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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. Laura


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    I feel I'm a bit unusual for thinking this but I really don't think the presentation of the video amd the animations are the big problem.

    It just looks bland aesthetically and boring to play.

    I do hope it's good. I'm not like some others in hoping it'll be terrible. Its at least a little interesting in doing something different.
  2. _Sidle


    Don't think I've seen this mentioned anywhere, but this IGN Japan description of the combat video mentions「サイループ」(sai ruーpu) on their site, which is likely meant to be translated as CyLoop. (Cyber Loop?)
    That's likely the regional name for the Spincycle, but it could also be the actual name we're getting everywhere.
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  3. MH MD

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    60 fps after like a year or two on consoles :V it was good overall but still flawed and not what fans really wanted, if it was named something else it would have benefited more, still probably the best western action game out there

    but i digress...back to topic

    so.....another meme of the same idea, but with Generations this time

    i am liking this meme lol
  4. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    I'm not gonna lie, I think it's a bit pathetic how some Sonic fans are still stuck on this idea that IGN purposely sabotaged Frontiers' gameplay reveal by being bad at the game even though we already established that the footage officially came from SEGA, not IGN
  5. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    What a shitshow. I'm guessing either the delay happened because they started development much later than we initially thought, or they really thought they stuck gold with boosting through empty fields and doing repetitive battles for five minutes on a single robot.

    That's Sonic Twitter for ya. And just like with every other kind of conspiracy theorist, trying to convince them otherwise is a waste of time.
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  6. Laura


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    I really don't think a delay is going to help much here because I don't think the concept is good. You can't change the un Sonic aesthetic or the open world level design with a delay.

    People talk about the Sonic Movue but thar was changing the model not the entire film.

    At this point it feels like another five year wait to see if Sonic Team can take the right approach after this.
  7. MH MD

    MH MD

    The meme started as "how sega market this game"
    and....I would like to think they aren't really seriously thinking that, and just make fun of IGN history with the franchise and bad reviews footage and even public "Sonic was never good" statements from them, and joking about them handling the marketing here

    But not actually thinking professional media outlet that had formal marketing deal with SEGA would actually sabotage the game
  8. Think the real sad part is that after two decades of people trying to understanding and figure out just WHY Sonic games tend to be like this, looking for any excuse we can think of.

    The fact just seems to be....Sega sucks at making Sonic games, period. It doesn't matter how much time and resources they have, they're just straight up mediocre developers lol. And the tragic part is that they themselves don't seem to understand that.

    Someone made these gameplay showcases, looked them over and legitimately thought "yea this is fine, people are going to be impressed by our work" with no hint of irony or self-awareness.

    We could wait ten years for a new Sonic game and still get the same result. Its never been about time, resources, management or whatever excuse we came up with....they're just mediocre developers. Maybe there was a time when they could compete with the industry's best but that time is long gone lol.

    Its more sad and pitiful than frustrating at this point because I understand this is just what Sonic games are now, for better or worse. We might get the occasional great game every now and then, but yea. Sucks but it is what it is.

    I'll probably get this game when its on a discount or something and just watch whatever story on YouTube when its out. There are better games I'd rather spend my money on, Sonic fan or not.
  9. Snowbound


    Y’know I wasn’t expecting a GT/utopia type of game that was a literal translation of classic sonic in 3-D but for an open world game you have to have options to approach situations creatively. This game has options but it seems to just be choosing the order you do different automated sections: whether they are automated speed sections thru boost pads, springs and rails or combat sections where the best moves appear to be cutscenes. I don’t wanna say it’s a fundamentally flawed concept yet... but I don’t think it’s a particularly interesting one.

    I see folks on Twitter saying that people are framing the conversation on momentum physics wrong. That we are making it about Sega’s inability to have physics when in reality they don’t want to put in momentum physics. There is absolutely truth to this as evidenced by the last decade of sonic games. However I don’t completely buy it. There are so many janky aspects to the gameplay such as the wall running, titan climbing and sonic’s dead stop that strike me as the team punching above their weight (or not having time to do it right) rather than artistic intention. The issue isn’t that Frontiers is different from the physic based fangames because OF COURSE Frontiers is different. Frontiers is focused on combat, doing crazy jumps where you can skip large chunks of enemies wouldn’t work for this game. That said, there should still be SOME basic physics as this game’s near complete lack of physics just doesn’t look fun to play.

    But as folks here have pointed out it’s too late to fix the physics. My honest hope is that Sega hires the Speed Simulator guys to work with Sonic Team on the next 3D game and that we can get a Mania 2 from Headcanon within the next 2-3 years
  10. qwertysonic


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    I think that's the problem. Zero Sonic games from Sonic 1 through Forces have had "enough time resources or management" yet some are good and some are bad. The good ones were made by talented people and the bad ones were made by less than talented people. Lately they've all been mediocre. Sega is a AAA developer and for some reason Sonic games just aren't AAA games.
  11. The people who made the good games simply aren't around anymore and the ones we have now just don't understand how to make an actual Sonic game.

