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Sonic Freerunner

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Azookara, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. MegaDash


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    Not sure why no one else has reported this, but whenever I pick either of the gamepad xmls, the camera won't stop orbiting around Sonic. This is after I replaced the old xmls with the new ones. Is this a problem native to Logitech controllers?

    Other than that, with the keyboard and mouse, turning feels marginally easier and there's much less friction when in air, so that's good. I still definitely recommend some kind of step-by-step traction function to Sonic's motion that doesn't take away from his high-speed potential. Basically I want to feel Sonic's feet hit the ground with each step, at least until he reaches high-to-full speed, without losing the speed or firm control, and I don't think he should shoot over a flat surface after running quickly up a incline slope before it. That being said, I'll wait until I see how some more original Freerunner stages work.
  2. Aerosol


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  3. Azookara


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    The gamepad only truly works with a 360 controller. We can try to assign some controller layouts for specific gamepads, but I really have nothing else than the 360 controller to work with. I don't believe any of the others do, either.
  4. Chimpo


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    Kinda foolish to just depend on just the 360 controller for pad support, especially when PC offers a wide range of options.
  5. Azookara


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    True. I'd use more gamepads / joysticks and make support for them if I had the money to get some.
  6. Ritz


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    The PS Dualshock is the mold for every manufactured PC USB controller I've ever seen. If nothing else, support for that layout is mandatory.

    EDIT: Come to think of it, it'd be ridiculous if every PC game developer had to have a copy of every extant USB controller on hand to add support for them! There has to be a site out there with a bunch of layout definitions you can just plug into your shit.
  7. Vinchenz


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    I'm surprised to find that this runs relatively well on my crappy little notebook! That's one good thing about Blitz...

    But anyway, I'm really liking the quick turn function you put in there. It makes it run really well.

    One thing that does bother me is how fast the camera turns horizontally. It's too slow for me, personally.

    Edit: Ooh, another complaint. I'm using the Mouse + WASD controls and one thing that bothers me is that I keep pressing Space to jump but you have it mapped to the Left Click. Considering how many games use Space to jump, I think you should change it to that.

    Edit2: Figured out how to mess with the controls, sorry. :P

    An X rotation speed of 12 seems to work best for me. I also figured out how to jump with space and roll with E and let me tell you, it feels really good.

    I had tons of fun running around the Super Mario locations. I feel that with a little bit more tweaking I think your game will end up being really fun.
  8. Jayextee


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    If only there were some sort of community who could play this game with different controllers and offer reports on functionality and related fixes. :v:
  9. ICEknight


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    Same thing happens here, using a PSX controller.

    It's kind of hypnotic.
  10. Azookara


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    We got a dude that is going to reconfigure the control setup for any PS-based gamepad. Be on the lookout for it, the config.xml should be up in about a day or less.
  11. Aerosol


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    That's wonderful news!
  12. SF94


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    Here it is. Currently, you can't look up or down because it's kinda hard to set up a configuration through another person, but your camera shouldn't explode. You can however, rotate it left, right, and zoom. (The right analog stick is unused in this configuration. If somebody with the know-how that has this controller would like to get it working, be my guest.)

    Download here (click), and extract to the "config" folder, as usual.
  13. Elratauru


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    And...Crashes right away :D Both 1.1 and 1.2 Pre-alphas.

    Im using a Hexa Core AMD Phenom II x6 at 3.3ghz each core, with an ATI Radeon HD5750 1GB DDR5 (With the latest drivers of course), and 2GB Ram DDR3. And Im on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

    It just "opens" the window and bam, the exe closes with no error message or whatever. A crash-log would be useful right now :P

    Its a shame it crashes :( ...I was looking forward to test this with OVER 9000 of FSAA and FSAS samples :P
  14. SF94


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    The only time that's ever happened to me (and it has), it was related to my tablet. Restarting the tablet service however, seemed to have fixed the issue at the time.
  15. This is a common problem running Windows 7 64 bit, judging from my search results.

    MS has a whole article dedicated to resolving game crashes here.

    Also, check out how to do a clean boot here, which may enable you to play the game. If the game plays, you will need to figure out which process is causing the problem.

    I read that increasing your ram and/or paging file could resolve game crashes too.
  16. Elratauru


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    Yeah...It seems that it worked. However it kinda "sucks" that I have to disable the tablet service to play :P

    Nope, it wasnt crashing with the common "Has stopped working"... it just crashed, no error message at all. Also, never had that problem with a game on x64. It mostly depends on your drivers/hardware configuration though.

    Also it was only THIS game that crashed :P... I can play any new game at maximum graphics, without even a slight stuttering or strange behavior. That's why It was kinda "strange" that this thing crashed like that.


    Edit: I have been trying it on a higher res, plus FSAA and fullscreen of course, and it looks nice. About the motion blur, its only used on the springs right? There is the only place I have seen it.
  17. Overbound


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    Just another thought. One thing that is often over looked but extremely important is the shadow. I know you guys are working on one and that's great. But you need to remember a shadow is more than just an effect. Its an aiming tool in good 3D platformers. Just look at Super Mario 64, the shadow is never out of view, especially in jumps, Rayman 2 too. So as you tighten up your camera keep that in mind.
  18. Gardow


    So I've been doing speedruns lately, and I say, keep the loss of speed when holding down buttons in mid-air.
    It makes speedruns all the more interesting. It can also be a good thing, for when you want to slow down to land on the right spot.

    As soon as I understood this, I chopped my personal record from 49: something down to 46:05. Had I fell right into the ring, I would've gotten a 45 seconds out of it.
    EDIT: make that 45:38
    :EDIT: make that 45:29
    .:EDIT:45:01... 0 FUCKING 1

    So... What did I win? :p
  19. SF94


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    Too late! Already fixed. =P
  20. Aerosol


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    Nothing. Thanks for playing!