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Sonic Frontiers Thread - PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. RikohZX


    The movement boosts are probably hitting the boost button, but without a requisite boost ability they're just brief bursts of speed. It seemed pretty spammable, or at least a basic cooldown per use.

    Reality of the matter is with how slow that base speed looks, those "boosts" that can even be done on rails are probably akin to Lost World's run button unless you're actually in the supposed special stages or maybe get a proper Boost in the skill tree.
  2. Myles_Zadok


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    Something I've been wondering about since the gameplay reveal by IGN (and forgive me if someone already brought this point up, I'm not reading through hundreds of posts to see if it has), was Forces originally supposed to be like Frontiers? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Frontiers is in Hedgehog Engine 2, no? That's what Sonic Team (allegedly) spent 3 years developing before spending 1 year on the actual game of Forces? Is it possible that Forces had a much larger scope, but the team vastly underestimated how long it would take to develop an open world engine, let alone world/art/gameplay? It seems Frontiers is keeping Sonic's model and animations from Forces and a lot of the same abilities (double jump, quick step, etc.) were also in Forces, which is what made me start to think about this.
  3. Plorpus


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    I’m willing to bet that the later 4chan leaks (human towns, 7 stages, customization etc) are total BS. For the number of stages at least, the slide that revealed the name Starfall Islands said there were 4 worlds and I doubt they’d expand their scope that much during development.
  4. Not anything too significant, but I just noticed that Sonic does indeed have a double jump, noticeable around 2:48. Not sure how I didn't catch that. I did think what we were seeing in other segments of the video was the air dash but seeing as the double jump exist, it actuallly appears to be the air boost which means it's been toned WAY down since Forces. lol

    Then again, I have never played Colors. Do they have a way to air dash in that game?
  5. charcoal


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    If you boost in the air without any boost in colors, you do a gimped air dash where you don't even go into a ball.
    Really useful for gaining speed at the beginning of levels, though.
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  6. ChaddyFantome


    Not cosigning the videos implications, but I do respect a decent meme video when I see one, ha.

    Looking at this though made me notice something.
    Not so pop-in.png
    It would appear that I was on to something with that bit about the rails. Some of this "pop-in" seems to be by design, with the bits of level geometry digitizing into view when you get close enough. Has a dedicated animation for it.
    Take it as you will.
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  7. GoldeMan


    I kinda like this, nice way to make the pop in look intentional. The animation should be more... complicated? Like more to it.. as its easy to mistake it for janky pop-in regardless.
  8. jbr


    That's interesting. It also opens the possiblity of the world changing over time.
  9. Andrew75


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    Project AXSX(Sonic Xtreme) + Misc Projects
    Generations mod with physics... Dreams do come true! (maybe Farty-Tears will get a nice pretty mode like this someday.)
    This is how Fart-Tears could have played, but no,,,, instead we getting stiff, lifeless ,robotic, half automated Sonic forces based gameplay.
    Sega please hire ppl like these, they don't have to make the full game, but help get the tech up and running!
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  10. Laura


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    I think a lot of people also forget that a game director's job is to ensure a game can be finished. As much as I don't like Kishomotos design I can't deny that he's very capable of actually overseeing game development and making finished games. None of his games have been buggy and they have always felt completed.

    It's why the director of Gens was moved over to Mario and Sonic. It may seem weird and can come across as a waste of talent but there aren't many people who are capable of being a game director. Not many people can do that job.

    But then perhaps Sonic Team should try letting someone from the team step up to the task of acting as a new game director? But it's hard to know who they would go for. I always thought the obvious choice would be Sachiko Kawamura because of how many senior roles she's had but she's already jumped up to Producer of Frontiers. She's probably bypassed the game director route at this point.

    The obvious choice would be Yoshitaka Miura. He's been the art director for a while and has an experienced track record. Not sure how people would feel about level designers such as Jyunpei Ootsu being game director's but they very well might make different decisions if they had more seniority. Pretty funny to think that he designed Lost World and Forces levels.

    But this all begs the question of what Kishomoto is supposed to do. He's a game director and they need to use him. It's not like they make multiple projects anymore. I guess they could make him producer one day. Iizuka seems to have stepped away from doing this in recent years. But depends upon how that would fit with team dynamics.
  11. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    This is more bizarre to see than Mario 64 Mario in Generations.

    Wowww now I'm bummed out
  12. I’d imagine this falls more to the producer than director. It may be different in different companies, but the producer will usually set the budget, manage deadlines, etc.
  13. Zephyr


    The possibility of mods like this being made for Frontiers is genuinely exciting.
  14. Hamzawesome



    The 5 year wait was fucking worth it!
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  15. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    I was just wondering, do we know how long this video will be? Probably the same length as the last one right?

    Also, this image looks pretty cool
    I feel like this game is going to be such a mixed bag. There are qualities about it that genuinely look like they could be kinda cool and others that are turning me off completely
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  16. 6 minutes.
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  17. Palas


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    It's generally a compromise between them. A producer is by nature creative in the sense that they determine not only the practical means to make the game, but they're supposed to set the scope of the game and where to focus the production values. The director -- supposedly -- ensures that these standards are met, but then again they have to make compromises with all departments to that end.
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  18. Interesting thing to note. They share a lot of the same assets too, some bridge platforms for pulled straight from forces.

    Fun thing to speculate: I'd imagine an OC character creator makes more sense for something that's immersive like an open world game rather than just a typical action game.
  19. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    There's the clip, I mentioned that a few posts back. They did slightly alter the texture anyway, it's far dirtier and shiner and it's now reflective
  20. JW.


    Look really early. I am not encouraged at all by what I've seen. Looks like an unreal fan demo type thing. I'm sure there's more that they aren't showing but they've done a terrible job of introducing us to the game.