Sonic Frontiers coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC (Holiday 2022, from Sonic Team)

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    December 3rd sounds much more likely honestly, Frontiers could be amazing but competingnso closely with pokemon AND god of War seems like a death sentence.

    Removing denuvo from the listing is interesting though. Has that ever happened for another sonic game, where the steam data removes it sometime before launch?
  2. Disclaimer: I’m not an avid pc gamer. The fact that I play a few indie games, Minecraft, and most recently Final Fantasy VII Remake on my Surface Book 2 will make that very clear.

    I know it’s important to a lot of you, but does this Dunovo thing really matter to anyone outside of these forums and the hard core “pc master race” circles?

    It’s anti-cheat software that has a reputation for being unnecessarily intrusive, correct? Is the typical casual gamer or Sonic fan really gonna be up in arms about that, no less even realize it exists that we have to make such a big deal of it here? I’m suddenly having flashbacks to pre-release Sonic Mania forums.
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    The sonic community are also avid modders and I think Denuvo harms that aspect. Or, does it? I mean it hasn't stopped projects like Forces Overclocked.
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    Modding is barely affected by Denuvo. Everyone was worried about Mania modding when it still had Denuvo, but it really didn't change anything. Same for Forces.

    E: This is innacurate lol. See this tweet by the creator of Sonic Forces Overclocked:

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  5. Snowbound


    typical gamers’ response to denuvo in Frontiers will be completely dictated by how much denuvo hampers performance. There are sone games where denuvo does not have a noticeable effect. Then there are games like Sonic Origins that have horrific crashes and frame stuttering due to denuvo

    as for your pc master race comment…. I Don’t even know where to start. Not all games have to be multiplatform but Sega has chosen to make Frontiers multiplatform and that includes PCs. If someone’s primary or only platform is a PC and that PC has the specs to run the game then I think it’s ridiculous for the performance to be ruined by denuvo. As someone who can’t afford to buy a new console rn I am so tired of people smugly writing off these performance issues.
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    It's DRM, DRM is bad no matter what. Simple as that.
  7. MH MD

    MH MD

    meanwhile i am just thinking how Generations released the same exact day as Uncharted 3 and did fine lol, was also like few day before CoD release and Skyrim and Batman Arkham City....among other things, man ... 2011 was stacked
  8. Linkabel


    Honestly, Generations and Mania were well marketed. But nothing has quite reached the heights Sega went through during 2011 to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary and Generations.

    That year Sonic WAS everywhere.
  9. Beltway


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    Putting Sonic up against heavy-hitters (and regarding mainline/major releases, during November/the holiday season) is one of the few things that amusingly hasn't changed despite the downsizing in marketing. Forces was a week after Mario Odyssey, AC: Origins, and Wolfenstein II: TNC. TSR was a month before CTR: Nitro-Fueled and a month after MK11. So Frontiers going up against GoW and Pokemon is par for the course. (I say "amusingly" in that this is post-"we don't give sales numbers for Sonic games anymore" Sega following the Boom fallout, Mania notwithstanding.)

    And speaking of Generations' sales--that's a funny one in that Sega's overall videogame sales from that particular quarter (which included Generations and M&S 2012) came in below expectations (which prompted Sega to declare an increased focus towards smartphone/digital games). And from there, there was some conflation about Generations being something of a sales disappointment in light of that news. "Generations should had been released on the Wii" was something of a popular takeaway at the time, even around here, due to how Colors (Nintendo-exclusive) and M&S 2012 (which was only on the Wii when it was released in that quarter) both sold more copies in the same amount of time. (The sentiment was brought up again when S4E2 was revealed to be skipping WiiWare shortly afterwards).

    As for the hypothetical pricetag, given the open world shift +emphasis on this being "a new gameplay foundation" and other details about the game’s production (five year production/internal delay from 2021, the -relatively- large production staff, the game’s estimated 20-30 hr. playtime) I'd be extremely surprised if this was another $40 venture. Especially off the back of something like Origins, with its occasional complaint of it carrying a steep price tag for what it offered. I can easily envision this commanding the full $60/$70 pricetag (before a third round of pre-order DLC/special edition chart shenanigans).
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  10. Ok see, I didn’t realize it has a tendency to cause performance issues as well. I’m sure my first paragraph in my original post made it clear this isn’t my area of expertise so I really wouldn’t put too much stock in what I said. I was just trying to understand why I only seem to hear about this problem in these forums.

    The “pc master race” comment was just me trying to be witty, so please disregard my impoliteness. The tone was supposed to come off as sarcastic/cheeky, but obviously it won’t come across like that to every reader, so I probably should have thought twice about saying that.
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    er, they totally keep touting Generations and TSR sales numbers though, we have a slide showing it from like 2020 IIRC?
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    I should had been more specific, by "sales numbers" I'm referring to the number of copies sold (cumulative or otherwise) for a particular title, as with other franchises/other games. Mania to my recollection was the last Sonic game to get its individual sold copies (1M) reported; and even that was through the 2018 Famitsu interview with Iizuka about Mania Plus.

    The performance of Sonic titles in quarterly/yearly results since 2014 are typically in very broad terms--listing them as top sellers or strong performers without additional comment or clarification. If there are sold copies reported; it's usually the cumulative total of multiple Sonic entries (old and new alike) lumped together. The quarterly/yearly FY2021 presentations in particular (see page 18, which highlights TSR, Generations, Mania, and M&S 2020 in this manner) is probably what you're thinking of (SystemsReady).

    (FWIW, this mostly holds true for other Sega games too, but there are exceptions sometimes; either in the annual/business reports or --as with Mania-- outside Sega's financial reports entirely.)
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  13. Sonic Frontiers has been rated in South Korea: (CERO rating of "all ages", which is ages 1-11 - so it could be the ESRB equivalent of either rated E for Everyone or rated E10+)

    And Sonic Frontiers's PS Store logo has been updated:

    Although these don't necessarily confirm anything, it's worth noting since Sonic Origins was rated 2 days before its official reveal trailer, and that came along with a PS Store CDN leak:

    Plus the previously mentioned SteamDB changes...

    I wouldn't expect anything this weekend, but perhaps next week? Might end up being nothing - we'll just have to wait and see.
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  14. Great, This might be GOTY LOL
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    guess it's worth mentioning that the Japanese website was also updated recently. The western one has stayed exactly the same since December 2021, strangely enough
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    Wow, that new Game informer writeup has a surprising amount of interesting tidbits. Although it's kind of a given, it's still nice to hear confirmation of basic quality of life features like waypoints and navigational tools. The way that they talk about the size of the island also has me pretty excited, especially when they mention the "tutorial area" being such a small part of the overall map.
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  17. Snowbound


    Maybe we’ll have a trailer next week. I hope they show off more of the story and cyberspace levels. A look at another open world biome wouldn’t hurt
  18. synchronizer


    Has any music been released?