Sonic Frontiers coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC (Holiday 2022, from Sonic Team)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, May 27, 2021.

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    Lost World actually has the most idle animations of any Sonic game, at least that I know of.
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  2. My tech savvy brother (19, not the one who's 10) and I were watching the flyover b-roll and looking at all the graphical glitches, bugs, and errors lol. But after combing it over... I'm not deterred. I'm gonna enjoy this game regardless. If it's fun and plays well, I could care less if it's not perfect movie quality 4k lol.
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    Trailer looks nice, but where's the Sonic game?
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    I wonder how long the game will take to complete. Sonic games are rather short, the open world should provide enough content for players to sink into.

    And give us back chao gardens dammit, it's a great opportunity to hunt for chaos drives and looking for small animals in an open world game!

    Also, what if sonic has to save his friends from cyberspace? Having Sonic Mars flashbacks here. I hope we get a lot of Easter eggs, since Ian is writing this stuff.
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    You corrected me on this exact same thing before as well. Lol. It's a simple mistake to make. The main "standing still" animation in Force/Lost World looks stiff and uncomfortable. And whilst Lost World gives him a ton of idle animations, Forces does not. He holds that barely animated, awkward pose infinitely. Its the almost the same model used in both games with very minor tweaks and they share the majority of their animations, so a bit of conflation is to be expected.

    To be clear, because it appears that there's some confusion elsewhere in the thread, people are finding fault with Sonic's in-game model here. I've not seen anyone find fault with the CGI model, which is the same as ever from what I can tell. The in game model is very similar to Forces/Lost World, and appears to be using the same standing still animation. To me, personally, that's a big disappointment. Of the three distinct gameplay models that we've seen in the last decade (Unleashed/Colours/Generation/S4, Olympics/TSR/ASRT, Forces/Lost World) , it's easily my least favourite. I don't like Sonic's shorter spines, rounded shoes and general proportions. And whilst the animations are separate from the model, I also don't like the animation of Forces/Lost World at all.

    The brief glimpse that we get at the in-game model doesn't look nice to me. It really, really clashes with the realistic world. That doesn't need to be the case though, because in the CGI parts of the trailer Sonic blends in just fine. And whilst I might be alone on this particular aspect, I think that he also looks fine against the background in '06 when there aren't any humans around.

    Case in point though: people don't dislike the Forces model because its from Forces. I dislike it because it doesn't look good (or at least not as good as previous models) and because so far the model and textures don't match the artstyle of Frontiers. I'd much rather see them use the Olympics/Team Sonic Racing model - eyebrow ridge, longer spines and much better proportions.

    And just to make a totally different point... The world looks empty. But I think that might just be for the trailer. They're not showing gameplay, and instead are just showcasing that this is an open world with very different graphics to anything that we're used to seeing. Everything else was probably removed for cinematic effect. This trailer was still a teaser, really.
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  6. I literally have no particular feelings on anything shown besides Flynn being confirmed as the writer.

    This series literally cannot do anything that doesn't veer too far in either direction can it? After a decade of indulging in nostalgic areas, now we're in an environment that literally doesn't resemble anything Sonic related at all lmao. It's either one thing or the other it seems like.

    Sonic's friends being captured makes me think that Sonic is once again the only playable character.

    I just do not have faith in Morio Kishimoto as Director. His games aren't bad, but they miss the mark so hard on what makes Sonic games appealing and he always feels like he does the bare minimum of work.

    And on top of all of gameplay. Now granted, the game leaked so I won't fault them too much on that, but still you'd think they would have shown at least how Sonic moves...

    There's just so many mixed things about this trailer: there's enough to know the general direction but not enough to know how it really comes other words, its a Sonic reveal. Sonic teasers somehow tell you a lot and tell you nothing at the same fucking time. I dunno.

    Obviously with such a mixed result of a trailer, reactions are going to vary from either pessimism from being burned before or optimism at exploring new ground. I'm too old for fandom discourse now, so I'm probably just gonna tune this game out until we get some gameplay and I have more to judge. I got plenty of distractions from Sonic fortunately :V
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    the last thing I'm gonna say about these complaints of the Forces character model being re-used in-game is that obviously we know we are nitpicking when we say we don't like it lol

    Sonic's visual character design is his most appealing aspect to me which is why people like me are always gonna seem like pedantic assholes because I genuinely hold this stuff in high priority

    it just creates a weird inconsistency between the CG footage and in-game model and I just wish Sonic would look closer to that CG Marza Animation character model. That's literally all I'm asking for.
    Blue Blood hits the nail on the head perfectly in this post and worded it in a smarter way than I could.

    For me personally it's just a shame because I like his character model in Mario & Sonic 2020 a lot and wish it could be used again.

    nitpicks and concerns aside, I'm still excited! This will be very interesting.

