Sonic Frontiers coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC (Holiday 2022, from Sonic Team)

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    To be blunt a lot of the Sonic tubers that cover news strike me as being stupid and clickbaity. So I get where you’re coming from. That said, you can still be excited... but that doesn’t mean other people have to be.

    I apologize for reposting the splash dash tweet. My goal wasn’t to make anyone feel bad for being excited.... that said I pretty strongly agree with this:
    Yes the footage was low quality but it had numerous elements that screamed sky sanctuary, mainly that it looked like SS and was confirmed to be SS from someone who attended SGF. And now we know that the level was exactly what folks thought it was... well maybe they’ll do something where the level appears more cyberspacey as it goes on or something... but still: it was what we said it was.
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    when was this
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    This is the exact thing I was talking about when I mentioned weird bad faith discussions on Twitter, it's also extremely selective because I think most of the people who wanted everyone to stop screaming about Sky Sanctuary were just being neutral. I saw very very few people say "that can't possibly be Sky Sanctuary" and most people just saying "that could be Sky Sanctuary but idk it doesn't exactly look like it". Deciding what stage something is with no actual confirmation or clear footage feels like gambling, and a lot of reasonable people just don't feel like saying "it's Sky Sanctuary!" or "it isn't Sky Sanctuary!" when the outcome can easily go either way, and depending on what outcome is true one group of people is going to gloat and claim that they "knew it", when it could've easily been the other outcome. If people were so confident and knew "for sure" that it was Sky Sanctuary, what does this new video prove? I thought we knew for sure, so why does this tweet say "now that it's true"? Or saying things like "now we know the level is what we thought it was"? If you are admitting there wasn't conclusive proof, what do you guys not get about us wanting to see conclusive proof? You can't simultaneously say "I knew it for sure" and "I thought so but I was waiting for proof".

    Keep in mind most of y'all said the same thing about Green Hill, so we'll see if your predictions are 2 for 2. Meanwhile I'm just not going to make any predictions, maybe it's bc I love fighting games but I don't like to risk 50/50s :doge:
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    It's not even that. I'm cool with people having different opinions but it's so tiring that these guys keep being so obnoxious about it, either positive or negative.

    It's the same issue I had with the other Twitter guy earlier in the thread where they act so smug in their cynicism, basically telling other fans that they aren't valid if they don't like the same thing that they do. It's like... dunno dude, it's just Video Games?

    We're all nerds here, I wish everyone chill a bit is all. Legit, I'm more upset that Sonic Frontiers isn't this super amazing game that everyone wants it to be than over my own problems with the game. It sucks to be in the middle about it while everyone treats it like it's some political debate where you need to take a strong stance.

    Again, I like hearing about people's different thoughts and having conversations, but if I'm getting spoken down to for thinking a game looks cool, then I'm not into that at all.
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    You'll see it in less than a couple weeks. They've given a month of exclusives to IGN and have likely carved out different aspects of the game to show off at different times. I would imagine that's why there was so much secrecy for the demo at SGF, the tradeoff was that the demo could be there but those who tried it were embargoed on footage and certain impressions until after IGN's exclusives had gone up. At least, that makes more sense to me than them being weirdly gung-ho about stopping footage due to being "worried" or whatever. :V
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    Yeah, I'm struggling to think what else they could should that we know exists aside from the dragon boss and the cyberspace levels. If we're getting a story trailer, I imagine that it'll be the cap to this month of coverage rather than being dropped partway through.
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    Their smartest move IMO would be to update Frontiers' website... Or have they already?
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    I don't fundamentally understand why you would take a game to an event if they didn't want photographs. They pulled this stunt back in Summer CES 1992 with the first showing of Sonic 2 - it didn't work then either, and that was 30 years ago.

    But don't get me wrong, they should have absolutely kept Sky Sanctuary under lock and key. It's cute that they've been able to import their old assets into Unreal Engine, but the time could have been spent making something actually interesting.

    "frontier", noun
    The most advanced or recent version of something; leading edge.

    Level from 1994.
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    I am so god damn tired of these smug motherfuckers acting like they're better than everyone else because they don't like how Frontiers looks. YOU ARE IN THE MAJORITY. A great majority of people do not like how Frontiers looks right now. Dislike the game without being a condescending jackoff about it.
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    Imagine watching “Sonic tubers,” lol
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    tbh I feel like the only SonicTuber that somewhat reliably covers information is Chaomix, but there's so much whack shit going on in that community

    SevenAces has been called out countless times for just generally being scummy, several of them love blatantly stealing content and videos and slapping their own names on it, even the ones who make their own content love to deliberately spread misinformation and have the jankest headlines ("Sonic Adventure 3 confirmed??!! Sonic Frontiers delayed AGAIN 2024"). Then there's the drama some of them start with other content creators, which isn't even worth anyone's attention.

    Idk if YouTube's "10 minute" rule for content revenue is still a thing, but it feels like the videos are often designed to be as long as possible with like 2-3 pieces of factual information.

    Re: whatever they're showing next, I'm placing bets there will be some kind of cyberspace reveal on the 29th, and everything between them will just be these little drip feed interviews. Kinda lame, but maybe I need to get a longer attention span :doge:
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    Damn SonicTubers are probably reading all of this right now

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    I think Sam Procastinates is a cool dude.
  14. most youtubers these days are uncreative clickbait copycats, and think with a little bit of a following they are suddenly above and better than everyone. the only Sonic related content I watch on a rainy day are old vids from the old schoolers like clements and somecallmejohnny. redhotsonic makes me laugh too
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    Once a year I watch Clement's Sonic 06 three hour review.
  16. I mean, don't worry about what anyone else thinks about what you like. Lot less stress that way
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  17. MykonosFan


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    Hello, let's spin this back around to being about the game instead of The Dreaded Sonic (the Hedgehog) 'Tubers.
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  18. Sparks


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    Regarding re-using assets; I feel like there is a difference between using a metal bridge from Sonic Forces for a generic foreground element, and then just having players re-visit the same stage entirely for the umpteenth time. I don't believe people are upset at seeing Sky Sanctuary's assets being re-used from a technical aspect, I believe they're upset at having to see Sky Sanctuary specifically yet again.

    That said, all these conclusions are being made by pixel-y, blurry footage of stages in the background. I would like to believe it's not Sky Sanctuary, but given track record for the last few Sonic games, I don't have very high expectations.
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  19. Xiao Hayes

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    I haven't checked out any version of that footage and only a couple of unavoidable screencaps posted here, but I won't say it's sky sanctuary until the words "Sky Sanctuary" come from an official source, not matter how "evident" it may be. I won't judge the whole game under the prism of what we can already see either; some people talk about this game as if the footage shown was the whole game, and that's not the case. There are things that can be judged, of course, but the whole game won't be an oversized version this grassy plain just because we haven't seen any other locale, or it might be to some degree but it's unknown either way.
  20. arc


    Is there any info on how the player moves from the world hub to cyberspace levels? I remember someone saying something about keys, but that’s about it. Would obtaining X number of keys instantly warp you to a cyberspace level, or would there be a gate you’d need to enter?