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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Dark Sonic

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    Idk better for Sonic to set expectations low than too high. Ya maybe Sonic 06 had a great teaser but the game was trash. Great teasers have bit Sonic in the ass many times and maybe they're playing it safe.
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    I thought the buildings looked more like Shamar. It seems like a weird mix of the city levels they've done so far.
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    Sonic 06 went platinum. Not sure that would've been possible if they hadn't set expectations for the game extraordinarily high. From either a business or creative standpoint, there's really no scenario where it's healthier to sell your product short.

    Yes. I've been saying this around the debut of every Sonic game since Unleashed: A spectacular failure is still a spectacle, and that's what I'm here for. I'll have way more respect for a game that tries and fails to be different over something milquetoast that's clearly trying to play it safe.
  4. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    It's definitely not Rooftop Run. The building look more like Generations City Escape if anything, but I think it's a whole new city really.

    Anyway, because literally all we have now is rampant speculation, here's my optimistic thoughts: It's not Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. It's Modern Sonic recruiting a bunch of friends to form a resistance and Classic Sonic is merely one of many in that group. Gameplay could potentially be Sonic and various assists. And part of me just wants to say that SEGA isn't lame enough to rehash Generations' whole gimmick again, and that the trailer is leading us in the wrong direction a bit.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That idea comes to me from the way that the trailer is emphasising that Sonic can't do this alone, and that highly intriguing tagline. Whatever it is though, I feel like I can wait to find out for now. We got Mania, we got this gorgeous teaser. I'm good!
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    Sega's IR reports say the game did 870K in its first quarter of release. If sales like that are what it takes to make Platinum (Family) Hits on the Xbox 360, I'd argue that's a pretty generous bar for a game to clear, compared to the PS2's Greatest Hits and Nintendo's former Player's Choice (both stipulate one million units).

    Besides, Mega Collection (Plus), Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Unleashed have all been stated in IR reports to have eventually sold at least more than 2 million units. So even if 2006's sales weren't a complete bomba, it's definitely a step down compared to the sales of other Sonic games of the era. The myth that Sonic 2006 getting a Platinum label means it sold well despite being a trashy product really needs to be laid to rest.
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    I tolerate the fact that Modern Sonic lives in the Human world, as it's been the case since Sonic Adventure. But I'm really worried about Classic Sonic arriving in that world as well. I hope he'll go back to some abstract and colorful island at the end of the game.
  7. Zephyr


    Honestly, that "great spectacle, fails to live up to the impossible hype it tries to set up" rollercoaster is one I've grown incredibly tired of. It's a breath of fresh air that they're playing it safe and being modest.
  8. You stated that Classic Sonic clashed with the environment in the trailer, so I pointed out an instance in which he had been in those environments previously. Also, how can you tell that the environment shown in the trailer is a "generic" one? If not the game's gameplay, you're definitely making assumptions about Sonic Team's direction from one trailer and Sonic Mania.

    I do not see how that would be better in the slightest. If what you would prefer to have happen occurred and the game wasn't as good as people hoped, then that would probably be more likely to harm the Sonic franchise because now people would complain about their expectations not being met and criticize Sonic Team for marketing it with high expectations. Also, people would probably lose more faith in Sonic Team's ability to make video games than they would if the trailer didn't hype the game as much. I don't see how "boring" can be worse than "bad" or how that distinction can even be made if "boring" is supposedly worse.
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    It's difficult to really form an opinion about this game yet, given how we've literally not even seen any gameplay yet. However, I will say this:

    The tone of the game. I get that people are concerned about that - who the hell likes grimdark shit like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic '06, right? However, I honestly don't think that's going to be the case here. The series moved away from that nonsense for a reason. Classic Sonic looks adorable here, and Modern Sonic gave him a thumbs-up and a cheesy grin, immediately taking away from the dark atmosphere a little bit.

    Yeah, the very first thing we've seen of this game is a city being destroyed, which is pretty sinister. But don't forget...'s not the first time this has happened. And personally, horrifically cheesy dialogue aside, I thought Sonic Adventure's story and tone were absolutely spot-on.

    It's not Sonic Adventure 3, thank God. It's, very surprisingly, not Sonic Generations 2. So what is it? A little clarification would've been nice; but whatever, we'll probably find out soon enough.
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    I was recently given the opportunity to interview Iizuka about the new games, and sent some speculative 2017 questions off last week. No idea what kind of answers I'll get, but I'll share them regardless.
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    If I had to make a guess, Sonic Resistance, Sonic Adventure: Resistance or Sonic Generations: Resistance (It's not a 2, so it doesn't count as a sequel, don'tcha know :specialed: )
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    Who knows what this game could be like. Given the circumstances, though, I'm very excited for it. Like I said in the Mania thread, I suck at 2D Sonic and most 2D games in general compared to their 3D counterparts. SA2 was one of the first games I've ever played, after all. Now I'm a little worried if there'll ever be a Generations 2 because they're bringing Classic Sonic back so soon after Gens, but seriously, anything could happen. I'm patiently awaiting more info.
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    Excuse me for this.

  14. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I've made it clear that Classic Sonic appearing in this trailer was highly disappointing to me, but this just cringe-worthy.
  15. I think people are so used to seeing SEGA re-invent Sonic with every new 3D game that when they don't it feels a bit jarring. Just a thought.

    EDIT @Blue Blood :v: :v: :v: :v: That's fucking ridiculous ahahaha
  16. Hez


    Wait....We want Classic Sonic we don't? I'm confused. I feel like we should encourage this?

    There's absolutely no meat besides a teaser trailer for this. We have NO IDEA what game-play, or even the tone of the game will be. Remember the trailer for generations? It showed us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    I for one am ecstatic that they are utilizing Classic Sonic more. If more push is there, they may be able to use him and finally properly make a 3D sonic game.
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    The Sonic Generations cg reveal trailer showed Sonic using his Sonic Unleashed move set, as does the 2017 teaser, so we "know" that Project 2017 will probably use the Unleashed/Generations core gameplay, at least for a base.
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    Also, Ian Flynn may or may not be dropping hints that he will be writing "Sonic Resistance." If that's the case, I trust him to pull off a post-apocolyptic setting.
  19. I know I haven't posted in more than five years (hi all!), but it would be amazing if this was a SatAM reimagining. The teaser would be showing events from "Blast to the Past - Part 2", with Julian Robotnik taking over Mobotropolis and Sonic joining forces with his younger self (Classic Sonic) to try and stop him. The "Resistance" that is mentioned would have course have to be Sally and the rest of Knothole Village.

    I know, zero chance in hell of this being true right? But a man can dream...
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    Don't see what all the complaining about Classic Sonic is about. Everybody liked him in Generations. Now all of a sudden people don't want him in a modern Sonic game? I get his game play was a bit clunky but that's nothing Sega can't fix. Modern Sonic's game play in Generations was a huge improvement from Unleashed.