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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    ... Come on Sonic Team I'm trying to defend you guys and you pull GHZ again?

    I mean, I like Classic Sonic, and I liked him in Generations, so I'm happy to play as him again. But GHZ? Come on that's enough GHZ. Every game since Generations has included a GHZ. It is now officially old. Please stop.

    And yea what is this Bubsy thing going on here I can't make heads or tails from that one. But like, you have all these other characters that you can make playable and you make a new one? Why? Why not Knuckles or Shadow or Metal Sonic or Silver or Blaze or whatever?
  2. RGX


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    Generic character #1 + Generic Character #2 = ?

  3. Sparks


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    Also, red ring on the loop.
  4. steveswede


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    Just popping in to see the train wreck, wow Sonic Team doesn't disappoint. Thank fuck Mania is a thing.
  5. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    So I saw an idea someone on Twitter had that mentioned how generic that character looks, indicating it might be some kinda create your own OC thing. That might not be awful, especially because I'd just design mine to look exactly like Sonic :specialed:/>/>

    But also what a strange character roster. Like, ok Sonic and Classic Sonic, fine, but then cat or wolf guy? What? How does that fit the narrative at all? If it's dimensional stuff then why not Blaze or Boom Sonic. If it's timelines why not Adventure Sonic, or go even more strange and use lost concept art Sonic. But nah, just rando guy that's good.

    Anyway, I kinda feel like this at the moment:

    It can only go up from here. Win me back because I want to like this. Also, way to ruin a perfect opportunity. Eggman rules the world yet you want to revisit levels? Fine. Why isn't GHZ on fire and being bombed. Why not explore a caved in Mystic Cave zone. Spring Yard Zone has been abandoned and the electricity was shut off and the place looks like it's haunted. Take your theme and run with it. Level themes are like the one thing you're supposed to experiment with, that's why Colors had such great tropes.

    Hey lets say something positive though. Classic Sonic's animations seem to be on point, and he has that Sonic CD spring thing going on. I wonder why that's made a resurgence for both this and Mania. Rather odd throwback. However, if they're going with a CD throwback, Generations control scheme would be a brilliant way to bring back the peelout move. Replace the "Hold X to spin dash" move with "Hold X to peel out." Adds a move and removes some of the cheapness of that generations spin dash.
  6. Liraxus


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    Nothing, really.
    Classic Sonic's level looks like something that could be made in a week with Unity Engine.
  7. Violet


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    Looks like a worse sonic runners to me
  8. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Oh now that's not nice, there's no roulette here :specialed:

    Ah Sonic Runners. I actually spent real money to get red rings to get Classic Sonic. After many many spins and about $5 I didn't get Classic Sonic and I threw my phone at a wall. YUP
  9. Venom Snake

    Venom Snake

    I wouldn't be putting my doubts on that Classic Sonic footage just yet, visually.
    I noticed that the Modern Sonic section in the Nintendo Direct footage is actually different from the direct feed one we got a few weeks ago (if you notice, the player misses the last robot in the boosting section in the Nintendo footage that he didn't miss in the footage we got before), and the visuals actually appear to be somewhat downgraded and uglier looking in the Direct footage, so I think this is the Switch port we are seeing. It's most obvious when Sonic launches over the Green Hill part of the stage, because half the terrain looks absurdly low-quality texture wise (it is still obvious despite the compression in the video) and the aliasing is much more prevalent (look at the center of the city, the direct feed footage only has a little bit of aliasing, but the Switch footage is shimmering a lot).
    So it is possible that the Classic Sonic stage might look nicer than it appears in this video, either by better optimization on a new platform or just better hardware on other platforms.

