he hasn't been paid off to pretend the game is completely flawless. The addition of a parry is incredible news, and I think it's interesting that one of IGN's most Sonic-friendly staff actually enjoyed the combat, considering that's arguably the least Sonic-like thing in the game. I'm excited to hear that the skill tree has a lot more in store for us, and considering he likely only got to demo the first island/area/biome, I think it sounds really promising that there was a significant amount of depth in just this one opening section of the game.

    TL;DR: where the fuck are the Chao?
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    If Chao AND a parry mechanic are in the game it’s confirmed best Sonic game ever, let’s be real. :p

    Also, the fact that the prologue animation is going to feature Knuckles makes me wonder if they’re going to finally deliver on Chaos Emerald lore this time around. Ian Flynn recently said in a Bumbleking QA that he knows stuff, so I wonder if they’ll pop up here.
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    I was gonna say "even if this game comes with a few problems and some things people dislike, it's going to be a solid foundation for a sequel with all those little things corrected".

    But when was the last time in the main series a direct sequel was better than the prequel? Classic trilogy?

    Regardless, I think this game is indeed going to be good.
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    I'm not a huge film guy. I tend to fall asleep if they are too long. Games, though, have an interactive component I can cope with, no problem. That said, I have heard of films with a runtime of 5 hours or more. Which is just insane in my humble opinion. That doesn't mean I don't respect them, though. In fact, I feel like gamers should be able to enjoy games in a similar fashion as people who are into this kind of movies. I think Sonic Team did something right, if you can beat Sonic Frontiers in two or three long sittings without getting tired of it.
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    It would be a fantastic day for video game journalism if IGN turned around and said the game was crap. But they were never going to, because the ~exclusive~ funds the payroll.

    This topic is astonishing though - we understand the concept of preview articles right? Have a look at an unfinished game, and inform your readers what they might expect to see. The Simon Wai Sonic 2 prototype was "previewed" - of course you don't mention that Hidden Palace doesn't go anywhere and half the levels are empty - the expectation is that things will improve, so you comment on the bits that look done. Sometimes you get a general sense that "game looks good" or "game looks bad", but you can't be definitive because the game isn't finished.

    This would change if Sega released footage of Sonic and Tails falling through the scenery of Wood Zone, all while claiming this behaviour is indicitive of the final build. Then the comments aren't about the current state of the game, it's what Sega is suggesting will be in the final product - that yeah, collision won't be much of a thing in Sonic 2, buy it November 24.

    In Sonic Frontiers' case, we've got a bland-looking world, some dull piano music and no defined goals. Why would you demonstrate this? Well it's either incompetence, or yes, this is what the final game will look like (or better yet, contempt for the audience!). There'll be improvements, sure, but what you're seeing now should be vaguely similar to what you'll see this Christmas. And I don't much care for what I'm seeing.
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    I'll be fair, I really enjoyed the concept of open zones as opposed to an open world. It's like they took Sonic 3D Blast of all things and made it a full experience. It also makes me forgive the set pieces a lt more, because then they kind of become the point instead of being clunky ways to travel somewhere else. I mean, I'm nt a HUGE FAN of the thrill of movement in the boost games by itself, but I can see what they're going for here.

    So that's cool.
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    The game seems... fine to me, actually, after all this.

    Not great, and I'm not pressed to say "good" yet either (especially since even IMPLYING it looks good is dynamite for the community right now). But I've long given up the preach for 3D Sonic absolutely needing to follow the classic-isms, and I think this looks like a solid take on boost gameplay in an open environment. The gameplay loop sounds actually pretty fun, and I'm intrigued at least to see how the skill-tree develops. Also, a parry? Nice. It'd be nicer if Sega actually shown any of these things off that the reviewer praised, mind. Really stupid they haven't.

    And I'm not keen on how secretive they're still being about the game's story, either. BUT I do think the plot we have so far leads to a bit of a fun air of mystery. Maybe these islands aren't 'real' at all, and a figment of the AI (and possibly the Phantom Ruby)? I saw someone mentioning earlier (can't remember if here or SSMB) that Sonic's attacks look like they're "breaking" the 'reality' around him, which is a cool idea.

    I don't know. Still interested, and feel a bit more positive than the dread I was feeling a few days ago with all the doom and glooming the fanbase from all over was up to lol. We'll see throughout the month if anything else pops up, I guess.
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  11. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    Frontiers prologue looks like it'll be cool.
    The classics got better with each installment, I think Adventure 2 made some cool micro-improvements to Sonic's moveset and Generations really streamlined the boost gameplay while opening up the level design a lot more.