    Holiday 2022 is still a long while away so it's entirely possible this game could get a major facelift between now and then.

    it's hedgehog season baby
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  8. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    This is Sonic's model in Frontiers:

    And this is his model in Forces on the left, and Unleashed on the right:

    I think its pretty plain to see that his Forces model is being used as a base for Frontiers at this point. Do you agree?

    I'd also like to point out that Sonic didn't clash with the environment in the Adventure series in my opinion. That's subjective. Why I think that Sonic clashes with the environment in Frontiers is the differing styles of himself and environment. He looks incredibly saturated in colour and devoid of detail in Frontiers, almost identical to how he appeared in Forces. That's in contrast to Forces itself where the whole world was cartoony. And 06 where even Sonic was very detailed to match the realistic world. And Unleashed where everything was really saturated, including Sonic himself, despite the environments being very grounded in reality.

    The problem with the model in Frontiers is two-fold. First up, it's a model/design that I simply don't like as explained in my previous post. They need to remodel Sonic to look closer to his CGI/artwork model again. This was already the case for Unleashed through to Generations, but from Lost World onwards the game and artwork models have been very different. And secondly, it simply doesn't match the surroundings. Either Sonic needs his colours and details adjusting, or the environment itself needs it's colours and details adjusting.

    It's possible that they could make a better model that still clashed, or that they could make the current Forces model blend in more. But either of those things would only solve half the problem.
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    Apparently SEGA Europe is specifying a Fall 2022 release for the game… a bit earlier than the Holiday 2022 timeframe in the trailer (wtf SEGA? Lol)

    I just hope that’s enough time for Sonic Team to add extra polish.. I say a November 2022 release is more likely.
  10. Wraith


    It's probably coming out in November. That would still be in the fall while also being around the time people start buying gifts.
  11. Sonic games on average always come out in November, so I think that's when we can expect it.
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    Never thought I'd say it but the way he looks in the Movie would have fitted much better in this world design.

    It looks extremely detailed and lush and Sonic still kinda has that soft subtle texture look. Even a bit in the CGI, they could have added a bit of fuzz or something.

    That said the world looks great, I love the field of red flowers, the big waterfalls, the nightfall scene where the mechanical walkways cut through the landscape. It's not Green Hill again.

    I'm glad the 'gimmick' of this game is specific to how Sonic will play.. I say knowing there has been no gameplay really shown yet.. that said Forces and Boom showed gameplay so I think the anticipation of gameplay is more related to how will the level design work.[/QUOTE]
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    Surprised I haven't seen anyone mention this but there's a ramp leading up to a tower with seemingly no dash panels or springs

    that's gotta be a pretty big indicator of gameplay right?
  14. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Nah. To me, it just makes me think that you have to run along this ramp to reach one of those cyberspace areas that we heard about in the leaks. It says nothing of the gameplay otherwise.
  15. What I was coming in here to say lol. It's the one month with overlap.
    The cyberspace areas I think are more likely to be those towers with the rings on top. Most are empty, but one in particular in a certain shot was filled with a red energy glow, similar to the glow coming from the black things chasing Sonic.

    As I mentioned, my 10 year old brother of all people noticed this on his own, and asked me if those were the levels you play, so frankly for now, I'm putting my money on that. The rings are the gates to cyberspace, and that ramp is a Sonic set piece because this is a Sonic game.
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    I'm very glad we got to see a ton of in-engine stuff in lieu of gameplay. If they don't feel like showing us gameplay now, at least we've gotten to see what the game will look like.
  17. I will reserve judgement until I see more, I don't want to get pulled into hype.

    If they can nail Sonic's movement/physics as he moves through the world, it could be fun

    EDIT: Also please Sega, I don't want to see anymore pre rendered sequences :)
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    I was watching the trailers this morning and really was second guessing whether the Keanu on-screen was real footage or an in-game render. I don't think I've been impressed as much by video game technology since the original trailer of Watch Dogs.

    I saw Sega had hacked Sonic into a Zelda: Breath of the Wild prototype which was a bit odd, but The Martix Awakens was pretty interesting, even if it won't become a real game. Thinking about the use cases of Unreal Engine 5 really distracts you from the other news of the day.

    Sorry what we we talking about?
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    Wrt the ghost girl rumors: that came from a different 4chan post from the one that predicted stuff like "Sonic Rangers" and cyberspace. It's pretty common on 4chan to leech off rumors and add extra BS to it. Considering that Kanemaru confirmed that the female voice was Amy, there's probably no ghost girl. Sorry lads, gotta play a different game for that one :V
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    I'm just curious, is this the earliest we've ever seen in-game footage of a Sonic game before it releases? Usually we see them in the same year they release

    a lot of that trailer screams "work in progress" to me so it'll be interesting to see how the game looks next time we see it. I imagine things will change a lot as we get further into 2022.

    I wonder if maybe they just got confused and thought the disembodied voice was a ghost? or maybe they just added their own details to mess with people a bit. that's what I would do if I had insider information, I'd add really weird shit that isn't actually real lmao