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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Aquova


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    I can understand why some people would want a character creator, but it would be a terrible decision. Letting people actually make Coldsteel the Hedgehog is only going to turn the game into a meme and not taken seriously.
  2. TimmiT


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    So what you're saying is a character creator would be an amazing decision.

  3. Only if you think the game would sell on this ironically humorous basis.
  4. TimmiT


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    Well, it is a dark and serious Sonic game. Those have always been at their best when they're unintentionally campy and the good kind of bad.
  5. True but are those games day one full price purchases for most game consumers, or are they bargain bin purchases one to two years later when one is out for a good laugh? Especially for non-Sonic diehards, which apparently Forces is making an attempt to appeal to.
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    So can we officially start #FuckGreenHillZone now..?

    Don't be surprised when Jeff Coons opens an entire exhibit dedicated to GHZ. :v:
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    I'm sorry, but this just had to be done.


    However, it'll be Bubsy with gloves on for this iteration.
  8. I laughed out loud on this. Thank you for that.

    But in agreement with all of that, yeah. Mania probably won't have the same level of marketing when its all said and done but I can easily see it doing better than Forces at this point. And have predicted it would awhile back actually because of the level of excitement and critical opinion surrounding the game since last summer. I don't really like putting myself in that mindset because I'd rather Sonic just do well all around, but its become abundantly clear that the current Sonic Team fundamentally does not understand the core gameplay and appeal of Sonic...and just hasn't for a very long time, which is why Sonic has done gimmick after gimmick without ever standing on its own gameplay merits.

    Whitehead and co. on the other hand, need a bigger seat at the table. In general, if SEGA sees Mania is really successful they need to consider outside talent hiring restructuring. Fresher, less-worn minds who do fundamentally get the core Sonic gameplay and have great ideas to move forward with.
  9. Rosie


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    It looks pretty much like I expected, but honestly slightly worse. I expected something similar to Generations, but what I've seen so far is more of the same to the point where it looks like DLC. "This isn't Generations 2" clearly means 'This is Generations 1.5'.

    But I don't really like Generations much. The Classic Sonic sections had a floaty feel that didn't feel good to play, where it's hard to hit where you want despite the game subtly pulling you towards objects. Plus barely existent rolling mechanics that they tried to cover up with springs, boosters and uncurling. After the initial excitement of 'Oooh Classic Sonic is back!', it wasn't great. The modern sections were better but I think there are better and more inventive ways of transferring what made Sonic good in the first place into 3D than the boost gameplay (making the boost activate in a manner similar to Sonic Advance 2 would be a start). Plus I don't like Modern Sonic as a character much. He's safe, overly kid friendly, mostly emotionally static and a bit boring. Like Mario =P. Sonic Mega Drive did a pretty good job of giving Sonic both a voice and a personality, IMO, and making him interesting might help me gloss over my personal gripes with the design.

    Basically if you wanted Generations 2 this will please you, but I hope they didn't spend all those years recoding their lighting engine and creating a third play style that no one will care about.
  10. Overlord


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    Tested today on three seperate PCs in geographically different points of the UK, at least one of which has never searched Sonic before so has no way of having a Google search profile to affect it. Nice one, internet!
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    Did Sega sack their art department or something. In this age of tech even if it's classed as low end that doesn't mean a stylised art direction suffers because of it. This is just bad art direction from the team.
  12. Laura


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    I do really feel bad about the massive backlash against Generations. I still think Generations, despite its faults, is a really good game that was by far the best Sonic game since Sonic and Knuckles. I know Classic Sonic's physics are a bit wonky and that the game had some overly-restrictive Modern levels, but hell; I don't really care. The game was incredibly fun, well designed and I have loads of great memories with it.

    From what I've seen on forums and commemt sections, fans really seem to hate Generations' core gameplay now, which I think is totally unwarranted and unfair. I certainly think Generations is superior in every way to Unleashed, the sudden darling of the fanbase. The Daytime Stages are just the Modern Stages but with horrendous controls (such as homing attack mapped to boost) and trial and error level design. And I'm aware Unleashed had a more complete story than Generations, but I'd take Gen's absent story over Chip any day of the week. I don't mean to beat on Unleashed, but I find it utterly baffling that so many fans like Unleashed, want to call back to the ambition, but hate the core gameplay of Generations. Am I alone in finding this ridiculous?