    That doesn't excuse the terrible looking level design though. Hopefully the director of this game doesn't continue with the Lost World/Colors 2D level design style for Classic Sonic, and they just chose really bad footage to show the game off with. Wishful thinking I guess :v:/>

    EDIT: Well, I just realized in the Switch footage he doesn't homing attack the robot on his left, which he did in the direct feed footage.
  10. Aquova


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    Ignoring the rehashing of GHZ, if this new character ends up being new, is this the first new playable character since 06? I'm curious to see what sort of gameplay they can come up with, especially with Classic and Modern turning into the same old same old.
  11. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Outside of the Boom series and Black Knight yes. Arguably though the only "new" character of the bunch was Sticks. Otherwise the characters were seen before (Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and Blaze)
  12. AutiMatic


    I'm truly enjoying crowd response to the game, probably more than I'd enjoy the game itself...may be...

    Classic Sonic actually looks better in terms of physics, if the spring animation and aerial momentum impression, are anything to go by (think they may have snatched that idea from Mania btw, though I would like to see both spring animations used).....and dash pad before a loop *sigh*...ah never mind...but still, Classic in Generations seems to have been implanted as secondary gameplay (like his physics are based around Modern's). I'm hoping they develop Classic's physics as stand alone for this, from top to bottom, bringing it closer to original classic physics (that's the only step forward for Classic gameplay to take, otherwise we're getting more of Generations classic gameplay, which "worked" but wasn't "right"). I'd hope they didn't spend time since Lost World just to have stagnated Classic core gameplay since Generations.

    Green Hill Zone again...hmm...I can see it working well, if Eggman is practically decimating the place as you progress through it, which changes the routes you take and are made available, if you get to certain areas in time, before damage to the trope occurs. Meaning more damage to the level = worse time navigating and missed opportunities for better paths, power ups, and bonuses (incentivizes speeding through).

    BUBSY!!! I'm all for his inclusion! I'd be fine with OC maker too! Just hope the gameplay style for it still keeps this game as a "Sonic-game".
  13. 360


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    Well consider my high hopes for the game to be pretty much destroyed. And it was all going so well when all we had was the Sonic event footage/Sonic Forces name and then the promising Famitsu scans/info. The new character just screams Werehog - and I don't mean the character is actually the Werehog - I mean it'll be yet another game where they add a not fun additional playable character to bring down the experience which has been Sonic Team's modus operandi for something like two decades now. I thought for sure I'd read the third character was another Sonic so I was naturally hoping for Dreamcast Sonic complete with Dreamcast style stages, but instead it looks like the third "Sonic" is an entirely new character that given it's not a third Sonic will probably have a non-Sonic Silver/Werehog style of gameplay which is the one thing in the universe this game doesn't need.

    God damn it Sonic Team. And the less said about the GHZ footage the better. It looks weaker and far more uninspired than GHZ in Generations which I didn't think was possible.

    I think we have been Sonic cycled. God I hope what they reveal at E3 renews our hopes because so far it's not looking good.
  14. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    I haven't been that excited for Forces since they first revealed it, and I'm still feeling let down.
  15. TheKazeblade


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    Boy, sure glad Sonic Team made the best use of the four years since Lost World came out.

    Seriously, how do you go from Generation's GHZ to what we're seeing here. I didn't want Classic Sonic to be involved at all, but this isn't even about Classic being redundant, it just straight up looks bad.

    Sonic Team, just call it quits, leave Classic to the Mania team and officially endorse Sonic Utopia for a 3D title.

    EDIT: As for the third character, as soon as I saw it my heart sank because I get the sinking feeling that the rumor of a player-generated third character is going to turn out to be true.
  16. Joltanz Mantis

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    Let's wait and see, a few seconds aren't enough to give up on a game.

    Although whoever is in charge of editing their trailers needs a wake-up call, because they aren't making themselves look good.
  17. This is sad. The Sonic community is coming to a point where it's on par with the COD community. Except at least with COD, they wait a few years before releasing the same thing over again. Boost boost and GHZ and everyone is creaming themselves. Between this and Boom, there's no hope left.
  18. Mastered Realm

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    That green hill actually looks like crap o.o

    WTH were they thinking?
  19. GeneHF


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    Good to see business as usual around here once more. :v:
  20. Beltway


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    .....yeah, that's a pretty apt statement. Can't agree with this enough.

    If by cream you mean getting excited, I can definitely tell you that's certainly not the case over here (or at SSMB for that matter).