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Sonic Free Riders

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Tiranno, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    No one cares. Tell him to upload the scenes. :colbert:

    Also they might be using archived voices like they did with Robotnik in the other Riders games.
  2. Conando


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    Jax is probably right. It seems very likely that they didn't bother to get new voices for Silver and Blaze yet, because they do nothing for the story. Anyway, I'm wondering...they actually got any neat non-Sonic characters like they did in the last 2 games. Amigo for the win.

    Anyway, I should have worded what I said better. I actually found Riders and Zero Gravity to be enjoyable, but they didn't get good review scores. What it seems like is that this game would have been the best in the series, critically, if not for the Kinect controls. Of course, the reviewers might have just been blowing those comments out of their asses.
  3. Aquaslash


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    You forgot this one:

    "The answer the heart of Fishing"
  4. Endri


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    Hahah. I love this. No seriously, I really do.

    Hell no. People do more in the gym than just aerobics. It's not like you can lift weight with the Kinect, you idiot. Attempt to make a funny statement failed. Please, try again in the next opportunity.

    About 1), probably he is doing something wrong. If he is calibrating Kinect like this guy here, then he clearly did something wrong, and that's why the "sensor gets very finicky." I won't even comment on how those people are stupid and don't now how to setup something properly.

    About 2), I don't see this as a bad thing; it's actually good, so these sedentary people can do some workout in their lives for once. For the sake of their own lives. People who works out lives for longer, etc.

    About 3), the guy clearly don't know the Riders series... :rolleyes:

    Also, this review is all stupid. They give the game a 3/5, while he says that the game is good for the 80% of time that it is "lol responsive." As far as I know, 80% of 5 is 4, so the score should've been 4/5.

    Plus, the other reviews said that this game is shallow (and note that this was my main concern when I first heard about this game; gimmick game that came out of nowhere was bound to be shallow), but this review in particular says that "this is a game with a lot of depth." What?
  5. GeneHF


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    Easy there, Riders Defense Force. I can see some of the complaints being valid. Riders hasn't really been a marvel in the control department at any point in the series (more so in Zero Gravity) and the steep learning curve thing is a sensible complaint considering Kinect's target audience is meant to be the more casual player than your typical Sonic fan.

    The series always largely needed a variable difficulty setting akin to that in F-Zero GX, a game well known for being quite brutal to most players when tackled in Master and probably Expert, but a relatively easy title when kept in the lower modes. It's always a pain to start the game off for a new player when the computer just so happens to know all the shortcuts on the track and is more than happy to use them to their full extent.

    The tiring complaint seems silly, but can be valid in that it may be one of the more active Kinect games in that you must be standing and moving constantly. People may not be interested in having such a laborious game (so why the hell would they want Kinect then? That's for another topic.) In that case, it gives fair warning.

    There's no need to be overly critical. Think over the points before running around like W+M1 Pyro with the flamethrower, sense I find those points all quite valid.
  6. Effexor


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    That reminds me. Are they still using Deem's lines from the other Riders games?
  7. Aquaslash


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    I can't say. I've not unlocked Eggman yet (gotta beat all five stories, and I'm almost done with the 4th)

    Also. Remember that "Sonic Heroes" style title Sega wanted to do? Yeah, it's this game. Story format's identical.
  8. Secret Bonus

    Secret Bonus

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    So is Omega in this? Listening to those voice videos they seem to make reference to him.

    edit: nvm, watched the Dark story video
  9. Dusk Golem

    Dusk Golem

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  10. trakker


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  11. Dusk Golem

    Dusk Golem

    Where Fear and Cryptic Puzzles lie... Member
    He's a personal friend of mine, he had to record in a cramped room as downstairs television was ready so it kept registering he was crouching since he was cramped.
  12. trakker


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    thats ok then, it would be incredebly irritating otherwise
  13. Well, at least the theme isn't super terribad this time. I'm ecstatic that they didn't get runblebee to do another theme; can't stand his stuff.
  14. Vinchenz


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    I love everyone's new voice, except for Shadow's. He sounds waaaay too serious, but it makes it very funny to me.
  15. Felik


    I just hate Jet's voice. His voice is just one of these things that you start valuing when you lose it...
  16. 0r4ng3


    So this is the Heroes 2 that was rumoured? The teams and Metal Sonic were better handled in Heroes and its scatterbrain storytelling. The dialogue took an upturn though.

    Knuckles isn't portrayed as a moron anymore! That was surprising. As was the cast pointing out Shadow's narcisistic issues.
  17. GameboyHero


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    If anyone cares, someone is streaming for as long as who knows. He just finished Team Heroes and he's on Team Babylon.
  18. Jay T.

    Jay T.

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    I'm listening to that song Shake It from this game, and...did they seriously say in the middle of it "Gimmie some lovins'?"
    ...Holy shit! O_o
    Other than that, the music is pretty nice to listen to.

    I think I'm going to try and hold back on watching any cutscenes and such for now. If I can. I don't really plan on buying the Kinect, but...y'know, depends on how much money I got by Christmas.
  19. Aerosol


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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?

    I heard Vector and was happy. Then I heard him say "Where's mah money??" and I died laughing. Apparently, Vector is the son of an successful Bronx-based pimp now.

    Also...Sonic sounds alot better in that cutscene than he does in Tails and the Translator.
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