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    Ugh. Not gonna lie, this isn't doing it for me. I honestly think this is gonna sink the series into a bigger whole than it;s already in with a lot of people. But then again, this actually might be a good idea. Imagine if this does well enough, it could become it's own branch of the franchise. Like the OC Sonic series in a different universe or something. The gameplay mechanics don't seem as taxing or difficult to develop for as the boost titles, and they found a decent way to incorporate the wisp. They could spin this off into it's own deal, and work on refining the main titles.
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    Oh boy, this sure looks like the perfect Sonic 25th anniversary game.

    *Goes back to the Sonic Mania thread*
  3. Welp. At least we have Mania.
  4. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    It'll be fun to see what monstrosities people can make up.
  5. big smile

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    I'd like to say "Oh, so this is where all that 3 year development time has gone to", but to be honest, it doesn't look like that much time has been spent on it.

    I wonder if they are aiming this game more to kids, as things like OC creators are popular in kids products. For younger children seeing GHZ again wouldn't bother them, as they probably wouldn't have been gaming when Generations came out.

    The main problem for me as that the two levels we have seen so far are very bland. The OC creator isn't especially offensive, but it doesn't do anything to add appeal.
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    You know it had to be done :v:

    That said, while the idea itself is going to make everyone have a fucking meltdown (and it already is, jesus christ guys) it should be interesting to see just how versatile you can get with it. I saw a monocle in the menus. If there's a top hat somewhere in there too, I'm sold. (Also a way to change not just the fur colour plskthx.)

    The gameplay looks interesting enough of a difference, especially that they're giving the extra abilities to the someone new rather than just giving it to Sonic with some random (story-driven) explanation as to why he can suddenly do X thing. The grapple seems like an interesting mechanic to play with, especially on a 3D plane, so I'll be interested to see how that plays out.

    My interest is piqued, let's see just what comes next.

    (Also please say there's a possibility of instrumentals in levels, outside of modding. Otherwise.. well, modding.)
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    One thing I noticed in the gameplay: Wisps are now used instantaneously rather than there first being an animation of Sonic (or in this case Custom Hero) using it.
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    Now bubsy can be real.
    Fuck yes.
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    I want to hate this but for some reason I don't. And yes, the wisps are implemented much more smoothly with OC the hedgewolf than with Sonic. They add to your move set or they update your weapon. Now they're more like Mario powers.

    Also, I hope they learned how to make a fun grappling hook. They tried once before... It sucked
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    I guess we can make Bubsy in Sonic Forces now...?

    EDIT: Fuck, someone already made that joke. ;-; Err, I guess Pantufa the Cat is the next best thing.
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    i can't wait to finally make kanye west the hedgehog
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    None of it matters if we can't make Cinossu. :colbert:
  13. I love you guys taking this seriously, I think it's hilarious. Finally I can bring back my dead sonic oc!!!

    Honestly, for the kids/young teens who actually make Sonic OCs this must be like a dream come true and I'm happy for em. For those who don't, you can surely have a laugh making a dumb looking character like Bubsy or Coldsteel and just have a good time with that.

    I think what somewhat worries me is the level design, it seems really basic. I get it's the first level probably, but it'd be nice if it had more going for it.

    Edit: also looking at the animal choice, some seem to have worse skills than others. Like getting rings when you die seems pointless if you never die.
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    I really don't know if I should be cringing or enjoying this. When I first watched the trailer 20 minutes ago, I thought it was a dumb idea. Then I thought more about it, and now I think I may be enjoying it a little bit? God what the hell is wrong with me. :v: I've never even had a Sonic OC growing up, never once did I feel the need to create my own Sonic fan character.
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    So... Uhm... I think Park Avenue (Zone?) looks pretty good in terms of the 2D level design and everything - at least in this short snippet - but... well...

    What is with the music?! Did they want to go back to the Sonic R style of level themes with nonsensical lyrics? Some kind of Sega Saturn era tribute? If that is actually the style of level music they're going for in the final game, I really hope there's an option to turn the singing off like in Sonic R. It might have been fine in a racing game, but I don't think there's ever been a platformer that had non-rap music with lyrics where it worked. Because this seems really odd and doesn't fit the level at all.
    This could be different from what it's like in the final game, so I'm just hoping they change that.
  16. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    I don't think most people are really taking this seriously, to be fair. The gameplay does look kinda like a watered-down Ratchet and Clank, though.

    For a split second I thought it was the singer from Sonic R.
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    Good grief, this would be more interesting if it wasn't inserted into bog-standard medicore Generations gameplay.
  18. Kill it with fire.
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    I laughed. Throughout the whole thing.....And then the reality hit me.

    That's it guys. We're officially finished. The OC/Deviant part of the fan base has won.
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    This art is pretty good

    also again I LOVE THIS GOTY 2017