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Sonic Freerunner

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Azookara, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Azookara


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    NOTE: This is a modification of the original post.

    Game Information Page
    Sonic Freerunner Message Board
    IRC chatroom adress: irc://


    EDIT (as of 9/20/11): Sonic Freerunner has been moved to SonicGDK for further development.

    We will need some programmers to help get this off the ground. Anyone with knowledge on using the Unreal Engine and/or SonicGDK, and is willing to help out, let us know. We already have a good bit of assets done , but at the same time, we need the help of more modelers as well, so like said, any help from that as well would be great. Designers / texture artists, we're calling out for you guys as well.

    The original Blitzsonic 'pre-alpha' build will be further developed for a mini-side-project called "Sonic Saturn"; and will be released open-source sometime very soon.


    You can obtain the last SFR release, the 3/19/11 Blitzsonic pre-alpha build, at either of these two links.

    Download links:
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    Well, it sounds good, I just hope it lives up to my expectations. It looks like you're making a 2D game, except it's 3D. That didn't make sense, but, y'know. Also, what exactly will the Somersault and Air Slash moves do?

    About the music; I'm useless at composing, but I could probably arrange a melody+chord progression if that's as far as someone else can get.
  3. Azookara


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    Air Slash is just another name for the Insta-shield from Sonic 3 & Knuckles (as it also allows you to use Elemental shield powers). Somersaulting does the same function as it does on SA2; it serves as just a slow-to-a-halt attack that basically does the same thing as the roll.

    And it is in 3D, but some 2.5D stages may be in the game. Depends on how much we get done that we'll have enough time to put that in.
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    On the first look I could've said that it's being made with BlitzSonic, then I read what you said. But even with knowing that, this looks incredibly awesome! :) *I waits for release*
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    Remember several key points:
    - remember that good platformer controls are always relative to the camera. You'll need a camera system and layout specialist to facilitate gameplay
    - a good sonic camera system illustrates sonic's speed by increasing the FOV as sonic accelerates (within tolerances of course) with pronounced boosts when dash panels are hit
    - because of the first point, the camera system directly influences how the player interacts with their environment
    - your level design looks like its currently suffering from sa2 syndrome. Enclose more of the level with high walls, make branching paths with lots of platforming elements and keep a speed path accessible but hard to reach.
    - remember that character<->environment<->player interaction is the most important part of the game. Make sure sonic's moves work properly and not cheaply like in 2006. Special moves should add to or multiply physics values, never set them.

    ... more to come as I think of them
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    Thanks for the compliment, Selbi. =)

    And Dude, thank you for that information. We're already working on a dynamic camera for the engine. Although (since it is Blitzsonic afterall) this is a little hard to work with, were taking baby steps to make sure that the camera system will work good. As for level design, as I said things are very WIP, as the final product of these levels will be nowhere near to what they look like right now. We've been busy working with and tweaking the engine to where it plays good first, then worry about the level design later. These stages we have up there for now are nothing but sort of prototype stages; per se, just stuff to show we're working. And what we have right now with the tweaking of the engine is that it feels definitely more solid and less slippery than the original Blitzsonic program did, and we're working on full rolling mechanics firsthand. We're not gonna worry about the little parkour bits for now and make sure we get everything just right for that.
  7. The KKM

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    Very nice. I'd offer as a concept artist, for badniks and such, but I'd imagine you've got more than enough as it is. Only a pet peeve of mine- I'd rather see Shadow incorporated in the story than Sally :v:
  8. Azookara


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  9. The KKM

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    Well yes, but I'm quite iffy on adding SatAM/Archie characters to the games, per say. Strangely, I don't have this problem with many Fleetway characters.
  10. Azookara


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    That's because Fleetway was actually much truer to the designs of the environments and the characters than Archiesonic ever was. But now we're getting off topic. Perhaps you/I/we should make a topic about this? :v:
  11. Harmony Friends

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    This doesn't seem like a celebration of classic Sonic at all, based on what you're describing. But what you're describing seems to be a really unique game concept that has massive potential. Color me cautiously excited.
  12. Azookara


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    It's a mash-up of everything Sonic is known to be awesome for, and slamming it all together. Think of the environments looking like this:


    This is what I'm getting at whenever I talk about "realistic details and HD awesomeness, but colorful and retro." The screenshots shown aren't really what's going to be in the final product. It's just stuff to show off that we have the ability to do this stuff.

    The gameplay is supposed to be like S3K's as well, except 3D and maybe with a tad bit of parkour poured in.

    Well, at least I'm happy to hear that people excited about how this game may fold out. =)
  13. Impish


    Hey I was gonna PM you, but now I see you've made a topic, I can also help you out with story stuff.
  14. E-122-Psi


    I admit the original pilot version had a more cartoony persona and design that would better fit the games (though I like the final design and more sentimental tone of the character more).

    My best resolve would be to create a sorta castle stage representing Castle Acorn or something and have an Eggman boss where he's taken control or kidnapped Sally or her father (the latter would perhaps also give a neat plot device to place her into the game I guess). I've already made a huge convoluted analysis about how I'd feel Sally could be put into a game in a another recent topic in the Sonic thread so any advise I could possibly give you is likely there.

    Anyway the graphics are looking awesome, and the wave ocean-y level does look like it would be fun to roam around in. It may just be the lighting but Sonic looks a little over-floresant though.
  15. Azookara


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    You know the main reason why I even considered putting Sally in my game, Psi, is because of your pictures on your Deviantart gallery. ;P

    But yes, I don't think it would be as bad if she was more like herself from the pilot of SatAM. She just seemed like a much more likable character with a somewhat more playful and active personality. Plus, the higher pitched voice sort of made it better. I mean come on, Sally through the rest of the series is a 15 year old chipmunk-girl that has the voice of a 30 year old secretary (like Ms. Bellum from the PowerPuff Girls or something). However her later design looks better than pink edition overall, and the design you made for her (both in sprite form and SA-style) looks better than the one on SatAM. I don't know why, it may be the color scheme, I don't know.

    Anyways, it all depends on if we could get someone to model Sally, and if we could get her in there without it being too complex or overbearing for the simple direction we're going for in this.

    And once again about the graphics, none of it is finished or final and the Wave Ocean stuff will most likely not be kept. As for Sonic's color in that picture; I have no idea what's going on, the lighting seems to be all weird. I'll ask Carrierhack about it when I get the chance.

    @Impish: Awesome! I forgot to write you down about storyline, sorry about that ^^;
  16. The KKM

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    Actually, concluding the worst that can happen is being denied, I ofer my services as a concept artist. :b
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    I love this, don't change it one bit, it's spot on. =P
  18. I don't think they will, considering it's a screenshot from Sonic Superstars Tennis.

  19. Jayextee


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    Psy, that is actually Sega Superstars Tennis' version of Green Hill Zone.
  20. Jaseman


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    This game looks flat-out awesome. I love BlitzSonic and I tried to edit it but fail'd :psyduck:

    Anyway, sorry for being a pissy prick, but is this gonna go the way of almost all Sonic fangames, abandon'd. Like RetroSonic XG, and *flame sheild* Sonic 2 HD

    anyway, im proly just being pissy.

    Keep up the work and don't let it die XD