    I remember Jim Sterling made a video about how Sonic needs consistency, and fans jumped to the video and agreed with it. 'We need to stop reinventing the wheel'. But they are now calling for the absolute opposite of what they said before; a game which doesn't resemble the core gameplay of Boost. I know some people have hated Boost since the start, but I really do find this particularly astounding.

    I'm not saying Forces looks good, I'm really worried about the third game style in particular. But I really like Generations still, it represents a time for me when Sonic was really good and looking up. I've seen people compare Generations to Sonic 4 for fuck sake. Just feels bad man. And please note, I'm talking about Generation's core gameplay here.

    And just as a sidenote, why does noone understand Iizuka's comment that Forces is not a sequel to Generations? He obviously meant that Forces isn't a direct sequel to Generations and thus has its own plot and unique levels (I know the irony of this with Green Hill). Hence the whole 'brand new experience'; not brand new core gameplay formula as so many seem to think he meant. In fact, I think the reason he said that was because he thought fans would immediately think we might get a literal Gens 2 with remade old levels after the trailer. The trailer is pretty clear about Forces being a spiritual successor to Generations. When I see people criticise Iizuka for his (correct) comment, I really do think they are stupid, gonna be honest. The only reason I have brought this up is because I haven't seen anyone in the fanbase understand the straightforward comment he made.
  13. RikohZX


    Maybe it's because of Switch because it's technically a generation / half-generation behind the PS4 and XBO, or maybe they just decided to simplify things for a better workflow. They've subtly been adding details to the Modern Sonic portion, like ashes in the air in the new footage.
    The grasses are actually a lot more detailed compared to how flat it was in Generations, it's just lacking a lot of the background and foreground detail which was really noisy in terms of visuals. And here's hoping by the final version that the background sky is actually moving. But overall it isn't that bad, I go to Sonic games for gameplay rather than graphics after all (unless it's Sonic Adventure DX on Steam).
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    Okay well this is hilarious. At least something good came from this reveal. Laughed out loud at this.

    Getting back on-topic my hype is deflated compared to months ago when we knew very little - but thinking about it today with fresh eyes I think we've seen too little of the game still to write this off just yet. Forces is supposed to be at E3 where presumably it'll get a blow-out so perhaps seeing more then will renew our hopes? So far though Mania is winning this race. It looks far more reassuring in terms of whether it'll actually be good with arguably much better handled marketing. Every reveal for Mania has increased my hype for the game, whilst "GHZ but not as good as Generations and massive graphical downgrade for no apparent reason" and "by the way here's Bubsy" is just so downright terrible it's almost funny.

    Really hoping we see more that'll telegraph that this game could actually be good. I was so, so hopeful when all we had was the reveal trailer. More at E3?
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    It's Sonic from a twisted future where hedgehogs lool like foxes. Come on guys, it was easy.
  16. Tiller


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    It would pretty much be wish fulfillment of one of the most infamous parts of the Sonic fandom. Suddenly you too can play as your own shitty friend. The proceeding internet fallout would be absolutely legendary. So yes it would totally sell on ironic humor.

    What's so insulting isn't just the generic shift in the art style, but the bits that actually make up the level are just floating in the air. Generations makes most of their stage part of the world in some manner.
  17. TimmiT


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    Better question: would those people who'd get a laugh out of a character creator have more reason to buy the game if it didn't have it in it?

    Like yeah, those people might not buy the game at launch, but it's not like they'd buy it day one if it doesn't have a character creator that makes the game more fun to laugh at in it. They'd just have less reason to buy the game at all.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Generations ran on PS3, and Switch is supposed to be more powerful than PS3 (right?), so why would Forces need to downgrade the graphics from Generations level? To increase the FPS I guess, but wouldn't a lower FPS on the Switch, and 60 FPS on PS4 and Xbox1, be a fair compromise? The game should look at least as good as Generations.
  19. TimmiT


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    It wouldn't be for me. Generations had pretty bad button input problems on consoles because of the sub-30fps framerate, it didn't have those on PC cause that version can run at 60fps. I'd rather have a slightly less good looking game that plays well than a version of the game that looks the same but plays worse.
  20. Dark Sonic

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    Yea definitely cannot defend the floating landmass thing going on.

    I just don't get why this looks so jarring compared to the city level. Ironically the city looks organic and natural while this looks rigid and fake.