    On some level, its make Sonic's entire successful career feel like a fluke. A lightning in a bottle scenario that simply can't be replicated.
  12. Snowbound


    I don’t think the issue is talent per say. I think that modern Sonic team just doesn’t understand what attracts fans to Sonic gameplay. Ohshima is gone, Yas is gone, Naka is gone (although in Naka’s case it’s probably for the best). None of the originators are there. You’re left with a bunch of people who are forced to work exclusively on Sonic when it seems they’d rather be making any other game.

    edit: someone else made the exact some point as me at the exact same time lol
  13. Ngl, most (not all but most most) times I see a Sonic fan complain about a “lack of momentum” it makes me wonder if they understand what the word momentum actually means.

    That said, if I rewatch what we’ve seen again and see Sonic lose speed from a dash pad seconds after hitting it, jump off a grind rail to immediately lose all the speed he had while on it, or run up the side of a wall only to immediately come to a stop when he reaches the air and then drop….

    If I see this one more time, I’ll probably find the closest bridge to jump off of.
  14. synchronizer


    Looks like a NiGHTS into Dreams paraloop.
  15. foXcollr


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    Agreed, but as someone who likes what she's seeing. If people don't think it looks good, a delay can't really turn this into a game you'll like. There are smaller quality issues like the animations and pop-ins that can be fixed (and could also be fixed even without a delay), but delaying the game isn't gonna change the foundation of the entire thing. Same with the engine and Sonic's movement; if you don't like what's there, revamping entire systems is probably outside of the realm of possibility. But you can certainly continue using the hashtag on Twitter if it's something people are passionate about.

    Also, I mean this in the least rude way possible but there is a lot of misunderstanding here as to what a game developer's job actually is, and I think mods already spoke on this. We don't really need to harp on the developers because game development is not a perfectly collaborative process. Numerous Sonic Team developers have worked on high profile projects in the past 15 years, including Nintendo blockbusters. If you were a fly on the wall you could probably pinpoint exactly WHO made the bad decision and why, but there are lots of talented people there that are literally just following orders. The vast majority of the developers on these games have no say in absolutely anything, they spend 8 hours sitting in front of a computer 3D modeling Sonic's asshole, or designing a seagull texture, or labbing out environmental sounds.

    Also it's easy to bring up Naka here, but... well, knowing what we know now, it's hard to say things would be much different if he was still at SEGA.
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  16. I think what gets under people's skin is that these aren't isolated incidents. If Sonic just had a few mediocre games, people would probably be much more lenient. Mario doesn't always put out quality games either but people are much more forgiving since those are the exceptions, not the rule.

    With Sonic, mediocrity is essentially the rule. There are generally more mediocre Sonic games, with very few genuinely amazing games. At this point, its not just merely coincidence but a pattern.

    So it just really makes you wonder about the Why or How these games are made like this. A series that once rivaled Mario can now barley put out a competent game, let alone one that stands with the current gaming industry.

    The fall from grace is just enough to make even the most diehard Sonic fans go insane. It's no wonder fans cling to shit like the movies and comics, because that seems to be only areas that can actually put out a quality product.
  17. Zigetch


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    I'm just not feeling this game so far.

    It's very pretty for the most part, and for some reason I like the pose Sonic runs in, but otherwise it just looks and feels lethargic, the way he runs around in these massive areas and sort of stops dead in his tracks to fight an enemy. I didn't like prolonged combat in Heroes and '06 and I don't think I'll like it here.

    I haven't had my expectations high thankfully, but I'm just not enthused by what I've seen this far. It feels tired for some reason. I don't think it'll be terrible but it's not what I've been hoping to see after literal years of waiting.
  18. Starduster


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    I don’t think it’s incompetency to be quite frank, at least not in the sense of idiocy. SEGA is still clearly capable of putting out good games. I think the issue is that, as part of Sonic’s relative lack of popularity in Japan, senior talent likely isn’t all that interested in working on the series. We know that the Sonic series since at least post-Generations has been a bit of a revolving door.

    Meanwhile, we’re seeing an attempt at a paradigm shift here, and all that entails. If we were looking at another boost game that had this amount of pure dev-time post Forces, I think it’d probably be the most polished and feature full boost game to date and more or less what people wanted Forced to be.

    But entertaining such a hypothetical isn’t my point. My point is that this is a new thing for Sonic and that’s going to have taken a lot of time and resources even to get the game to the state we currently see, even with all the warts that entails.

    I don’t know, the idea of dismissing SEGA and the specific team of devs working on this game as incompetent just gives me pause.
  19. RikohZX


    Sega has competent developers, but incompetent management.
  20. MH MD

    MH MD

    SEGA has both competent developers and competent management.

    They just don't work on Sonic games