    I'm glad that the IGN hands on impression was mostly positive. Ultimately I hope Frontiers is succesful because I'd like to see more open design in Sonic's future.

    the CyLoop (thank god we're not calling it spincycle any more) is probably the most creative approach to combat in any 3D Sonic game. Could lead to some cool moments.
    I hope that Sonic Team don't just rest on their laurels after Frontiers. I hope they understand that Sonic has way more room to innovate. They've only scratched the surface yet. I hope they continue to re-consider how Sonic moves and interacts with his environment, which is especially important if open zone is the future.
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  12. Ritz


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    This game follows the Bob-Omb Battlefield ethos of showing you this big imposing structure and leaving you to wonder how the hell you're supposed to reach it. In spite of everything, I've never played a game that did this that wasn't fun, and I haven't played many 3D platformers that didn't do this that were.

    I don't know. No matter how undeniably ugly this world is, how stilted the movement looks, how trivial the puzzles seem, how questionable the design choices are IN GENERAL- it's kind of already the best post-2001 3D Sonic game by default just for implementing some basic level design conventions. You can't even fall off the map anymore, isn't that neat?
  13. Azookara


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    Agreed. Just wanted to say this game would probably be a lot better, even if exactly the same as now, if Sonic could also roll down hills. lol

    As much as I've accepted that I'm never going to see it again, I won't lie and say the gameplay and general flow wouldn't be improved by it's presence. Being able to transfer between downhill rolls to boosting across flat or upward terrain would be a near-perfect blend for something on this scale.
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    Interesting how Knuckles appears in our first glimpse of the prologue animation, but only Sonic, Tails, and Amy are described as appearing in the opening of Frontiers. Hmmm.... now I'm curious.

    I also agree that Cyloop is a much better name, mostly because Spincycle sounds like an ability straight out of Laundromat Simulator. Shout-out to @_Sidle for catching that info in a post a few pages back, before it was revealed.
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  15. Knuckles totally moves on to the spirit realm over the course of the prologue... This was a much better showcase for the game, so much so that I'm actively looking forward to it now.
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  16. I think what I find thr most frustrating about the marketing for this game is how cowardly it feels. We got so much content in the span of a week, yet it still doesn't feel like we have a real handle about how this game is. How do you release so much stuff but actually show anything?

    And its the general feeling of Sega holding their cards close that I have a problem with. Why are they being so secretive? If you're aiming for high review scores, doesn't it stand to reason that you should market your game and make it seem as presentable as possible??

    Even if the game ends up being good, its not gonna change how piss poor the marketing has been and this isn't even a recent problem. It feels like ever since 2015, the marketing for this series has just been non-existent.
  17. Shaddy the guy

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    Agreed. Whenever Sonic game news comes out I tend to get a bit of a knot in my stomach -- not because I'm worried for myself, but because seeing other people shitting on a thing and not knowing how to disagree fucks with me. Having the context for the gameplay loop and seeing people calm down really helps to alleviate that tenseness.
  18. Ya know....thinking about it a bit more. I think this is probably a Japanese type of thing than anything specific to Sega.

    Because when I think about it, other video games also dripfeed content for months on end. The appropriate comparison is that we don't know anything about Breath of the Wild 2 at this moment in time and the game isn't out until next Spring.

    The difference? Nintendo fans are more patient and understanding than Sonic fans ever will be lmao. Nintendo have enough goodwill to dripfeed people because fans are confident it will be good.

    With Sonic? Uuuuuhhhhh lol. Its a always a coin flip if the game will be good or not. Ans the drip feeding of content really only exacerbates those feelings I suppose.

    Hence, the insanity we've been dealing with in the last week.
  19. Shaddy the guy

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    If I had to compare SEGA to anyone, it'd probably be a less overtly-fucking-evil version of Square Enix. Have a big entry that speaks for itself? Great. Break it into a million teeny tiny pieces and treat each one like it's more special, even though you just objectively devalued the product that was supposed to give those pieces meaning in the first place.
  20. Its even funnier because if you look at the Japanese version of the trailer and look at the comments, they're much more constructive about feedback.

    Sometimes I forget that us Western Sonic fans are kind of insane lol.

    This isn't to say Japan is better or anything, just that maybe we can stand to cool our heads and be a bit more constructive in our feedback.