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Sonic Freerunner

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Azookara, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Gardow


    Yeah well, I enjoyed beating that 45 second mark anyways. :p
  2. Azookara


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    Hate to say we have nothing to give you, especially since that's just an old Blitzsonic base stage and not even the first stage of Freerunner :v:

    Also, update time? I guess so.. well nothing has really gone on lately. We're mostly searching for more recruit in making stage design, and being stumped on how Sonic Generations nearly stole our entire art direction. Other than that, me and 8-Bit have had our lives to tend to and we'll get back on this with full force when we feel like it. You'll be seeing some new stuff every now and then though.

    Like a 3D-ified Spring Yard Zone. More news on that later.
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    Got your concept art here.

    Yeah, that's honestly the last time I'll spam that pic, proud of it though I am. In seriousness, I would LOVE to see that zone done properly in 3D. Love to.
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    Well, the change of engine could make one jump harder, but could help me trim it down to 43 perhaps...
    I would love to check it out. :)
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    secret option D) a fangame
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    Ah, took a different route, yours is far quicker indeed...
  7. I'll probably bring back the 'previous time' text seen in one of our very first videos of Splashing Springs since people are actually trying to get fast times now.

    Yes, as Azukara stated, I am making Spring Yard Zone. I picked it because it uses a lot of repeating tiles, which I believe will make it easy to build. While this may sound like a boring stage, its actually going to be quite detailed. I may even throw in some stuff seen in the promotional shots of Sonic 1, and maybe some Sparkling Zone stuff.

    Edit: Screenshot. Testing lightmap and glow effect. I hope to apply these effects throughout the whole stage. Its going to be a lot of work, so don't expect anything remotely playable soon.
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    Well, in your midst of prepping the next version, I've been locating and fixing old BlitzSonic levels on my drive to play on it. Most levels play fine, but bit of a bug to note.

    1: If you dragdrop and play, the levels are pitch black, save for the Skydome. I've gotten them fixed with mere XML edits.

    2: After so many levels appear in the Stages.XML, the HUD eventually stops appearing. I think I got to 4 before it was gone. There's 6 stages in the list right now. If you plan a 5-level setup for the next version, you'll wanna check up and find out why the HUD dies with more than 4.

    EDIT: Almost forgot another one. Adding a third stage gave me 254 lives. Crazy stuff
  9. So...whats goin on guys? Is this still being worked on?
  10. TheInvisibleSun


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    *sighs* I thought there would be some kind of update or something...
  11. Azookara


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    Yes, it's still being worked on. Not everyone's first priority, but nevertheless it's still being worked on.

    We've been mostly secluding all our progress to an IRC chatroom, but things are happening, connections are being made and progress, while slow and steady, is happening. We're taking our sweet time, just to make sure we get exactly what we want out of this. We could get quicker progress if we obtain more modelers, programmers and designers for the team, so if anyone is interested then please hook me up in the SFR's chatroom, PM me here, e-mail me from codyryancollins@yahoo(dot)com (with a '.' replacing the '(dot)', of course), or however you can access me. ( Please take note that the SFR forums are basically dead, so please contact me through one of these ways instead. )

    If this helps with interesting anyone, I'd like to make note that we've left behind Blitzsonic in favor of development on SonicGDK. We will need some programmers to help get this off the ground. Anyone with knowledge on using the Unreal Engine and/or SonicGDK, and is willing to help out, let us know. We already have a good bit of assets done , but at the same time, we need the help of more modelers as well, so like said, any help from that as well would be great. Designers / texture artists, we're calling out for you guys as well.

    Freerunner's Blitzsonic engine may be released for open source and then used for a mini-fangame, currently called "Sonic Saturn". Like a pet project within a pet project.
  12. Impish


    Hooray! I was against the change of engine that was proposed way back, but now with all the improvements made to GDK, and the lovely examples I've seen on Youtube, I think its a good idea. I kinda disappeared from the forums before they did, what kind of level design has been settled on for Freerunner now? Open-world-ish, Unleashed-esque, or what?
  13. Miles3298


    Ah, crap. Now I won't be able to play it. Good luck with this, folks!
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    Stages are A-to-B gameplay, similar in structure to a blend of what SA1 did and Generations is doing in the modern stages. However, at the same time, it's expanding off into many different side-paths and shortcuts to take across the stage. You either progress through them naturally within Story Mode, speedrun them and go for high ranks in Time Attack Mode, or roam wherever and do what you want in Free Run Mode.
  15. Yes, the switch to GDK at this point is a good move. I did not want to switch initially because Sonic GDK needed some improvement, but now it seems to be a well enough engine to make the switch. Also, we have certainly reached the limitations of Blitz3D. Creating the lightmaps are too cumbersome, and while the improvements provided by the Fast Extension library would resolve some issues, apparently some people cannot run it...roughly half, believe it or not. If we loose half the people who can play it, we may as well loose half of them while making the switch to a better engine.

    As for the Blitz3D Freerunner engine, that is up to Azukara. We may either make a different Sonic game completely, or possibly release the source. In the mean time, we are still in need of modelers and texture artists, so if you would like to help, please let Azukara know.

    One more thing I wanted to mention, I may soon have a new laptop with which I can run the Sonic GDK engine, so I'm not out of the game yet. I'm studying Unreal script, and I hope to port some of the improvements we made to Freerunner like the menu and level select when I have learned enough about it. Additionally, I finally started setting up a more permanent render farm for animated cut scenes. :)
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    Just to let you guys know, the Sonic Freerunner site is back up, after a rather long downtime. It now can be found at with the forums over at and a wiki set up at I'm still setting things up, so it'll be empty for a little while. Expect it to fill up soon.

    For those wondering about the progress of Sonic Freerunner at this current time, it's going fine as of now. We just recently made the switch to UE3/UDK/SonicGDK, so it'll take some time for let's say, the next public beta to surface.
  17. The activation email seems to be broken. I registered at about 9:55am -5GMT and it has been 45 minutes and still no email. :(

    I wanted to comment on the old Freerunner engine, but I'm just going to quote myself from the "OUR Blitz Sonic Game" forum where I am currently helping others with their BlitzSonic mods.
    And as for our switch to GDK, I think it is the best thing we could do for the project. B3D is too outdated, and with computers becoming cheaper every day, I don't think there will be many people unable to play it by the time we get a stage and a few badniks completed.