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Sonic Frontiers coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC (November 8th, 2022. From Sonic Team)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

  1. charcoal


    Pretty cool. I wasn't really expecting rolling down slopes to gain speed to make it into the game, no less launching yourself off of inclines.

    Although it kinda confuses me why SEGA didn't advertise this at all though, especially considering some people have been vocally upset that there's no momentum. I was indifferent to the prospect but this is exactly the kind of thing that would've won over many more fans if it had just been advertised early on. Maybe they only implemented it in this latest EGX build due to fan outcry and it wasn't advertised because it didn't exist yet?

    I dunno, it just seems kinda odd to me.
  2. RikohZX


    Sega and Sonic Team are going for mystery box advertising. Let word of mouth spread, but hold the game's cards close their chest besides what very limited snippets they let out, edit the hud and context out of their gameplay footage as best as they can, and control every ounce of what people should see or hear about if they can help it.

    It actually kinda irks me, since prior games where nowhere near as tight-lipped as this. Forces was showcasing unedited stage gameplay, and Lost World had already revealed the early twist of the Deadly Six turning on Eggman. Meanwhile I know we're still under two months away from Frontiers' release but they've effectively released an opening idea of the plot, and random excerpts of exploration, combat and Cyberspace with tiny hints towards later content, usually with all of the music replaced or removed as well as the voice lines.

    I've actually never seen a Sonic game do this sort of thing before, trying its absolute damnedest to rely on people praising it from hands-on play to advertise a lot of its features and design.
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  3. That launcher at the end is the only thing that kills it for me. You guys are so close, just let the player launch off on their own without assistance.
  4. Snowbound


    From the footage I’ve seen, I feel like this is a larger issue with the game where some terrain is just jank to walk on. I felt the same way about a clip of Sonic boosting on a rocky surface. It’s hard to make judgements like this without playing tho. The drop dash looked fun to me… time will tell if my gut’s correct
  5. foXcollr


    Previously 'Hanging Waters' Member
    The only thing that bugs me about the dropdash is having to double jump. I hope there will be a way to instant-double-jump or trigger it from a single jump, since Sonic is a bit floatier in 3D and it'll be pretty slow to activate. It honestly looks super fun to use though, I'm looking forward to seeing how all these abilities can be used to Speedrun certain parts of the open zone.
  6. Mana


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    It didn't make sense to me in June but honestly I think it's genius now. The trust was broken between us and Sonic Team and no amount of pretty words would fix that. So they let me put my faith in the people who got to try out the game.

    If you have thousands of people playing the game and most of them are saying that what they've played is fantastic I have a lot more trust in the end product and don't need to see much more because I have faith in the games quality.

    Remember the game that Frontiers is taking a lot of inspiration from, BOTW, is going for this approach right now with it's sequel. They shut down anyone asking for any more footage on the game for an entire year last year because the 1 minute trailer they dropped was excellent.

    I don't need to see anymore from this game to know it's a day one purchase. I can trust that it will be worth every penny.
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  7. charcoal


    @Mana Heads up, you accidentally nested your own message inside of a quote so it looks like RikohZX said that instead of you.
  8. MH MD

    MH MD

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  9. SuperSnoopy


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    This is the first stage, right?
    It definitely sounds ominous, like we've just been thrown into some kind of alien, hostile environnement...which is pretty much the case according to the cutscene we've seen a while ago :V

    And those vocals, good lord this is awesome lol. The tracks we've heard so far remind me a lot of Forces' OST, but they sound less...generic somehow?
    Mind you I think I enjoyed Forces' music way more than most people here, but I gotta admit a lot of the level themes had this "generic synth track" feel. Maybe it's recency bias idk, but Sky Sanctuary and Green Hill #294 sound way more memorable so far. Hope the rest of the soundtrack follows suit!
  10. Starduster


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    Honestly, not my thing. It makes sense for the cyberspace music to be like this, but I'll certainly miss the crunchy guitars and rock organs of Jun Senoue and more traditional Sonic music in general.
  11. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    has Tomoya Ohtani been listening to Aphex Twin lately or what lol

    I like it though, it sounds cool. I like when the series experiments with different styles of music instead of just the usual buttrock
  12. Azookara


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    Every track I've heard from Frontiers so far has felt super generic to me besides the themes, and even those are just not for my tastes. Music wise it just kinda feels like a repeat of how I felt about Forces. Ah well.
  13. Zenor


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    I'm with you on that one. I didn't particularly like the Forces soundtrack because I felt like the majority of the tracks were uninspired or just playing too safe. With Frontiers, though, the tracks give me the feeling they were told they could do whatever they wanted with them - that they didn't have to stick to previous themes, that is. And I don't think it's a bad thing, but the complete opposite! It's helping the cyberspace stages feel fresher than I thought they would, definitely a necessity since they're reusing assets from older games.
  14. Sneekie


    Sooooo someone might have found M Speed in the game lmao

    You have to Quick Step while Drop Dashing. They also say that when you level up Sonic's speed, his boost starts to gain an aura. They compared Level 5 Frontiers Sonic to Level 1 Unleashed Sonic (I assume they mean his normal running speed?).
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  15. Linkabel


    I have mixed feelings for that Green Hill track.

    I like that it's sort of a mix of the SA2 Shadow songs, Secret Rings and Forces.

    But I don't like that it feels like you're listening to just the intro of the song.
  16. Starduster


    Sonic Retro's resident IDW slut Member
    Art...always art...

    Impressions from GVG. Of note (for me, anyway) is that Jon says that he doesn't really think Roger's voice has changed, so hopefully for the sake of my sanity we can put to bed that idea and stop using a suboptimal recording as evidence for said idea.
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  17. jubbalub


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    A couple interesting things I noticed from that commentary:
    • You do indeed have to get all 7 emeralds every island to defeat the Titan.
    • The City Cyberspace level actually required Vault Keys to unlock instead of Portal Gears.
    • Apparently the only "mandatory" Cyberspace levels are 1-1 and 1-2, as those are played during the intro/tutorial sequence.
    • Rescuing Amy grants Sonic the Bounce Attack, which can be activated in two ways: by holding the B button, or by pressing B and Y at the same time.
    • Dodging an attack during combat grants a "Bayonetta witch-time" effect where the game slows down.
    • The puzzles mostly function to reveal the map. To me it seems similar to the radio towers in Spider-Man PS4.
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  18. Crimson Neo

    Crimson Neo

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    I like how we actually got a comparasion of Sonic CD intro for the open world gameplay.
  19. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    It's the Retro Blue theme. Looks like ass to me personally, but you can change it somewhere in your user settings.
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  20. SystemsReady


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    this is having me scratch my head because of anything it had to have been more of a pain in the ass to make a recreation of SA2 City Escape, all the changes to physics included, than it would be to make something totally different. In that you can't reuse shit from the old game because it's old, and anyone testing it would probably know immediately when something is off due to physics differences or even Sonic's hitbox and collision differences. That's more work in this case.

    easy, all I have to do is imagine my roommate's reaction to be being told that I'm excited about momentum, and how super confused he'd be that I was going nuts over something like that :V he plays as many video games as I do, just not Sonic titles.